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Home Page. Multics site home page 31K 08/30/23
Multics History. Narrative history of Multics. 135K 07/28/23
Features. Features of Multics 89K 12/07/22
DPS 8M Instruction Set. Meaning of instruction set mnemonics 49K 04/27/21
6180 opcodes - normal. Operation Code Map (bit 27 = 0) 3K 08/10/20
6180 opcodes - EIS. Operation Code Map (bit 27 = 1) 2K 08/10/20
AL39 Multics Processor Manual. 1.5MB PDF 1505K 08/10/20
Multics Graphics System. PDF 139K 05/05/22
Myths. Incorrect statements about Multics found on the web. 82K 07/28/23
Project MAC. History of MIT Project MAC. 86K 01/16/23
Dates. List of Multics related events in time order. 103K 01/13/23
Glossary Index. Dictionary of Multics terms, concepts, and jargon. 98K 03/30/23
Glossary - A 103K 03/30/23
Glossary - B 49K 03/30/23
Glossary - C 85K 03/30/23
Glossary - D 64K 03/30/23
Glossary - E 50K 03/30/23
Glossary - F 45K 03/30/23
Glossary - G 28K 03/30/23
Glossary - H 28K 03/30/23
Glossary - I 56K 03/30/23
Glossary - J 20K 03/30/23
Glossary - K 24K 03/30/23
Glossary - L 45K 03/30/23
Glossary - M 83K 03/30/23
Glossary - N 32K 03/30/23
Glossary - O 25K 03/30/23
Glossary - P 91K 03/30/23
Glossary - Q 25K 03/30/23
Glossary - R 58K 03/30/23
Glossary - S 84K 03/30/23
Glossary - T 57K 03/30/23
Glossary - U 36K 03/30/23
Glossary - V 33K 03/30/23
Glossary - W 23K 03/30/23
Glossary - X 22K 03/30/23
Glossary - Y 17K 03/30/23
Glossary - Z 22K 03/30/23
The Multics History Project. Project to preserve historical artifacts about the Multics operating system. 21K 12/07/22
History Project Wish List. Material we'd like to find for the Multics History Project. 21K 01/20/22
Letter From Corby. On the occasion of the shutdown of the last Multics system. 17K 04/27/21
Multicians. List of contributors to Multics. 595K 09/13/23
Multicians Registration. Signup form 22K 04/27/21 Information on mail addresses in the domain. 24K 12/14/22
Stories. Anecdotes and war stories about Multics. 72K 11/19/22
Pictures of the MIT 6180. Publicity pictures from 1973 18K 04/27/21
GE-645 Circuit Board. Actual board from the BTL GE-645. 17K 04/27/21
It Can Be Done. Writing bug-free software. 19K 04/27/21
Shangri-La and the Paris 645. The 1970 "merger" and an early software factory. 20K 04/27/21
ST. JOHN'S HOSTS MULTICS. Honeywell internal newsletter from 1981. 9K 04/27/21
Origin of the Cookie Monster. A legendary Multics hack. 19K 04/27/21
Corby. Homage to our leader, Fernando J. Corbató 42K 08/30/21
Memorial Gathering for Corby. MIT, November 4, 2019 50K 12/29/21
Memorial Gathering for Corby. Program, November 4, 2019 389K corby-memorial.pdf not found
The Spirit of Multics. Remark by Don Wagner. 15K 04/27/21
Installing the GE-645 in Paris. Story by Dave Vinograd. 21K 04/27/21
Teaching Multics in Tokyo. Story by Dave Vinograd. 22K 04/27/21
The Developer's Wail. Story by Dave Vinograd. 16K 04/27/21
MacLisp at ENWGS. Story by Robert Matern. 18K 04/27/21
Multics Humor at ENWGS. Jokes about ENWGS 21K 04/27/21
Organick's Book. How to order Organick's book from MIT Press 21K 09/07/21
Operational Statistics, 1969. Charts from the early days of Multics service at MIT. 17K 04/27/21
Honeywell Management. Inside story of Honeywell politics. 26K 04/27/21
Hodie Natus Est Radici Frater. A 1976 error message in Latin. 26K 04/27/21
How Many Users?. CTSS load and Multics performance in the 1960s. 20K 04/27/21
Summer 1977: I was a Multics Intern. Dream summer vacation in .. Phoenix. 8K 08/10/20
Project MAC 25th Anniversary. 1988 Project MAC reunion at MIT. 23K 04/27/21
Project MAC 35th Anniversary. 1999 Project MAC reunion 33K 04/27/21
CISL Farewell. Group photo of the CISL group taken in 1985. 18K 04/27/21
USGS-M Recollections. Using Multics in Menlo Park. 23K 04/27/21
Alan Sawyer's Multics Bio. Bell Canada applications conversion. 22K 04/27/21
Julie Jackson's Multics Bio. What Julie worked on. 24K 04/27/21
"You Had To Go To Radio Shack?". Demonstrating the Cray Station to Ford. 23K 04/27/21
Lee Scheffler's Multics Bio. What Lee worked on at Project MAC. 18K 04/27/21
Marketing Multics in the Midwest. Selling Multics in Iowa in a snowstorm. 18K 04/27/21
Short Operator. The true short operator story. 17K 04/27/21
The Magic Finger. Helping the University of Calgary tune its Multics. 20K 04/27/21
Low Bottle Pressure. Famous drum crashes in the 1960s. 24K 04/27/21
The 645 Chip. 1984 plan to put a 645 on a chip. 16K 04/27/21
Message Coordinator. Lessons from early development. 21K 04/27/21
Cryptic Messages from Antiquity. PL/I error messages remembered. 19K 04/27/21
Multics SNOBOL. Multics SNOBOL and the Missing END Statement. 20K 04/27/21
Multo ante natus eram. A date-related crash in 1995. 21K 04/27/21
INRIA Machine Room. The machine room at INRIA, Rocquencourt, France, in October 1991. 16K 04/27/21
Visiting Project MAC. Photo from Oda-san's 1973 visit to Cambridge. 15K 04/27/21
The Palyn Report. Marketing politics. 28K 04/07/22
Phase One. The first words of Multics. 25K 04/27/21
Picnics. Good times in the summer. 43K 07/25/22
An Obfuscated PL/I Program. Try to guess what this PL/I program does. 17K 04/27/21
Multics REDUCE. Symbolic algebra and particle physics by Rainer Schöpf. 19K 04/27/21
Multics Reunion and Dinner, June 2004. Events honoring Corby on 19 June 2004. 30K 01/16/23
2004 Multics Reunion Attendance 8K 04/27/21
Corbató Fellowship. Graduate Fellowship honoring Corby. 17K 04/27/21
2012 Multics Reunion . Informal gathering of Multicians in June 2012 22K 01/16/23
645 System: Artist's Conception. A painting of the future GE-645. 17K 04/27/21
Visiting CISL. Training the flying squad. 20K 04/27/21
Snow Joke. A message in the snow. 16K 04/27/21
Marketing Item. Teaching salesmen to consider Multics. 16K 04/27/21
Industrial Nucleonics and DCC. 1970s marketing successes. 17K 04/27/21
Marketing Successes. 1970s newsletter articles. 18K 04/27/21
Publicity Photos. More 1970s news articles. 17K 04/27/21
Honeywell User News. The first Multics sale in Europe and more. 16K 04/27/21
Installing USL. Crayfish and hurricanes. 18K 04/27/21
Flower. A never shipped Multics CPU. 20K 04/27/21
Using Ring 5. Protecting a source control database. 18K 04/27/21
Security. How the Air Force broke Multics security. 29K 08/30/21
The Origin of the Shell. RUNCOM and its progeny. 21K 04/27/21
Tech Square. Where we worked 32K 04/27/21
Telefunken TR440. Interesting German machine. 18K 04/27/21
Timing Channels. Covert channels and the star property. 22K 04/27/21
The Louisiana State Trooper Story. Another marketing legend. 19K 04/27/21
THVV Multics Bio. What Tom worked on. 35K 12/09/22
Unix and Multics. Our famous child. 31K 08/07/21
TRAC and the Shell. Command processors. 19K 08/07/21
Benchmarks. Stories of benchmark tests done to sell Multics. 44K 04/27/21
The FJCC Papers. How the FJCC papers were written. 21K 04/27/21
The User Ring Newsletter. Newsletter for HLSUA Multics users, June 1986. 17K 04/27/21
Ring Zero and the Null Pointers. CNO Multicians who played rock and roll. 17K 04/27/21
Early days of Multics and Performance. Early days of Multics and rusty analysis on Performance Improvement. 27K 04/27/21
Project MAC 50th Anniversary. 2014 Project MAC and Multics reunion 39K 04/27/21
Project MAC Recollections. One graduate student's recollections. 29K 04/27/21
Multics Panel at ACSAC 30. Multics security Panel, December 2014 26K 05/03/23
Honeywell Brain Damage. SIPB response to iox_ 20K 04/27/21
The foobar bug. A GE-645 DoS hardware bug that was never fixed. 26K 04/27/21
Tapes for Phoenix. The GIOC bug that was never fixed. 33K 04/27/21
My Introduction to Multics. How I got started with Multics. 17K 04/27/21
NWGS Stories. Stories from the development of the NWGS code at Moorestown NJ. 27K 04/27/21
ASEA Stories. Personal stories from working at ASEA in Sweden. 19K 04/27/21
The CISL Wake. 28 photos from the CISL Wake held in May 1986. 23K 05/21/23
Paul Green Multics Collection. Multics PL/I demo programs by several authors, and writings by Paul Green. 19K 01/16/23
Barry Wolman Multics Collection. Multics PL/I demo programs by Barry Wolman. 19K 01/16/23
John Potts Multics Bio. Working at Bell Canada and DND-H. 17K 04/27/21
Multics in Phoenix. Development and support in Phoenix. 100K 03/30/23
The Help Command. History of the help command. 29K 01/13/23
Pictures of Multicians. Galleries of people. 63K 09/12/23
Humor. Jokes about Multics. 39K 04/27/21
Memorabilia. Trinkets, T-shirts, and Ties. 35K 04/27/21
Multics T-Shirt Designs. T-shirt designs, late 70s. 17K 01/16/23
Bibliography. Papers, books, memos, and manuals related to Multics 491K 09/01/23
Papers Online. Classic papers about Multics available on the Web. 34K 04/27/21
Introduction and Overview of the Multics System. Classic 1965 paper introducing Multics 60K 04/27/21
System Design of a Computer for Time Sharing Applications. Classic 1965 paper introducing Multics 32K 04/27/21
Structure of the Multics Supervisor. Classic 1965 paper introducing Multics supervisor design 50K 04/27/21
A General-Purpose File System For Secondary Storage. Classic 1965 paper introducing Multics file system 73K 04/27/21
Communications and Input/Output Switching in a Multiplex Computing System. Classic 1965 paper introducing Multics I/O system 46K 04/27/21
Some Thoughts About the Social Implications of Accessible Computing. Classic 1965 paper introducing Multics 26K 04/27/21
A brief description of privacy measures in the Multics operating system. Security in the Multics operating system. AFIPS SJCC, 1967 10K 04/27/21
Protection in an information processing utility. 1968 description of Multics protection mechanism. 434K 08/10/20
Virtual memory, processes, and sharing in Multics. 1968 paper on processes, linkage, stack, call 41K 04/27/21
Sensitive issues in the design of multi-use systems. 1968 paper on OS design 272K 08/10/20
Some Considerations of Supervisor Program Design for Multiplexed Computer Systems. 1968 paper on OS design 71K 05/03/22
A Paging Experiment with the Multics System. 1969 paper on paging 284K 08/10/20
The Multics Virtual Memory: Concepts and Design. 1969 paper on virtual memory 64K 04/27/21
The Role of Motherhood in the Pop Art of System Programming. 1969 paper on system programming 31K 04/27/21
The Multics PL/1 Compiler. 1969 paper on PL/I compiler implementation 56K 04/27/21
Program naming problems in a shared tree-structured hierarchy. 1969 paper on search rules. 233K 08/10/20
The Instrumentation of Multics. 1969 paper on Multics instrumentation 38K 08/10/20
Remote Terminal Character Stream Processing in Multics. 1970 paper on termimal I/O 93K 08/10/20
Technical and Human Engineering Problems in Connecting Terminals to a Time-Sharing System. 1970 paper on terminal I/O 829K 08/10/20
Some Observations about Decentralization of File Systems. 1971 paper on file system design 40K 08/10/20
A Hardware Architecture for Implementing Protection Rings. 1971 paper on rings 77K 04/27/21
The Multics Input/Output System. 1971 paper on I/O system 47K 04/27/21
Multics--The first seven years. 1972 79K 04/27/21
A simple linear model of demand paging performance. 1972 paper on working sets 338K 08/10/20
MOO in Multics. 1972 paper on games in Multics 53K 08/10/20
Protection and the Control of Information Sharing in Multics. 1974 paper on security 485K 08/10/20
Ongoing Research and Development in Information Protection. 1974 paper on security 620K 08/10/20
Automated Merging of Software Modifications. 1977 paper on merge_ascii 32K 04/27/21
A Managerial View of the Multics System Development. 1977 paper on Multics project experience 59K 04/27/21
The Multics MACLISP Compiler: The Basic Hackery -- a Tutorial. 1977 paper on LISP compiler 142K 08/10/20
footnotes for The Multics MACLISP Compiler: The Basic Hackery. Footnotes 18K 08/10/20
The Multics System Programming Process. 1978 paper on Multics process 25K 08/05/21
Multics Emacs: The History, Design and Implementation. 1979 Mother of All Emacs Papers 155K 08/10/20
Experiences With an Interactive Electronic Meeting Facility. 1983 paper on forum 29K 04/27/21
Multics Through the Looking Glass. 1980 HLSUA paper on tuning Calgary 66K 08/10/20
footnotes for Multics Through the Looking Glass. Footnotes 4K 08/10/20
Implementing Forth for the Multics operating system. paper at the 1985 Rochester Forth Conference 1971K 08/10/20
The Multics Device Utility Package. BTL Repository doc B0100 97K 08/10/20
Project MAC Progress Report X. 1972-1973 6672K 08/10/20
Articles. Technical articles about Multics. 22K 08/27/23
Multics Data Security. Security controls in Multics. Published in Scientific Honeyweller (Vol. 2 No. 2) and as Honeywell doc GA01. 54K 04/27/21
Observations about Software Maintenance. A talk to the Ada SIG by Paul Stachour about the Multics Way. 39K 04/27/21
Multics History. PDF slides from John Gintell's lecture on Multics History to the ACM Greater Boston Chapter. Also available on YouTube. 94K 08/10/20
Multics Virtual Memory - Tutorial and Reflections. Summary of the Multics virtual memory design. 67K 08/10/20
The New Storage System. 1975 project to replace the file storage system. 37K 05/12/23
New Storage System Long Range Plans (Revised). Multics Task Report MTR-112 486K 05/06/22
Printer Software. Printers, listings, and crash dumps. 32K 08/30/21
Home Terminals. Over 50 years of logging in from home. 35K 11/14/22
The who command. The Multics who command. 24K 04/27/21
Multics Leap Year Calculations. Y2K was anticipated as early as 1966. 17K 04/27/21
Priority Scheduling. HLSUA Presentation, Forum XXV. 173K 08/10/20
"And They Argued All Night...". The history of the Internet. An article for Matrix News. 43K 04/27/21
Multics Library Processes and Tools. How Multics source and object libraries were managed. 26K 04/27/21
Record Stocks and the Physical Volume Scavenger. Record Stocks in Multics. Pages are allocated to segments so crash recovery is safe and fast. 31K 04/27/21
Multics and Hyperchannel. A project at ASEA to connect Multics to Modcomp computers via Hyperchannel. 18K 04/27/21
Multics Bootstrap Loading. The evolution of Multics bootstrap loading and BOS. 54K 12/07/22
TMG. The language used to build EPL. 25K 04/27/21
Version I PL/I Timeline. Development history of Multics Version 1 PL/I compiler. 22K 04/27/21
TBL - Table Building Language. Internal details of the Multics PL/I compiler. 10K 04/27/21
Final Evaluation Report of Honeywell Multics MR 11.0. 36 MB PDF. 6204K 08/10/20
The B2 Final Evaluation Report. Report on NSA Evaluation of Multics security. 19K 04/27/21
The Multics Scheduler. Three generations of Multics scheduling algorithms. 40K 05/08/23
Trouble Report System. The system for handling Multics trouble reports. 28K 04/27/21
The Reduction Compiler. A tool we used to build tools in Multics. 31K 12/07/22
Debug Breakpoint Handling. The sequence of events in a debug breakpoint. 84K 01/16/23
Code Auditing. The informal code review process used in Multics. 37K 12/07/22
PL/I. The history of EPL, Version 1 and Version 2 PL/I, as well as related topics. 72K 12/07/22
Development Process History. History of the Multics development process. 39K 02/02/22
B2 Security Evaluation. The history of Multics security features and the NCSC Orange Book security evaluation of Multics in the mid-80s. 156K 08/28/23
Communications and Networking. The evolution of Multics communication and networking facilities. 143K 12/07/22
Development Process. The Multics development process. 83K 08/28/23
Multics Failure Recovery. How Multics recovered from hardware and software failures. 67K 12/07/22
Execution Environment. The execution environment for Multics programs. Hardware architectural support and system conventions. 153K 05/08/23
The GE-635s at Project MAC and BTL. Using the GE-635 in early Multics development. 60K 05/14/23
The Computer Utility and the Community. 1967 paper describing the social imact of time-sharing and remote access. IEEE International Convention, 1967. 41K 04/27/21
Source Code. How to obtain source code for Multics. 26K 08/18/23
source-index.pl1. Index to Multics source files by library and bound segment. 1859K 05/03/23
Selected Source from 1985. Annotated programs from MR 11. 19K 05/08/23
activate.pl1. PL/I source of File system module activate.pl1 34K 04/27/21
link_snap.pl1. PL/I source of dynamic linker. 46K 04/27/21
pxss.alm. ALM source of Multics scheduler. 180K 04/27/21
fim.alm. ALM source file for the Fault Interceptor Module. 119K 04/27/21
vtoc_man.pl1. PL/I source of the Multics storage system VTOC manager. 56K 04/27/21
dialup_.pl1. PL/I source of answering service module dialup_.pl1 180K 04/27/21
bound-info-rtns.s.archive. PL/I source of 12 Multics user ring programs. 394K 04/27/21
calendar.pl1. PL/I source of user command calendar.pl1 63K 12/09/22
bigletter_.pl1. PL/I source of utility module used in printer head page. 32K 04/27/21
mxload - Read Multics Backup Tapes. Description of mxload tools for reading Multics backup tapes. 20K 04/27/21
Development Documents. Internal documents produced during system development 30K 08/28/23
Multics Design Notebook, Section I: Introduction. Very early design documents. 18K 04/27/21
Multics System Programmer's Manual Table of Contents 227K 09/01/23
Multics System Programmer's Manual Authors. Chart of MSPM authors 45K 04/16/22
MSPM BA.1    MSPM - General Information. Early 1960s design for Multics. 10K 04/27/21
MSPM BA.2    Summary of Multics technical policy. Key early decisions. 12K 04/27/21
MSPM BA.3.00 Documentation Conventions. Rules for MSPM 14K 04/27/21
MSPM BB.2    System Module Interfaces (PL/I Subset for System Programming) 26K 04/27/21
MSPM BB.2.01 EPL Subset for System Programming. Definition of REPL. 13K 04/27/21
MSPM BB.3.01 Multics Standard Magnetic Tape Format 15K 04/27/21
MSPM BX.1.00 Multics Command Language. Language implemented by the shell. 26K 04/27/21
Index to MCBs. Multics Checkout Bulletins 43K 09/01/23
Index to MABs. Multics Administrative Bulletins 24K 09/01/23
Index to MTBs. Multics Technical Bulletins 244K 09/01/23
Index to MSBs. Multics Staff Bulletins 39K 09/01/23
Index to MCRs. Multics Change Requests 614K 09/01/23
AG91 TOC. Table of Contents of the Multics Programmer's manual: Reference Guide. 131K 12/07/22
AW17 Commands and Active Functions. List of Multics commands 104K 01/06/23
Segment Name Suffixes. List of legal segment name suffixes. 24K 12/07/22
Rules for the Multics Change Review Board. MAB-048 27K 04/27/21
Multics Simulator. About the SIMH based simulator for the Honeywell 6180 (DPS8M). 37K 08/28/23
Slides from VCF. Talk on DPS8M simulator, 11 Feb 2018. 860K 08/10/20
Notes pages from VCF. Talk on DPS8M simulator, 11 Feb 2018. 641K 08/10/20
Performance of the Multics Simulator on Raspberry Pi. Vince Scarafino's performance test of the simulator on a Raspberry Pi. 18K 04/27/21
Software Development Procedures for the Multics Simulator. How software changes for the simulator are proposed, made, and built. 25K 08/28/23
Sites. Listing of all Multics sites. 66K 11/14/22
Site Timeline. Graphical display of site history. 68K 11/14/22
Site History: AFDSC. US Air Force Data Services Center, Pentagon 27K 08/10/23
Site History: ASEA. ASEA, Västerås, Sweden 24K 04/27/21
Site History: Avon. Avon Universities Computing Centre, Bristol, England 45K 04/27/21
Site History: Bell Canada. Bell Canada, 2 sites 37K 11/14/22
Site History: CISL. Honeywell Cambridge Information Systems Laboratory, Cambridge MA 22K 05/21/23
Site History: DND-H. Canadian Department of National Defence, Halifax NS 29K 04/27/21
Site History: DOCKMASTER. US National Security Agency, Linthicum MD 31K 04/27/21
Site History: Ford. Ford Motor Company, Detroit, MI 29K 04/27/21
More Pictures of the Ford Multics Decomissioning. Cake at the Wake. 16K 04/27/21
Site History: GM. General Motors Corporate, Detroit, MI 31K 04/27/21
Site History: Mainz. Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz 30K 04/27/21
Site history: MIT. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 37K 01/13/23
MIT Photos. MIT Multics Contract Signing event, 1980s 9K 04/27/21
MIT and BTL Hardware (1967) 17K 04/27/21
Site History: NWGS. US Navy Naval War Games system, 4 sites. 29K 04/27/21
Development of an Expert System Environment for use with a War Gaming System. 1988 AI and Computer Simulation Conference paper 181K 08/10/20
User Considerations and their Impact on an Expert System Building Tool for War Gaming. 1988 Eastern Computer Simulation Conference paper 1245K 08/10/20
Site History: OU. Oakland University, Rochester MI 25K 05/16/22
Site History: PRHA. Puerto Rican Highway Authority, San Juan, PR 24K 04/27/21
Site History: RADC. Rome Air Development Center, Griffiss AFB, Rome NY 32K 02/22/23
Site History: RAE. Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Hampshire, England 19K 04/27/21
Site History: STC. Standard Telephones and Cables, New Southgate, London, England 28K 04/27/21
Site History: System M. Honeywell System M, Phoenix AZ 22K 04/27/21
Site History: CNO. Honeywell Corporate Network Operations, Minneapolis MN 32K 04/27/21
Pictures of CNO Multicians. Thanks to Dave Jordan 22K 04/27/21
Site History: System X. Bull Systeme X, Louveciennes, France 20K 01/16/23
Site History: UC & ACTC. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 25K 05/18/22
Honeywell Ad about Calgary. From Honeywell Pulse 1634K 05/16/22
Site History: USGS. US Geological Survey, 3 sites 24K 04/27/21
Site History: USL. University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette LA 28K 08/31/23
Site History: VPI. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 22K 06/05/22
About the Website. Administrative information. 28K 07/17/23
Web Site Design. Site design principles. 83K 08/30/23
Maintenance task documentation. Site maintenance instructions. 83K 08/30/23
Converting pictures for Site maintenance instructions. 23K 05/13/22
Build process for Build process for 93K 12/07/22
Dashboard File. Description of summary counts. 17K 04/27/21
Dashboard CSV File. Summary counts. 1K 08/10/20
Changes. Reverse chronological list of website changes this year. 17K 09/13/23
Changes 1994-2022. Website changes in prior years. 361K 04/27/21
News. Current events involving Multics 29K 08/18/23
Links. Links to other sites on the Web relevant to Multics. 64K 08/19/23
Image Gallery. Thumbnails of images on the site. 245K 02/01/22
Site Map 0K 09/13/23

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