Multics Technical Bulletin                                MTB-620

To:  Distribution

From:  Andre Bensoussan

Date:  03/23/83

Subject:  Data Management:  Published MTB's


     This  MTB  contains the  list  of all  MTB's that  have been
written  as  part  of  the  Multics  Data  Management,  since the
beginning of the project.

All these  MTB's are on line  on system M, with  segment names of
the form  mtbNNN, where NNN  is the MTB number  (The segment name
for this MTB is mtb620).

Some  of  them  can be  found  under the  standard  directory for
Multics MTB's, which is:


The others can temporarily be found in the directory:


The plan  is to migrate  all these MTB's to  the standard Multics
directory, as soon as they are officially published.


Multics  project  internal  working  documentation.   Not  to  be
reproduced or distributed outside the Multics project.

MTB-620                                Multics Technical Bulletin
                                                         DM MTB's

Comments should be sent to the author:

via Multics Mail:
   Bensoussan.Multics on System M.

via US Mail:
   André Bensoussan
   Honeywell Information Systems, inc.
   575 Tech Square
   Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

via telephone:
   (HVN) 261-9334, or
   (617) 492-9334

Multics Technical Bulletin                                MTB-620


A. Data Management Goals and Plans

     Problems in Multics Data Management                    MTB 483
     Framework of goals for Data Management                 MTB 481
     Medium Range Goals in Data Management                  MTB 487
     Data Management Plan for MR10 and MR11                 MTB 528


     History and Evolution of MRDS                          MTB 466
     Data Base Management Development Framework             MTB 518
     MRDS and DMS: Conversion Overview                      MTB 590

C. Data Management: Architectural Overview                  MTB 508

D. External Access Layer

     Overview                                               MTB 509

     Relation Manager Specifications                        MTB 545
     Relation Manager using vfile                           MTB 589

     Record Manager Specifications                          MTB 547
     Record Manager Design                                  MTB 548

     Index Manager Specifications                           MTB 549
     Index Manager Design                                   MTB 550

E. Collection Access Layer (Old Container)

     Overview                                               MTB 510

     Collection Manager Specifications                      MTB 551
     Collection Manager Design                              MTB 552

MTB-620                                Multics Technical Bulletin
                                                         DM MTB's

F. Page Access Layer

     Overview                                               MTB 511

     File Manager Specifications                            MTB 553
     File Manager Design                                    MTB 554

     DM_file_commands                                       MTB 611

G. Transaction Management

     Overview                                               MTB 512

     Transaction Manager Specifications                     MTB 555
     Transaction Manager Design                             MTB 556

H. Concurrency Management

     Overview                                               MTB 514

     Lock Manager Specifications                            MTB 557
     Lock Manager Design                                    MTB 558

I. Recovery Management

     Overview                                               MTB 513

     Before Journal Manager Specifications                  MTB 559
     Before Journal Manager Design                          MTB 560
     Before Journal Storage Operations                      MTB 567
     Rollback                                               MTB 568
     Ordering Disk I/O's                                    MTB 563
     Phasing page control and before journal                MTB 564

     After Journal Manager Specifications                   MTB 561

     Crash Recovery Design                                  MTB 603

Multics Technical Bulletin                                MTB-620

J. Initialization

     Data Management: System Structure                      MTB 592

K. Daemon

     Data Management: The Daemon Process                    MTB 604

L. Data Management: Hardcore  Support                       MTB 601

M. Security                                                 MTB 515

N. Conditions For Distributed Systems                       MTB 516