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05 Jun 2022

Multics Simulator Instructions for Raspberry Pi

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Here is a DRAFT step-by-step cookbook for setting up a Multics DPS8M simulator on a Raspberry Pi computer for the first time.

Derived from Eric Swenson's, Charles Anthony's and the README file included in the QS. Additional info from Vince Scarafino has been incorporated. (Updated 10/06/19 for version 2.0 of the simulator.)

Obtain a Simulator for Your Environment

Smoke Test of Simulator

Install the QuickStart

This step downloads a complete Multics disk contents that includes the system commands, compilers, administration and programming tools, the entire source of Multics, help files, etc.

First Boot of Multics

Let's make sure nothing is broken.

Shut Down Gracefully

Tailor Your Multics Site

Use Your Multics Site

Note: You may see, when booting with the MR12.6f_boot.ini, a seemingly spurious yes answer to a prompt, as shown below:

    bce (boot) 1802.0: M-> [auto-input] yes
    bce: Unrecognizable request.  Type lr for a list of requests.

You should ignore this, and not try to fix it. Sometimes Multics will ask one more question here, to which the correct answer is yes.