Multics 2046 entries
06 May 2024


Who is a Multician? Anybody who contributed to the development and success of Multics, who advocated it to others and tried to make it better, who loves the system (with all its faults). As long as we have Multicians, we have the best part of Multics.

2046 names, 743 mail addresses (128 bounce), 127 home pages (5 404), 112 deceased.

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254 Awards Earned by Multicians

Abbott, Bill
Field Engineering (HIS): Bell Canada Hardware Technician
Abdellatif, Abdelaziz
User (INRIA): MRDS Multidatabase.
Abel, Rea
Marketing Education (HIS)
Ackerman-Lewis, Grace
Library (MIT IPC). [1 MCR, 3 MTBs]
Adams, Dennis C.
Site Analyst (Ford).
Adams, Gary T.
Operations (AFDSC): Operations [1975-1979]
Adams, Lynda J.
System (PMDC): system configuration management, xforum. [2 MTBs]
Adams, S. M.
Student (MIT).
Adleman, Nathan A.
System (GE, HIS): 6.36, EPLBSA, EPL, AIM; Site Analyst (BCO); Marketing (HIS): EOPS; Marketing (HIS/FSO): Security kernel report. [1 MCB, 10 MSPM sections, 10 papers]
Adsit, Robert J.
System (PMDC): TTY DIM. [2 MTBs] (deceased)
Agarwal, S. K.
User (USL): MADAM [1 paper]
Agattas, Jerry
Student (Oakland): '81-'83; User (GM): Application Developer
Aitkenhead, Paul C.
Consistent System (RCI).
Akers, Mary
User (AFDSC).
Akers, Scott
System (HIS): GCOS simulator; User (AFDSC).
Alderman, Miles
Marketing Education (HIS).
Aldred, Neil
Marketing (HISUK): Avon, Brunel, RAE, Cardiff.
Alfather (nee Ruhl), Melody
User (Ford): PL/I Programmer/Systems Analyst for several FMC systems.
Allaire, André
Education (HISCAN): DND Halifax, Bell Canada, DND Ottawa; Site Analyst (DND Ottawa).
Allen, Larry
User (AFDSC)
Alpert, Elizabeth
System (BTL): FSIM.
Alvarado, Robert J.
System (PMDC): SET, GCOS simulator, GTSS.
Alvaro, Veronique
User (CICRP): NetAdmin.
Amaranth, Pat
User (GM): Created black armbands for HLSUA.
Amaranth, Paul
User (OU): KERMIT, HLSUA Multics Task Force.
Ames, Peter
Field Engineering (HIS): NWGS support (NWC).
Ames, Stanley R., Jr.
Guardian: MITRE security study. [9 papers]
Amiet, Bernard
User (SNEAP): administration
Ammons, John B.
Engineering (GE/HIS): CPU. (deceased)
Ancona, Enrico I.
Student (MIT): Initialization, MAD. [1 MCB, 3 MSPM sections]
Anderson, Cynthia
Library (MIT IPC). [1 MCR]
Anderson, Diane E.
Documentation (HIS). [1 paper]
Anderson, James P.
Guardian security evaluation. [2 papers] CYSECHoF NIST-SEC (deceased)
Anderson, O. Ted
User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Architecture Machine Group Magic 6 OS; Amber team member
Anderson, Ward
System (ACTC): Hardcore, Compilers, Commands, Comm, TCP/IP.
Andersson, Gunnar B. M.
Marketing (Bull): Sales Scandinavia (sold ASEA/BBC Multics 1979-80)
Andre, Edouard
System (CiiHB): UNCP/Multics.
Andrews, Jerry
Operations (MIT): Computer Operations
Andrews, John
Documentation (CISL). [1 MSB]
Angotti, Nancy
Documentation (BTL).
Anthony, Charles
DPS8M Simulator [1 video, 2 web pages]
Anundi, Allan
User (ASEA), Västerås, Sweden
Aparicio, Luis
User (PRHA): Director of EDP.
Armstrong, Michael B.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Calgary).
Armstrong, Rob
User (Avon): Information Officer (AUCC). User Documentation, Help Information, Newsletter
Arnwine, Michael P.
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC). (deceased)
Aronson, Rob
User (SJU)
Arthur, William
System (GE): FORTRAN.
Asher, Graham
User (STC).
Asher, Jerry
User: Honeywell TC+SD software.
Asherman, Michael D.
System (CISL): vfile_. [25 MCRs, 5 MTBs]
Asproth, Bob
SysAdmin (CNO): Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Ata, John
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC, RADC); System (HIS): inner ring NCP-TCP/IP.
Athané, Jean Michel
System (CISL): Pascal. [1 MTB]
Auerbach, Michael L.
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC, USGS-M); continuum.
Aulas, J. P.
User (CICRP): administration
Authemnent, Ray P.
Presodent (USL). (deceased)
Autier, Guy
Marketing (CiiHB): CCVR Multics Cray Station.
Auyang, Y. S.
Student (MIT).
Ayers, Al
Marketing (HIS): PRHA Months of contract negotiations and meetings in San Juan.
Aziza, Georges
User (INRIA): administration
Backs, Joanne
System (PMDC): End User Services.
Baeten, Tim
SysMaint (GM): System programming
Bahrs, D.
Engineering (GE). [1 paper]
Bahrs, Peter C.
Student (USL).
Bailey, M. J.
System (MIT): CTSS dumper. [1 MDN]
Bakal, Janice
User (Calgary): administration
Baker, James J.
Student (USL): BS computer science at USL
Baker, John
System (Avon): Algol 68.
Balacco, Steve
Marketing (HIS): USGS-R acct.
Balageas, Pascal
Field Engineering (CiiHB): Installation, Maintenance of 68 & 8/70M (Renault, INSEE, CNET)
Baldwin, J.
User (Cardiff): managed system.
Baldwin, Lee
Documentation (CISL): data management docs. [1 MTB]
Ball, Allen
System (CISL): bootload debugger, B2 tests (as student)
Ball, T.
Marketing (HIS).
Banâtre, Jean-Pierre
User (INRIA): Enchère [1 paper]
Banâtre, Michel
User (INRIA): Enchère [2 papers]
Banh, T.
User (MDA-TA). [1 paper]
Baqué, Philippe
User (CICT): System admin. Wrote or adapted many soft in AI (alouette) graphics (GKS) languages (Pascal) and sure many extension on Emacs and many others.
Barankewicz, Mike
Marketing (HIS): SJU acct.
Barkalow, Tom
Student (MIT): PAL.
Barker, Deryk G. R.
System (HISLTD): UK networking support; Site Analyst (STC); xforum.
Barnecut, Norm
Site Analyst (Calgary): Chairman HLSUA Multics Task Force; Chairman HLSUA Multics Committee. Multiple Rate Structure Accounting. System Administration.
Barnes (Hart), Jane
Documentation (CISL): Everything from l967 to 1972 [4 repository docs]
Barnes, Richard A.
System (CISL): PL/I, FORTRAN, language group mgr. [36 MCRs, 6 MTBs]
Barr, Susan
System (CISL): FAST, debug, NSS salvager. [55 MCRs, 5 MTBs]
Barre, Jackie
System (IRIA): UNCP/Multics, CCVR Multics Cray Station.
Barriga, Conrad
Operations (HIS).
Barstad, Ronald A.
System (PMDC): Commands, Subsystems, GCOS Simulator & GTSS, EMACS support, MOWSE, SQL. [4 MABs, 4 MTBs]
Bartlett, Sandy
User (Bell Canada).
Bartlett, W. S.
System (GE): 6.36. [1 MSPM section]
Baryza, Greg
User (Ford); Marketing (HIS): site analyst (Ford); System (CISL): mgr database group, regular expressions, C, commands. [3 MTBs]
Bash, Jacquelin L.
Documentation (CISL). [2 MSPM sections, 18 repository docs]
Baskett, Forest W.
Palyn Report. NAE
Basnett, Dewayne
Marketing (HIS): MPO McLean VA, PRHA
Batlle, Salvador E.
System (AFDSC): Converting ALL GCOS Systems to Multics.
Batten, Ian G.
User (UBCC): Prolog interpreter in PL/I.
Batts, Jim
Documentation (CISL): documentation manager. [1 MTB]
Bauer, Fred
Field Engineering (HIS): SJU.
Bawden, Alan
Staff (MIT AI): MacLisp, Macsyma. [1 TR]
Bayles, R. U.
System (MIT): CTSS.
Beatson, T. J.
Engineering (GE).
Beattie, Arthur E.
System (PMDC): SET, extended memory for 18x style FNPs, IMFT enhancements. [2 MTBs]
Beatty, Ron
Documentation (MIT): security docs.
Beaume, Bernard
User (INSEE-P)
Beazant, Norman
Marketing (HISLTD): RAE Cray interface.
Becker, Anthony M
User (Oakland): Application programming
Becker, H.
Engineering (GE).
Beckles, Deryck
User (Bell Canada): Bell-M.
Beecher, Tom
User (AFDSC): Applications development; Engineering (CISL): Multics maintenance.
Beeghly, Daniel I.
Support (Ford): Help Desk, Training.
Behymer, Jim
System (CISL).
Bell, Alan
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for Brunel
Bell, David Elliott
Guardian: MITRE security study. "Unified Exposition and Multics Interpretation" modeling paper; User(MIT, DOCKMASTER), NSA TCSEC. [1 interview, 5 papers] CYSECHoF
Bell, Jan
Bellec, Jean
User (Paris): L64 architect. [1 paper, 1 web page] (deceased)
Bellusci, Mike
Documentation (CISL): Multics documentation
Belmont, Peter A.
System (GE/CISL): User control, PL/I I/O. [1 MCR, 6 MSPM sections]
Benedict, G. Gordon (Llewellyn, David J. R.)
Student (MIT): APL, some misc utilities [2 MCRs, 1 paper, 1 TR]
Benjafield, Gail
Library (GE): Documentation (GE/CISL). Still alive and well and living back in Canada. [1 MSPM section, 1 repository doc]
Benjamin, Arthur
Student (MIT). [1 TR]
Benjamin, Barbara
Cambridge Project (Harvard): statistics.
Benjamin, Paul W.
System (PMDC): GTSS, WORDPRO, compose graphics, format_document_, MRDS, DMS; editor, The User Ring. [2 MABs, 9 MTBs, 1 web page]
Bennett, Bonnie Holte
User (CNO): Honeywell Systems and Research Center
Bennett, Bruce
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for NSA
Bennett, George D.
Administration (GE). [1 MCB, 22 MPNs]
Bensoussan, André
Designer (GE/CISL): File manager, Initialization, AIM, NSS. [2 MCRs, 28 MSPM sections, 20 MTBs, 6 papers, 2 repository docs] SIGOPS-HoF (deceased)
Berglund, Allen A.
System (BCO, PMDC): Installed BCO and Paris, Mgr MSS Phx. [2 MCRs] (deceased)
Bergman, Haken
User (ASEA): manager.
Bergum, David I.
Site Analyst (CNO)
Berlent, Lewis
System (BTL): Disk.
Berman, Harris A.
System (MIT IPC): tape. [1 MSB]
System (HIS).
Berrezouga, Skander
Marketing (CiiHB): Pre-sales & CRAY-Multics project
Berry, Michael A.
Marketing (HIS).
Berson, Joel
System (HIS): sort/merge. [2 MCRs, 2 MTBs]
Berstel, J.
Author: wrote usage guide in French. [1 paper]
Bertonis, Peter
Field Engineering (RADC).
Bessodes, Michel
User (CERT/ONERA): administration
Bhushan, Abhay K.
System (MIT): ARPANet, FTP, mail, GIMPSPIF, Graphics. [1 paper] IHOF
Bianchi, Maurice
System (GE): 6.36. [2 MSPM sections]
Biba, K. J.
Guardian: MITRE security study. [3 papers]
Bibby, Al
Marketing (HIS): DPO Southern Region marketing director.
Bier, Alan
Binder, Fred
System (PMDC).
Birnbaum, D.
User (RADC): Remote Data Entry [Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp, Rome, NY] [1 paper]
Birns, Len
User (NWGS): CSC Day Zero
Biron, Gaetan
User (Bell Canada).
Bisaga, Gary J.
User (HIS): hacked on APL at Explorer Post at HIS in Tysons Corner, VA
Bishop, Matt
User (DOCKMASTER): General user
Bishop, Peter B.
Student (MIT): DTSS, LISP.
Bivens, Charlsie A.
Support (HIS): Sys-M, Lead Operator..., Camelback Rd Facility, HIS
Bjorkman, Elizabeth Quisenberry
System (MIT): Command language. [12 MSPM sections]
Blaber, Gina
Documentation (CISL).
Black, Eric
User (MIT): performance metrics; typesetting
Blackburn, Mark
Site Analyst (RADC).
Blacker, Bob
Blackmore, Henry
System (ACTC): compilers, commands, active functions.
Blair, Jean K.
System (PMDC): mrds_call, executive mail. [2 MTBs]
Blais, John
Marketing (HIS): Sales - Detroit Ford
Blaizot, F.
Blake, Ronald "Dutch"
User (AFDSC): SysAdmin.
Bleser, Thomas
User (Mainz): F77 scientific programming and data visualization, Wordpro typesetting.
Blessin, Ron
Engineering (HIS).
Blight, Larry
Marketing (HIS): Calgary account.
Blum, Allen H
Engineering (HIS): "Software Technical Integration" - HW/SW integration w/ GCOS & CP-6
Bockhausen, Arthur
Site Analyst (Ford): First Ford Install + All Detroit Area Accounts
Boebert, William Earl
Administration (GE/HIS): Multics Project Office, DSO: politics, contracts, university & govt relations. [1 interview, 2 papers] NRC
Boehm, Susan Stafford
User (Paris): P6 dev; Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Bois, Daniel
Marketing (Bull GE): Marketing for Bull MarketPlace from 1976 to 1986, in Paris.
Boissonnet, Valerie
Marketing (CiiHB): MRDS, Lisp, Kool, AI Tools.
Bon, Frederic
User (CICG): EDA.
Bongiovanni, John J.
System (CISL): hardcore, scheduler, performance, scavenger, tools. [9 MTBs]
Bonnette, Della
Administration (USL): Head of CS Dept.
Bonney, Jean
Administration (MIT IPC): Dir ARCS.
Bonney, Norman
User (Brunel): System administration.
Boone, Ray
Field Engineering (HIS): GM, Ford.
Boris, Irwin I.
Administration (HIS).
Bos, Peter R.
System (MIT IPC): Library tools. (deceased)
Bouchenez, P.
Bouchier, Charles
Marketing (HIS): Was tasked to implement Cobol, Spearheaded talks with NEC to add Multics to 9000 line
Site Analyst (CITI)
Bouhet, Bernard
User (CICG): EDA.
Boullier, Pierre
Bourderon, Jean-Pierre
website contributor.
Bourquin, Frank R.
Field Engineering (HIS). (deceased)
Bower, Michael F.
Marketing Education (HIS): Training Programs with Education Phoenix
Bowers, Graham
Field Engineering (HIS): Field Service Manager, RADC.
Bowling, Mike
Operations (CISL): Operations for the Kendall Square office.
Boyd, Diana L.
System (BTL): EPL, 6.36, linker. [18 MSPM sections]
Boyd, Donald L.
User (Sys-M): WELLMADE. [1 paper]
Boyd, Toby
Documentation (CISL).
Boyle, Helen
Site Analyst (SCSI).
Bozich, Terry M.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Ford); Marketing (HIS).
Brady, Diana
User (GM).
Brady, Jane
Marketing (HIS): AFDSC acct.
Braida, Mary K. (Massey)
System (CISL): AIM. [3 MCRs]
Brandes, John B.
User (SJU): Educational Applications Support; User (DOCKMASTER)
Braquet, Craig J.
Student (USL): learned PL/1 and Pascal on Multics, and worked in Multics I/O room; User (AFDSC): Classified projects while working for CSC.
Bratt, Richard G.
System (MIT, CISL): TTY DIM, file system, prelinker, Project Guardian. [32 MCRs, 4 MTBs, 1 TR]
Braun, Bonnie
System (PMDC): commands/tools, analyze_multics, TR management tools, B2 testing. [3 MTBs]
Braun, Ronald L.
System (BTL): printer.
Braveman, Judy
Support (CISL): Labor Voucher cartoons.
Breen, Bill
AEP (HIS): Kay Carlyle and I had an AEP assignment to write automated test scripts for the ec commands. I also had an assignment on VMM
Brennand, Paul
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for RAE
Bretagnolle, Bernard
User (CICG): ported EDA to Multics.
Bricklin, Daniel
Student (MIT): LSS, APL. [1 interview] ACM-Fellow CHM-Fellow Entrepreneur Hopper SW-SYS
Bridges, Bill
Site Analyst (SCSI).
Brinegar, Libbie
Support (HIS).
Brinegar, Rickie E.
System (PMDC): LINUS & MRDS [1 MTB, 1 paper]
Broadbent, Alan
User (Brunel): System administrator. (deceased)
Brock, Bill
Field Engineering (HIS): 645/6180 Waltham, Billerica MA [1973-1982]
Brode, John
Cambridge Project (MIT): designer, TSP, Datatran.
Brodell, Mark
Operations (SJU); Site Analyst (Site-N).
Bromberg, M. A.
Student (MIT): Graphics, PDP8.
Brookes, J.
User (Avon): managed SWURCC
Broughton, Jeffrey M.
User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Student (HIS): probe; Amber team member. [14 MCRs, 1 MSB, 2 MTBs]
Broussard, Michael J.
Site Analyst (HIS): EOP benchmark; Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Brown, James P.
Engineering (HIS): online T&D, SysTest. [3 MTBs]
Brown, JD
User (AFDSC)
Brown, Leroy
AEP (HIS): MDBM Data Dictionary. [1 MTB]
Brown, Les
Marketing (Bull): promotion in Europe
Brown, Patricia
Operations (AFDSC): The classified and unclassified MULTICS systems.
Brown, Ron
Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada.
Brown, S.
website contributor
Brown, S. S.
Student (MIT).
Brown, W. Stanley
System (BTL): debugging, trap handling. [1 repository doc]
Browning, Jim W.
Administration (USGS): Menlo Park, Denver. SysAdmin, continuum; Site Analyst (ELF).
Bruce, David M.
Operations (MIT): Computer Operator
Bruce, James D.
User (MIT): EE Dept Dean
Brunelle, Edward C.
User (AFDSC): SysAdmin; Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC); Benchmark Support; System (PMDC): answering service, accounting, MOWSE, DSA. [3 MTBs]
Bruton, N.
User (Avon): technical administrator AUCC.
Bubric, Richard
System (ACTC): mail.
Buczynski, Bob
Marketing (HIS): SCSI acct.
Budhani, Farhad
User (Bell Canada): SOFA II
Bufton, Alan
Marketing (HIS): LUT, UBCC
Bugely, Faith
System (BTL): IO UIM.
Bui, Hien
Support (PMDC).
Buis, Alain
User (CULTURE): adminisration; head of French Multics useer group
Bunza, Geoffrey
User (MIT): SIPB (MIT), TICS Project
Burbeck, D. W.
Engineering (GE).
Burch, Jim
Marketing (HIS): sold DCC.
Bureau, Jean-Claude
Site Analyst (INSEE-P)
Burford, Frederick W.
Site Analyst (HIS): Ford and GM Multics Systems
Burke, Edmund L.
Contractor (MITRE): AFDSC sale. [4 papers]
Burke, Glenn S.
Staff (MIT LCS): MacLisp, Macsyma. [1 TR]
Burkhardt, David
Marketing (HIS): PRHA Conversion project
Burmaster, David
Administration (MAC): funding; MacAIMS user
Burner, Weston J.
Marketing (GE); Administration (MIT IPC): Director, IPC. [1 paper] (deceased)
Burnham, Alf G.
Support (HIS): Site Analyst (Calgary), Cust Support: Bell Canada, MCOIN, DDDS
Burrus, Phillip F.
Site Analyst (MDA-TA): SEDACS [1 paper]
Burt, Eric
User (Ford): Systems Support
Burton, Al
Operations (RADC).
Busch, M. D.
Engineering (GE): 645 online programming system.
Buser, Jon
User (NWGS): CSC applications developer (SDF, NWC). [2 papers]
Bush, Eric
System (CISL) PL/I. [2 MTBs]
Bush, James A.
System(PMDC): benchark services; System (CISL): DPS 8/70M kernel drivers, read_tape_and_query, ISOLTS T&D subsystem [4 MCRs, 6 MTBs]
Bush, Karen Elizabeth
Marketing (HIS): Ford and GM. fought to teach Honeywell (and Honeywell Bull) what it was that they were destroying. Primarily
Bushkin, Arthur A.
Student (MIT): Used as teaching and research platform
Buzen, Jeffrey P.
Engineering (HIS): VMM.
Byneo, Joe
Operations (CISL).
Byrd, Ken
User (OU): System programmer.
Cadenas, Pedro
User (USGS)
Cadenas Jr., Pedro
Operations (USGS): MULTICS Main Frame
User (INSEE-Aix)
Cahoon, Gerald L.
Operations (HIS).
Cain, Joseph F.
User (USGS-R)
Calavas, Antoinette
Documentation (MIT IPC).
Callegher, J. Claude
Callen, Joseph J.
SysAdmin (AFDSC): Operations and SysMaint
Camara, Tom
Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Cameron, John
User (Ford): System administrator.
Campbell-Grant, Ian R.
Student (MIT).
Campbell, Dave
User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ; SDF Moorestown, NJ
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Robert H.
System (MIT): Backup.
Campo, Charlene
Marketing (PMDC). (deceased)
Canaday, Rudd
System (BTL): BCPL. [5 MSPM sections]
Canali, Francis A.
System (MIT IPC): TTY dim. [3 MTBs]
Cann, Bruce
Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
Caplin, Anne
Documentation (CISL).
Capps, Dennis
System (MIT IPC): Tape, absentee, Operator communication, runoff. [5 MCRs, 1 MOSN, 5 MTBs]
Card, Clyde
Marketing (HIS): AccuRay acct.
Carey, O. D.
Support (MIT): MAC.
Cargo, David S.
User (CNO): Project management, using e-mail, forum, and compose
Carinhas (Jones), Rose A.
User (USL): student; Marketing (HIS): LSMS/Phoenix.
Carlock, J. Stephen
Site Analyst (SJU, MDA-TA); Marketing (HIS): EOP, Monsanto, NWGS.
Carlyle, E. Kay
AEP (HIS); System (HIS): SysTest; Marketing. [1 MTB]
Carré, Claude F.
System (CISL): File system, interprocess communication. (1968)
Carter, Don
Marketing (HISCAN): Proposals [Unfortunately]
Cartney, Mike
System (AFDSC): Applications for the Secretary of Defense, Program, Analyses, and Evaluation
Cartofeln, Charles
Marketing (GE): 1969 tech support for a GE-645 for Météorologie Nationale, never delivered.
Caruso, Joe
User (Bell Canada): Site support (Bell-T).
Casaccia, A. J.
User (Ford).
Cascini, Vinnie
Marketing (HIS): SJU conversion.
Casey, Thomas A., Jr
System (CISL): GCOS, Accounting, answering service, absentee, process preservation, BCE, hardcore mgr. [71 MCRs, 9 MTBs]
Caslake, Joe
Engineering (HIS).
Cassell, Robert W.
Engineering (HIS): Assisted in the Development of the Multics solution for Naval War Gaming.
Castor, Web
Marketing (HIS).
Catherino, John A.
User (Oakland): Ancient Computer Science Student
Cavallero, Tony
User (NWGS): CSC Moorestown, NJ
Cavender, Debbie
Marketing (HIS): OU acct.
Cayrol, Patrice
Marketing (CiiHB): MGS, PR.
Cecil, Janice H.
System (MIT): Command language. [13 MSPM sections]
Cerrato, Richard
Operations (MIT).
Chakraborty, Meena
SysAdmin (GM): Site Support for GM Corporate Planning System.
Challeil, Gilbert
System (CISL): Bull DSA implementation.
Chambers, Alan
System (HISLTD): Bristol net, X25, UK Transport Service.
Site Analyst.
Chance, J. A.
Chandler, Don
System (Bull).
Chang, C.
System (HIS): COBOL.
Chang, Gabriel D. Y.
System (GE/CISL): PL/I, FORTRAN. [3 MCRs, 1 MSPM section, 1 MTB]
Chapin, Daniel H.
Marketing Education (HIS): Multics Education
Charbonneau, Pierre
Site Analyst (Bell Canada): Bell-M GTSS : GCOS Time Sharing Simulator / GCOS FNPs
Charton, Yves
User (CICRP): 1985-88
Chase (Cerami) (Magee), Roberta
Support (PMDC).
Chate, Dave
User (Brunel): System Admin.
Chavez, V.
Chazel, André
Cheek, Deja
User (AFDSC): OSD Financial and Budgeting Systems
Cheek, Thomas B.
ESL (MIT): graphics.
Chen, Henry
Engineering (GE): 645 processor design.
Chesnutt, Stan
Student (USL): various student projects and hacks
Chessor, Don
Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
Chevalier, Bob
Marketing (HIS): MIT.
Chevassus, Madeleine
System (CISL): Multics DSA project [1984-1985].
Chicoine, Jacques
User (Bell Canada).
Child, Margaret E.
System (MIT): CTSS.
Chin, Hon Wah
User (MIT); MIT SIPB Amber project leader
Chmura, L. J.
User (Mitre): Multics security tests [1 paper]
Chorley, Will
System (HISLTD): Bristol net.
Chouinard, Richard A.
Benchmark Services (HIS).
Christenson, Larry
User (CNO).
Chrzanowski, John
Marketing (HIS): SJU.
Chubb, James
Site support (Bell-T).
Church, Alan
User (Ford): System Support, FNP [1974-1994].
Churchhouse, John
Site Analyst (RAE): Multics Cray Station.
Circello, Joe
Engineering (HIS): ADP-Multics.
Clancy, Gerald F.
System (MIT): CTSS, File system, Initialization, Scheduler. [22 MSPM sections]
Clancy, Gerald J.
User (BCO): A software design and evaluation system. [1 paper]
Clark, David D.
System (MIT): Access control, Project Guardian. [2 MSPM sections, 3 papers, 8 TRs, 2 videos] ACM-Fellow AmAcadAS CRA-DSA Hamming IEEE-Fellow IHOF NAE NIST-SEC SIGCOMM SIGOPS-HoF
Clark, Douglas G. D.
User (Avon): user support, documentation, Minitab, Genstat, Glim. (deceased)
Clark, F.
Site Analyst.
Clark, Greg
User (Ford): Systems Support.
Clark, Pat
Student (USL); User (AFDSC)
Clark, Wayne
System Admin (AccuRay).
Clarke, Dorothea S.
System: FORTRAN.
Claussen, Bob
Engineering (GE): 600 series; Marketing (GE/HIS): Detroit, Ford sale.
User (CICB)
Claveleira, Christian
User (CICB): TCP/IP port.
Clegg, Elmer I.
Administration (HIS): DSO, FSO sales mgr for USGS sale.
User (CICT)
Clement, Ken
Student (USL): Operator and Assorted System Programming including an enhanced "check_em"
Clingen, Charles T.
Administration (GE/CISL): Manager, CISL; Manager, Multics. [1 MAB, 2 MCBs, 3 MCRs, 1 MSB, 5 MTBs, 6 papers, 2 repository docs] SIGOPS-HoF (deceased)
Cloutier, Rich
Engineering (HIS): Flower, HIS CCSC Minneapolis.
Cockburn, Bill
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations. (deceased)
Cockrum, Cathy
Coffin, David R.
Cohen, D. E.
Student (MIT).
Colborne, Graham F.
User (Brunel): "Converse" discussion software and online diary system
Cole, Walt
Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
Coleman, Ted
SysAdmin (Bull): Engineering Operations BCO
Coley, Roger
Site Analyst (AUCC, Brunel, Cardiff)
Colijn, A. W.
Author: wrote note on Multics command language [1 paper]
Collier-Brown, David
User (CNO): SDE for DPS-6, using (among others) the ADAsil cross-compiler. [1 paper]
Collum, Gene
Engineering (HIS): Librafile.
Combs, Jim
Field Engineering (HIS): Sys-M Phoenix, USGS Denver.
Conover, Al
Administration (HIS): PMO VP Systems.
Conti, Glenn T.
System (AFDSC): Also worked at VPI and the Planning Board for Puerto Rico Govt
Conwell, Candy LCDR
User (NWGS): USN TTGP dept head [SPAWAR Point Loma, San Diego]
Cook, Jim
User (DCC).
Cooke, Doug
Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada.
Cooper, Bill
Marketing (HIS): USGS Denver.
Cooper, John
User (SysM): Explorer.
Cooper, Robert W.
User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin (SDF, NWC, TTGL, TTGP).
Coppola, Richard L.
Field Engineering (PMDC): benchmarks, SysMaint, 870-M, Flower. [1 MTB]
Corbató, Fernando J.
Administration (MIT); Designer. {Story: Corby.} [6 interviews, 12 MDNs, 12 MSPM sections, 1 MTB, 14 papers, 8 repository docs, 1 TR, 7 videos, 5 web pages] AAAS ACM-Fellow ACM-Lec AmAcadAS CHM-Fellow Goode IEEE-Fellow McDowell NAE NEC Pioneer Turing (deceased)
Coren, Robert S.
System (CISL): IO daemon, TTY DIM. [58 MCRs, 1 MDD, 3 MOSNs, 4 MSBs, 15 MTBs]
Corney, David
User (Avon): wrote enhanced FAST subsystem, 1979.
Corsi, A. J.
Engineering (HIS): performance measurement.
Cote, Gil
System (NWGS): Applications (NWGS).
Couleur, John F.
Designer (GE): 645 CPU architecture. [1 MDN, 6 papers, 1 repository doc] (deceased)
Cousins, David W.
Site Analyst (AFDSC, NSA).
Cowin, G.
Cox, Stan
Site Analyst (HISCAN): MCHQ; System (CISL): data management, tasking, Message Coordinator. [2 MTBs]
Craig, Raymond B.
User (AFDSC): HQ USAF Manpower data systems: applications and database
Cramond, Susan
Site Analyst (STC).
Cratty, Bill
Marketing (HIS): AFDSC acct.
Crawford, Mary
Documentation (PMDC): Multics DSA manuals. [3 MTBs]
Creasy, R. J.
System (MIT): CTSS. [1 MDN, 1 paper] (deceased)
Cresson, Curtis J.
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Creste, Jean-Paul
Site Analyst (ELF, Credit Lyonnais, SNECMA).
Crisman, Patricia A.
System (MIT): CTSS: manual; System (MIT): MSPM editor. [2 MSPM sections, 1 paper]
Cross, Gary
Field Engineering (Canada DND): DPS 8/70M DND Halifax
Crowley, Thomas H.
Administration (BTL): Multics Project Manager.
Cummings, Ed
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for ASU
Cummins, Carol L.
Cummins, Ron
Engineering (HIS): Flower, HIS CPSC Minneapolis.
Cunningham, Maureen
Support (CISL).
Cupak, J. J.
User (RADC): Remote Data Entry [Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp, Rome, NY] [1 paper]
Cuppolero, Ernie
Engineering (GE).
Curd, Dan
Marketing (HIS): DPO branch mgr, Cincinnati, sold IN.
Curtis, Rusha
Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Cushing, Carole A.
System (MIT): CTSS, File system. [34 MSPM sections]
Daggett, Marjorie M.
System (MIT): CTSS, 6.36. [2 papers]
Dahl, James
Engineering (PMDC): 6180 CPU, Flower. (deceased)
Dahm, Dave
Engineering (GE).
Dahmer, Michael
User (DOCKMASTER): Systems Associates Inc.
Daley, Robert C.
Designer (MIT): File system, qedx. [6 MCBs, 6 MDNs, 4 MSBs, 66 MSPM sections, 10 papers, 6 repository docs] SIGOPS-HoF
Dalton, Chris
System (PMDC).
Danial, R. G.
Engineering (GE).
Dankwardt, Kevin
Student (USL): student programming. hacking. worked on screen oriented editor on top of 'ted' used widely at USL.
Site Analyst (CULTURE).
Daurio, Stan
User (Bell Canada).
Davenport, T. L.
Student (MIT).
David, Edward E., Jr.
Administration (BTL): Trinity. [1 paper, 1 repository doc] AmAcadAS NAE (deceased)
Davidoff, Monte N.
System (CISL): PL/I, format_pl1, TP. [1 MTB]
Davids, Noah S.
System (PMDC): xforum, menu mgr, executive service, MRDS, DMS. [12 MTBs, 2 papers, 1 web page]
Davies, Neil J.
System (Avon): Networking software - ring 4 user terminal multiplexer and UK mail standards
Davis, Charles R.
System (CISL): Compilers.
Davis, James R.
System (CISL): probe, video support, menus. [8 MTBs]
Davis, Phil
Marketing (HIS): Hardware updates to the MIT site
Davis, R. C.
User (Mitre): AFDSC security study [1 paper]
Dawson, Ree
Cambridge Project (MIT): statistics and numerics.
Day, Matthew H.
System (HIS): COBOL.
Dayton, Cathy
Support (PMDC).
Dean, Albert L.
Administration (GE): mgr CISL. [2 MCBs, 2 MSPM sections]
Dean, Mike
Marketing (HIS); User (Ford).
Dearing, Deanne
User (Calgary): HLSUA presentation.
Decker, R. A.
Engineering (GE).
DeDoes, Steve
User (Ford): HLSUA presentation.
Degan, Robert A.
Operations (MIT). [6 MCBs]
Dehn, Joe
User (MIT).
DeHon, Andre
User (MIT): user and student; gave out user accounts through MIT SIPB [1 video]
Deitel, Harvey
Student (MIT): User control. [8 MSPM sections, 2 TRs]
De Jeu, Francois
Administration (Honeywell Bull, Paris); manager, Paris 645.
de Jong, Kees
Site Analyst (SOZAWE): PL/I course, site support.
deKersauson, Bertrand
Site Analyst (CICB)
de Koning, Gerry
Delcambre, Matthew
Student (USL).
Delgado, Jose
Marketing (HIS): PRHA acct.
Demchock, T. M.
Student (MIT). (deceased)
Demers, Dick
System (PMDC): Hardware Development, Flower.
Dempster, Arthur P.
User (MIT): Consistent System [1 paper]
Denning, Peter J.
Student (MIT): virtual memory, working set model, concept of thrashing. [1 interview, 7 papers, 2 TRs, 1 web page] AAAS ACM-DSA ACM-Fellow ACM-Fellow ACM-OC ACM-Pres CRA-DSA CSNET-exec IEEE-Fellow Karlstrom Menneken Postel PS-Paper SIGCSE SIGOPS-HoF
Dennis, Jack B.
Designer (MIT): parallel computation and architectures, segmentation. [1 interview, 4 papers, 1 repository doc, 2 TRs] ACM-Fellow Eckert IEEE-Fellow JvN NAE SIGOPS-HoF
Densmore, James E.
User (AFDSC): AFSA TAC BRAWLER Tactical Air Combat Simulation.
Dent, Janet M.
Marketing Education (HIS): Compose, LINUS, MRDS, OS, PL/I.
User (CIRIL)
DeRoma, Leonard J.
Student (MIT): UROP, worked for Dave Clark on security 72-74.
Derouen, Max
Field Engineering (Bull): Installation, Maintenance of GE645 (Paris) and 8/70M (Renault, INSEE)
DeRoven (Warren), Gail D.
Marketing (HIS): Ford; Site Analyst (Ford, GMISCA)
Desch, Matt
User (AccuRay)
Deutsch, L. Peter
Student [Berkeley]: design of qed. [1 paper]
DeVaney, David
User (BCO): A software design and evaluation system. [1 paper]
Dewar, Al
System (HIS).
Diamond, D. S.
Student (MIT): pricing models. [1 paper]
Diaz, Pedro
Marketing (HIS): PRHA support manager.
Dibble, Nancy
Marketing Education (HIS).
Dibble, William B.
Marketing (HIS).
Dick, David R.
Student (MIT): translation of "roff" from BCPL to PL/I
Dickson, Paul
System (PMDC): Hardcore (B2 Functional Tests, TCP/IP) [1 MAB, 1 MDD]
Dildine, Harry
Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Dillon, Mike
Operations (CNO): Computer Operator
Dimercurio, Mary (Prasad)
HRM/JP (GM): PL/I, MRDS, Janus; User/student/consultant (OU); App Prog (Ford)
Dinolt, George W.
User (Ford): Applications Development Tools [1978-1982]
d'Ippolito, Vincent
Field Engineering(CiiHB): Multics based on a L66/DPS8 CIIHB mainframe
Dix, C. Walker
Administration (HIS): Multics program mgr. (deceased)
Dixon, Gary C.
System (HIS): Library tools; Marketing Education (HIS); System (PMDC): TRCoord, video system, date/time, admin, dump analysis, software design & coding, auditing, security audits of kernel; DPS8M Simulator. [1 article, 3 MABs, 36 MCRs, 1 MDD, 4 MSBs, 33 MTBs, 1 video, 3 web pages]
Doane, Bob
User (RADC): facility manager
Dobberstein, Riley
Engineering (HIS): CPU. (deceased)
Dobbie, J.
Engineering (HIS).
Doenlen, Charlie
Marketing (HIS): NWGS Sites, CSC Moorestown NJ
Doherty, Mike
Marketing Education (HIS): Marketing Education Manager for Multics (and CP6) in Phoenix.
Doherty, Pat
User (USGS): author of continuum.
Dominick, Wayne D.
User (USL): MADAM [1 paper]
Donlevy, Peter
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T SysAdmin.
Donner, Eleanor (Stone)
System (GE/CISL): File system, absentee, commands. [45 MCRs, 1 MSB, 2 MTBs] (deceased)
Donofrio, Jerry
System (GE): System Development Tech GE645 GOIC & teletype adapter cabinet
Donovan, John J.
System (MIT): Scheduler. [2 MSPM sections, 1 paper]
Donovan, Marc
Support (Calgary): basic user support
Doré, Brian K.
User (USL).
Dosani, Firoz
Site support (Bell-T).
Douglas, Richard R.
Administration (HIS): VP & GM LISD. (deceased)
Dowgiallo, Edward A.
User (NWGS): User language and warfare model maintenance.
Downer, John
User (SCSI)
Downey, Peter J.
System (MITRE): Project ZARF [4 papers]
Downie, Robert.
USAF: Project ZARF.
Downing, Alan R.
System (CISL): PL/I runtime, System (PMDC): HEALS. [2 MCRs, 2 MTBs] (deceased)
Downs, Deborah
User (NSA): B2 evaluator.
Doyle, Cathy
Support (MIT): MAC.
Drake, Stan
User (Bell Canada).
System (PMDC): Multics TAC manager.
Dratel, Pattie
Support (MIT IPC).
Dreyer, Phil
SysAdmin (CNO): Applications developer and one of the Multics SysAdmins for Corporate Honeywell from 1983 until its end. [1 web page]
Drown, Paul
System (HIS): T&D.
Drumm, William
Operations (HIS).
Drummond, Ronald E.
System (BTL): BESYS author; Branch Labs Liaison.
Druon, François
Marketing (CiiHB): Telecomunication, FNP, DSA.
Dugal, James
Site Analyst (USL).
Dugast, Gérard
Operations (INRIA). [1 web page]
Dumar, Richard
Field Engineering (HIS): RADC.
Dumouchel, Guy
Site Analyst (Bell-M).
Dunn, Carol (Meade)
Support (HIS): admin, support
Dunnigan, Terry
Marketing Education mgr
Dunten, Stanley D.
Designer (MIT): CTSS, TTY DIM, File system, Initialization, BOS. [2 MDNs, 42 MSPM sections, 2 papers, 2 repository docs]
Dupuis, Al
System (HISCAN): GTSS; Marketing (HIS); System (PMDC): database, report writer, MOWSE. [9 MTBs]
Durand, Nazrat
System (ACTC): vfile_.
Durio, Bryan
Marketing Education (HIS): User (USL); Marketing (HIS/FTO): SCSI NRS; SCSI ARS; Marketing (HIS/FSD): education.
Dustin, M.
Dyar, J. D.
User (RADC): Remote Data Entry [Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp, Rome, NY] [2 papers]
Dyke, A. E. J.
User (Avon): computer manager AUCC.
Dylnicki, Stan P.
Benchmarks (Bell Canada): Replacing GCOS TSS with Multics & Benchmarking Evaluations.
Eachus, Robert I.
System (BCO): LALR.
Eastman, Dave
Field Engineering (HIS): NWGS support (NWC).
Eastwood, Douglas E.
System (BTL): Command language. [4 MSPM sections] (deceased)
Eaton, Bill
website contributor. [1 web page]
Eaton, Larry
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS).
Eckert, Jerry
User (VPI): System Programmer, SysAdmin
Edwards, Daniel J.
System (MIT): CTSS, XRAY. NSA TCSEC. [1 interview, 4 MSPM sections]
Edwards, Eugene
Support (AFDSC): Systems Support; PRHA, Batch Conversion Manager (HIS)
Edwards, Ken R.
User (Ford): Quality Indicator System
Ehrler, Timothy J.
User (ASEA): User (IN/ASEA), H/W Devel.; CAD (DLS/Sim) S/W Engr. (Honeywell, Bull)
Eichele, Derek
System (PMDC): MOWSE. [1 MTB]
System (CISL).
Elefante, Don
RADC. [1 paper]
Elhard, Dean
System (ACTC): binder, dynamic linker, KERMIT, object MSFs. [2 MTBs]
Eliasz, Jeff
System (Ford): CENSUM product dev appl and other applications
Elkin, Robert M.
Student (MIT): MacAIMS.
Elliot, Bern
Engineering (HIS): OPUS.
Ellis, Bill
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (DCC).
Ellis, Calvin
Marketing (HIS): EOP, Monsanto benchmarks.
Elson, J. D.
Engineering (GE).
Elston, Gil
User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ
Eng, Sylvia
User (Bell Canada).
Engleman, Paul
User (AFDSC): 1ISG.
Enkler, Ingemar
User (ASEA): consultant. (deceased)
Epperson, Dave
User (USL): Grad student, Operations/UserServices. [1976-1979]
Epstein, I.
Engineering (GE/HIS).
Erickson, Cecile D.
Documentation (CISL); Documentation (CNO). [1 MAB, 5 MTBs] (deceased)
Ernestus, Hans
Marketing (Bull): Relational databases
Estfan, W.
Engineering (GE). (deceased)
Evans, Arthur, Jr.
System (MIT): clock, EPL, PAL. ("THE Art of Computer Programming" -- Don Knuth) [44 MSPM sections, 6 repository docs, 2 TRs] (deceased)
Evans, David C.
Administration (ARPA): ARPA advisory panel.
Evans, Lyle
SysAdmin (VPI): Systems Administration
Ex, Barbara
System (CISL).
Facetti, Mario
System (GE).
Fahrlander, Frank
Engineering (GE): System simulation of 645/GIOC, associative memory models.
Fakoury, Richard
Field Engineering (HIS); T&D, COLTS, BCE. [1 MOSN, 3 MTBs]
Falksen, James A.
System (PMDC): database manager, MRPG, photocomposition, date/time; User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin (NWC). [13 MTBs]
Fano, Robert M.
Administration (MIT): Director, Project MAC. [2 articles, 3 interviews, 7 papers, 2 videos, 1 web page] AmAcadAS IEEE-Fellow NAE NAS Shannon (deceased)
Faraci, Larry
User (NWGS): Sims Hall
Faraday, Ron
Site Analyst (Bell-T).
Farber, David J.
System (BTL): EPL, T&D. [1 repository doc] AAAS ACM-Fellow CSNET-exec EPIC-Champ IEEE-Fellow IHOF Keio Postel SIGCOMM
Farley, Paul
System (PMDC): hardcore, BCE save/restor, MCA support. [1 MDD, 2 MTBs]
Farrell, Jim
System (HISUK): X25 Connection Management
Fasbinder, Steve
User (OU)
Fateman, Martha Nelson
Documentation (MIT): MAC. [1 MCB, 1 MSPM section]
Fawcett, Rich
Field Engineering (HIS); Benchmark Services (HIS); System (PMDC): disk ctl, IMU support. [4 MTBs]
Federman, Nancy
System (MIT): ARPANet.
Feiertag, Laurie Haron
Documentation (MIT, CISL).
Feiertag, Richard J.
System (MIT): Command language, IOS, Guardian. [14 MSBs, 22 MSPM sections, 6 papers]
Feldman, Norman N.
Administration (HIS): VP LISD, VP PMO.
Feldman, Stuart I.
System (BTL): IOS. [16 MSPM sections] AAAS ACM-Fellow ACM-Pres IEEE-Fellow SW-SYS
Fellinger, Bill
Engineering (HIS): security.
Felthouse, Gordon
System Admin (HIS): Sys-M.
Fenichel, Robert R.
System (MIT): 6.36, GEBUG, reserver design. [14 MSPM sections, 1 paper]
Fenton, Jim
Student (MIT): SIPB [1 web page]
Ferrara, Michael R.
User (RADC): Explorer post 500, Hacked emacs, apl, lisp and graphics
Fetter, Robert J.
User (GM): timesharing support; User (HFSI): applications
Fidler, Ardis
Support (HIS).
Fidler, Don
Operations (CISL).
Filichia, Lilli
Documentation (CISL).
Fillat, A. I.
User (MIT): early relational database [1 TR]
Finch, Prof. J.
User (Avon): managed Bath resources
Finn, Michael S.
SysAdmin (GM): site support.
Fischer, Dieter
Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Fischer, Michael
Fishburn, George
Marketing (HIS): GM acct.
Fisher, Dave M.
User (Avon)
Fisher, Dick
Engineering (GE/HIS): System Tech 645, 6080, 6100 designer cache, assoc. memories. [1971-1984]
Fisher, Jim
User (USGS): user assistance, Reston, Site Analyst (USGS-R).
Fitch, John
User (Avon): Director of Computing, University of Bath.
Flach, Coen
General (Bull NL): Education
Flanagan, Ann
Site Analyst (NWGS-NWC)
Flass, Peter
website contributor. [1 web page]
Flegel, Mike
System (ACTC): MOWSE, emacs. [2 MTBs]
Fleming, Kevin P.
System (PMDC): Hardcore (functional tests), documentation. [1 MTB]
Flemming, Simon P.
Engineering (GE): Drum design. [1 paper]
Foote, Jim
User (GM): Mgr Time Sharing Services. Spoke at HLSUA XXV.
Formoy, Mike
User (Brunel).
Forsdick, Harry
Student (MIT): User Control. [1 TR]
Forsyth, Jim
User (MCHQ): SysMaint.
Forzani, Bob
Administration (HIS): PMO Director of Strategic Planning.
Foss, Alan P.
Engineering (STC): The Level 68 and installed its replacement the DPS8/70M
Foss, Charles H.
User (AFDSC): office chief, AFDSC systems group.
Foster, R. M.
Engineering (GE): RAID. [1 repository doc]
Fournier, Robert
System (Grenoble): UNCP/Multics.
Fox, Julie
Documentation (CISL).
Franklin, A. Craig
System (MIT IPC): PL/I.
Franklin, Elaine
Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, quality control.
Franklin, Robert W.
System (HIS): Terminal Drivers [1 MCR, 4 MTBs]
Frankston, Charles B.
User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Amber team member
Frankston, Robert M.
Student (MIT): LSS, Core metering. [1 article, 1 interview, 1 MCR, 2 papers, 2 TRs] ACM-Fellow CHM-Fellow IEEE-Fellow SW-SYS
Frazier, Bruce
User (Bell Canada).
Frazier, Col. Herb
User (AFDSC)
Fredenucci, Sigrun
SysAdmin (CICG): Connection of an attached processor FPS-264 to the DPS8-70/Multics.
Fredkin, Ed
Administration (ARPA): ARPA advisory panel; Administration (MAC): Director. [1 video, 1 web page] Dickson (deceased)
Freedman, Dan
Support (Calgary): Applications programming, and command interpreter
Freiburghouse, Robert A.
System (GE/CISL): PL/I, languages mgr. [1 interview, 3 MCRs, 14 MSBs, 4 MSPM sections, 4 MTBs, 7 papers, 8 repository docs, 1 video, 2 web pages] (deceased)
Freilich, Mona
User (NWGS): Sims Hall
Frewin, Peter
User (Brunel).
Frick, Harlow E.
System (GE): T&D, Scheduler. [13 MSPM sections]
Friesen, Oris D.
System (HIS): MRDS Database Manager architect [4 MCRs, 5 MTBs, 3 papers]
Frink, Bill
Administration (HIS): Palyn committee; Product management; System (PMDC): software technologies.
Frommer, Raphael
System (HIS); Marketing Education (HIS).
Frost, Victor S.
User (RADC). [1 paper]
Fry, Don
Engineering (GE): project leader for Project MAC 645.
Frye, Steve
System (PMDC).
Fudge, Dan
Site Analyst (ACTC).
Funk, Emily
Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands, Janus.
Futas, George
Engineering (GE): 645 System Design, Integration, Proj. Mgmt. [1 paper]
Gadde, Terrill
Documentation (CISL).
Gagliardi, Ugo
Administration (HIS): chose Multics for BCO NPL sw factory.
Gaines, R. Stockton
Palyn Report. (deceased)
Gaines, Warren M.
Administration (HIS).
Galcik, Tony
Engineering (HIS).
Gall, Nicholas
AEP (BCO): Prolog interpreter for Multics. Ada compiler testing.
Gallagher, Robert
Galler, Bernard A.
System (MIT): CTSS: MAD.
Gallizzi, Edmund L.
User (USL): Graduate Student
Gandy, Haywood
System (PMDC).
Gangwere, S. G.
Engineering (GE).
Garboll, Barb
User (Bell Canada).
Garcia, Jerry
Documentation (CISL): terminal operator.
Gardner, Richard
Documentation (MIT): MAC. [1 MSPM section, 4 repository docs]
Garman, Charles C.
System (MIT): 6.36, EPL runtime, Commands. [3 MCBs, 1 MOSN, 42 MSPM sections]
Garner, Mike
Site Analyst (RAE)
Garriott, Grant
Support (CNO): Administration, Corporate Liaison with divisions, Multics R&R band MidLife Crisis
Garrison, Jim
Documentation (CISL). [1 MTB]
Garrison, Mike
Student (USL): 1977-79 Various graduate student projects
Garthe, Larry L.
System (GE): FL. [8 MSPM sections]
Gasser, Morrie
Contractor (MITRE): Multics Security Enhancements, password generator [3 papers]
Gatha, Arun
Administration (ACTC): director.
Gaumetou, Pierre
System (CISL): Multics DSA project lead [1983-1985]. (deceased)
Geary, Mike
User (AFDSC): SysAdmin, 1ISG.
Gee, Jim
System (ACTC): MOWSE. [1 MTB]
George, Bill
System (PMDC).
George, Ron
User (Calgary): director.
Gerassimenko, Teresa
System (HIS): COBOL. [2 MCRs]
Giani, Aleardo
User (HIS): Distributed System Architecture - HIS [Pregnana Milanese, Italy]
Gibson, Tammy
User (NWGS): SDF applications programming.
Gifford, David K.
Student (MIT): hardware monitor. [1 MSB, 1 paper, 1 TR] AAAS ACM-Fellow
Gilbert, John P.
User (MIT): Consistent System [1 paper]
Gilbert, Peter N.
Student (OU); User (GM): Application Programmer on CPS; User(Ford): Application Programmer on MATS.
Gilcrease, George
Marketing (HIS); Site Analyst (VPI); System (PMDC): commands, Multics TAC. [1 MDD] (deceased)
Gildersleeve, James L.
System (HIS): System Engineering. [1 MCR]
Gillard, Pete
User (STC): database design group, ported Logica's Rapport RDBMS; Logica: Rapport Multics installations at French Ministry of Agriculture, Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, and the Pentagon.
Giller, Sue
Consistent System (RCI).
Gilliand, Jerry
System (PMDC).
Gillmore, Fred
Marketing (HIS): San Juan PR branch marketing manager.
Gilson, John
Marketing (HIS) documentation, administration; Marketing (HIS/FSO): security documentation. [3 papers]
Gimbel, Bill
System (CISL): hardcore group.
Gimpel, James F.
System (BTL): EPL. [8 MSPM sections, 4 repository docs]
Gintell, John W.
Administration (CISL): Manager, Multics System Development. [3 MABs, 1 MCB, 17 MCRs, 2 MOSNs, 16 MSBs, 14 MSPM sections, 5 MTBs, 2 papers, 2 repository docs, 2 videos, 3 web pages]
Glaser, Edward L.
Designer (MIT): 645 CPU architecture, GIOC. [2 MDNs, 2 MSPM sections, 6 papers, 2 repository docs, 1 web page] DPMA-CMoY NAE (deceased)
Gleason, Bob
User (Bell Canada): district mgr.
Gligor, Virgil
User (NSA): B2 evaluator. ACM-Innovation IEEE-Tech NIST-SEC
Godefroy, A. F.
Engineering (GE).
Godsell (Baust), Susan
Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands, Consistent System, ANSI tape labelling software.
Goel, Manju
User (AFDSC)
Goff, Jim
Field Engineering (GE): MIT and BTL 645 Green Beret.
Goldberg, Barbara P.
System (BTL): EPL. [6 MSPM sections]
Goldberg, I. Bennett
System (BTL): EPL math library. [3 MSPM sections, 1 repository doc]
Goldberg, Jeffrey
Student (MIT) [3 MCRs]
Goldberg, Robert P.
Engineering (HIS): VMM.
Goldman, Jay
User (MIT): MIT EE dept RDMS Relational Data Management System, command line processor, auto dial. [5 MCRs, 1 MTB, 1 paper]
Goldstein, A. Jay
System (BTL): Page scheduler.
Goldstein, Robert C.
User (MIT): MacAIMS relational data management design. [1 paper]
Goltz, Gary
Marketing (HIS): RADC, MIT, ACD accts.
Gonzalez, Hipolito (Polo)
System Admin (PRHA) 1980-84; HIS (Marketing) 86-93
Gonzalez W. Lastarria, Raul F.
Good, Andrew (then known as Barry)
SysAdmin (Brunel): Third Party Software Installation and Support
Goodwin, Jerry
User (VPI): System programmer, multilevel daemon.
Gordon, Dave
User (Avon): Student hacker, University of Bath
Gordon, John C.
User (AFDSC): Developer - HQ Air Force Budget - ABIDES / F&FP
Gosling, James
System (Calgary): Pascal compiler. ACM-Fellow CHM-Fellow FLAME JvN Kanai SW-SYS
Gotch, Leslie
SysAdmin (NSA): Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (NSA): DOCKMASTER [1 paper]
Goudy, Maxon L.
Documentation (CISL): many documents [10 MOSNs, 1 repository doc]
Gowans, Bill
Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Grado, Sandy
User (USGS): user assistance, Menlo Park.
Grady, Michael J.
System (CISL): Tapes, TTY DIM, MCS, Hardcore [56 MCRs, 2 MOSNs, 2 MSBs, 3 MTBs]
Graham, Harry
Graham, Nancy L.
System (BTL): EPL runtime.
Graham, Patrick
Marketing (HIS, HFSI): System Operator: USGS; Site Analyst (Site-N, DOCKMASTER).
Graham, Robert M.
Designer (MIT): call/save/return, languages. [6 MDNs, 84 MSPM sections, 8 papers, 8 repository docs, 6 TRs, 1 web page] ACM-Fellow ACM-Lec (deceased)
Gram, G. J.
Engineering (GE).
Granata, Joseph A.
Site Analyst (AFDSC): Systems Analysis and maintenance at (SJU, AFDSC, NSA)
Grant, Prof. A. R.
User (Avon): managed Bristol resources
Gray, James E.
System (HIS): MDBM. [5 MTBs]
Gray, James N.
System (BTL): I/O driver. ACM-Fellow PS-Paper SIGOPS-HoF SW-SYS Turing (deceased)
Gray, John Richard (Rick)
System (ACTC): TR admin, compilers, ALM, commands. [4 MTBs]
Gray, Marion C.
System (BTL): Numerical analysis.
Grayce, Christopher J.
Student (MIT) documentation; student consultant
Graziano, Sarah E.
Documentation (CISL).
Grebert, Alain P.
System (GE).
Green, David M.
SysAdmin (MCHQ): MCOIN - SysAdmin and SysMaint, Multics DAT Backup System
Green, Paul A.
System (MIT, CISL): PL/I, APL, AIM, User control. [49 MCRs, 8 MTBs, 3 papers, 1 video, 4 web pages]
Greenbaum, Howard
Student (MIT). [1 TR]
Greenberg, Bernard S.
System (CISL): Page control, NSS, LISP, I/O, Emacs, AN61, interpret_fdump. [96 MCRs, 14 MTBs, 5 papers, 1 repository doc, 1 TR, 4 web pages]
Greenberg, Howard
Student (MIT).
Greenberg, Joseph H.
System (HIS): AEP
Greene, Bob
Marketing (HIS): Florida Large Scale marketing mgr, PRHA sale.
Greening, Pamela
User (Ford).
Greenwald, Irwin
Palyn committee. (deceased)
Greenwald, Michael
System (MIT, CISL): Internet protocols, Dover printer support.
Greenway, R. D.
Engineering (GE).
Grems, Mandalay
Grenda, Emil
Field Engineering (GE): GECOS Support at CISL.
Grider, T. Allen
Marketing (HIS/FSO): EOP benchmark; Site Analyst (Site-N, NCSC, AFDSC, SEDACS, DOCKMASTER). (deceased)
Grieco, Angelo
Operations (CISL).
Grimes, Nick
User (NWGS): CSC applications developer (NWC).
Grimes, Robert J.
System (HIS): GTSS, Multics Proj Mgr.
Griswold, Ralph E.
System (BTL): SNOBOL.
Grochow, Jerrold M.
System (MIT): User control, binder. [26 MSPM sections, 4 papers, 2 TRs, 2 web pages] ACM-DM
Gross, J.
Gross, M.
Student (MIT).
Site Analyst.
Gueniot, Yves
User (IRT)
User (Dir.Prevision)
Guilford, Jim
Engineering (HIS).
Guinaudeau, Louis
Support (CiiHB): support of Bull French customers.
Gumpertz, Richard H.
Student (MIT): ARPANet, ALM, TECO, page multilevel, ABSI; Engineer (Honeywell Bull, Paris). [1 paper]
Gunderson, Patrice
User (MIT): EECS database administrator; User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
Gusenius, Del
System (PMDC): Primarily testing.
Gutman, W.
Guy, John T.
Operations (MIT)
Haas, R. M.
Student (MIT).
Haber, Peter M.
System (GE/CISL): GCOS, message segments. [15 MCRs, 5 MTBs] (deceased)
Hacker, Thomas J.
SysAdmin (Oakland): system programmer.
Haddad, William
Field Engineering (GE).
Haga, Bill
User (OU): System programmer.
Haggett, Allan G.
User (Calgary): GENIE; Site Analyst (Canada DND, CIRCE): Calgary, France, DND, CSORT, DAT-tape, Y2K conversions, & "Typed last 'shut' command on Multics." [1 paper]
Haider, Karen
System (HIS): Documentation.
Haig, Henry C.
System [Weather Bureau]. [1 repository doc]
Halani, Mansur
User (Bell Canada): SOFA II
Hale, Carol Moeller
Marketing Education (FSO): McLean VA.
Haley, Cornelius
User (NSA): B2 evaluator.
Halladay, Wallace G.
Marketing Education (HISCAN): MCHQ.
Halter-Kertzner, Jana
Support (CISL).
Hamill, Mark D.
Site Analyst (AFDSC): Mostly PDS [Program Data System]
Hamilton, Patricia A.
System: Command language.
Hamm, Kurt
Student (USL): Programming and Gaming as a Computer Science student at USL
Hamming, Richard W.
System (BTL): Numerical analysis. ACM-Fellow Hamming NAE Turing (deceased)
Haney, Gordon
Engineering (HIS).
Hangartner, Dave
Site Analyst (UK).
Hanko, Valoran P.
Operations (USGS): Multics Honeywell System - Computer Operator in Menlo Park CA
Hanna, Mary E.
User (AFDSC): MIDAS [1 paper]
Hanners, Wayne
Marketing (HIS): AccuRay acct.
Hannigan, James
System Admin: BCO; Flower program manager. [2 MCRs]
Hanouer, Bob
Operations (RADC).
Hansen, Gwen
System (BTL): GIM.
Hansen, S. M.
Student (MIT).
Hanson, Larry
Site Analyst (USGS-D)
Harari, Albert
Marketing (CiiHB): System, Security, SysAdmin for first 645 in Gambetta, Paris for software factory of the 64, DPS/64, DPS/7.
Harding-Jones, Peter
Marketing (HISLTD).
Hardy, Norm
website contributor
Harike, Robert
Harkins, James D.
System (GE). [8 MSPM sections]
Harris, Bill
User (Bell Canada).
Harris, G.
Student (MIT).
Harris, Steve
Site Analyst (Calgary)
Harris, Tom
Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
Harrison, Jim
User (AFDSC)
Harrison, Marcia
User (AFDSC)
Harrison, Ray W.
User (HLR): MRDS
Hart, Robert G.
Administration (MIT): User registration and billing
Hartogs, Michael D.
System (PMDC): Hardcore.
Harvey, John
Site Analyst (NSA): Site Support (Site-N), developed Virtual Forms (vform_), modified GCOS Simulator, various applications. [1 manual]
Harvey, Ronald B.
System (PMDC): Data Base Access. [3 MTBs]
Haskell, J. Thomas
HIS National Systems Mgr/Marketing/Benchmarks
Haskins, Diane London
Documentation (CISL): production supervisor.
Hassan, Fouad
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations.
Hastings, Thomas N.
System (MIT): CTSS: scheduler.
Hattey, Steven F.
User (GM): 1977-83; Operator, Student (OU); 1979-85: Application Development(GM) supporting SofTech package called ORAS
Haugh, Dennis
User (Sys-M): GCOS TSS development
Hawkins, Douglas
Haworth, Robert
Hayes, J.
System (HIS): COBOL.
Hayes, John
Documentation (HIS): release bulletin.
Haynes, James H.
Engineering (GE Schenectady): 645 hardware prototype.
Hazelton, Lyman R.
System (MIT): qedx, email, security, courses (taught at MIT, AFDSC, Bell Canada, Canada DND, USGS) [1 MCR]
Hebert, Harry J.
System: Command language. [6 MSPM sections]
Heffner, William
System (GE).
Heiby, Ronald W.
User (CNO): Various tools for Honeywell Avionics and Honeywell CSFC.
Heiney, Bob
User (Ford): Customer management.
Heinz, Ray
Heitt, Don
Marketing (FSO): USGS sale.
Hellwig, Jessica D.
System (MIT): CTSS. [1 paper]
Helwig, Frank C., Jr.
System (HIS): COBOL. [3 MTBs]
Hemes, Dick
Support (Bull): Multics OS and MCS Software support
Henderson, H.
Considered port of Multics to U. Texas SDS Sigma 7 [1 paper]
Henderson, Russ
Marketing (HIS): VP DPO eastern ops.
Henk, Brian
Student (OU): 1979-81; User (Ford): 81-83; User (GM): 83-85; User (HIS): 85-86 DOCKMASTER; User (GM/EDS): 86-92, apps & 3270 screen connection
Hennessy, John L.
Palyn committee ACM-Fellow AmAcadAS CHM-Fellow CNC Cray Eckert IEEE-Fellow JvN Lamme NAE NAS NEC Piore Turing
Hennette, Michel K.
Marketing (CiiHB): France, Europe [1979-1982]. (deceased)
Henningan, K. B.
User (MIT): Guardian subverter [1 paper]
Henry, Chuck
Site Analyst (AFDSC). graduate of Honeywell Multics Academy
Henry, Craig
User (AFDSC): Site Analyst.
Henry, J. J.
Engineering (GE).
Hensley, Mary Lou
Marketing (HIS): NSA acct.
Herbst, Steve
System (CISL): command shell, exec_com, debug, RDBMS, commands [306 MCRs, 15 MTBs]
Hergert, John
User (Ford): MRDS Compiled Selection Expression, SQL parser [1 MTB]
Higgerty, Wayne
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T provisioning mgr.
Hignett, Gary E.
User (AFDSC): Chief, Multics SysOps
Hildebrand, Jim
Marketing (HIS): Part of the sales and support team for USL. Made original MULTICS presentations for the field and then supported Phoenix Technicians after the sale.
Hildebrand (Bender), Susan
Marketing Education (CNO): Worked on Multics both at CNO in support & Mkt Ed in Phoenix [1 MTB]
Hill, K. H.
Student (MIT).
Hill, Richard H.
Administration (HIS): Multics Program Manager, 1974-76 [1 web page]
Hill, S.
User (Avon): operations supervisor AUCC.
Hills, Gerry
Marketing (HIS): MCOIN
Hillyer, Guy K.
User (DCC): Operations
Hinatsu, Carol
System (ACTC).
Hine, Cmdr Ray
Hines, Howard
Operations (HIS): CRF 3d shift.
Hinrichs, Tom
Marketing (HIS): OU acct.
Hirneisen, Joe
System (PMDC): System Administration.
Hirsch, Tom
System (CISL).
Hobbs, R. J.
Engineering (GE): RAID. [1 repository doc]
Hodges, Marilyn S.
Support (CISL). [38 MTBs]
Engineering (HIS).
Hoffman, Carl W.
Student (MIT): Emacs, MacLisp, Macsyma [1 TR]
Hoffman, Robert
Marketing (HIS): MIT account manager.
Holden, Iain
Marketing (HIS): RAE
Holmstedt, Richard A.
System (PMDC): System Maintenance [3 MABs, 3 MTBs]
Hom, Wally
Marketing (HIS): LSMS/Phoenix.
Homan, Jim
System (MIT IPC): Accounting; PRHA conversion; Site Analyst (USGS, INSEE-Aix, CICB, CERT, CCVR, CNET, SEP); Multics education (Cii Paris, Mainz, EDS, Ford); System (MIT): HASP; CSORT; DND DAT tape. [15 MADs, 4 MCRs, 2 MTBs]
Hoover, Harold
System (Calgary, ACTC): FORTRAN, PL/I. [4 MTBs]
Hopkins, Ronald E.
Operations (AFDSC): Operations (USGS-R)
Hopkins, Steve
Site Analyst (CiiHB): French sites; System, PL/I, Lisp, Emacs, fancy drivers.
Hornig, Charles A.
System (CISL): MCS, tasking, IOM management. [5 MTBs]
Horton, Ken
Student (USL): USL user, Honeywell Intern Summer 77 -PRHA Conversion. [1 web page]
Hoskin, Roger W.
Field Engineering (USL): Hardware Maintenance
Hoss, Christopher
Student (USL): 1972-76.
System (CISL).
Houery, Nicolas
User (CNET)
Housley, Russ
User (AFDSC).
Houston, Liz
Support (CISL).
Houston, Melba L.
Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Howe, Douglas G.
System (ACTC): C Compiler, CURSES port. [8 MTBs]
Hrydziuszko, George R.
Administration (GM): Systems software support manager
Huber, Andrew
Student (MIT): Project Guardian. [1 TR]
Huen, Susanna
System (ACTC): forum, commands, compilers.
Huet, Gérard
User (INRIA): adapted ML to Maclisp on Multics, added compiler, did Mergenthaler driver for compose.
Hughes, Barbara
System (MIT IPC): olc.
Hughes, Glenda Schroeder
System (MIT): CTSS, Command language. [10 MSPM sections]
Humbert, Don
User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin Delran, NJ
Hunt, Bob
Planning (HIS): Multics Product Mgr. (deceased)
Hunt, Douglas H.
Student (MIT): Project Guardian. [1 MCR, 1 MTB, 3 papers, 3 TRs] (deceased)
Hunter, John
System (PMDC): TCP/IP implementation [1 MTB]
Huntley, Daniel G.
Engineering (HIS).
Site Analyst.
Hurst, Daiyu (f/k/a Quebbeman, Douglas)
website contributor, DPS8M Simulator
Hussein, Alfred
System (Bull); ACTC C Compiler.
Husson, Patrice A.C.
User (CiiHB): Datanet DSA300
Huston, Gail
Hwang, Tony
Field Engineering (Bull): Calgary, Bell-T, DND-H.
Hyde, John P.
System (BTL): EPL runtime library. [1 repository doc]
Hyde, Thomas G.
User (USGS).
Hyland, Tim
Student (MIT): SIPB.
Hylton, Gary
Marketing (HIS): DPO branch mgr, Columbus, sold IN.
Ignagni, Rinaldo (Ron)
System (CISL): xmail.
Ikeda, Katsuo
Visiting Scientist (MIT); wrote book on Multics. [1 paper]
Ingram, Peter
Site Analyst (UBCC, LUT).
Inman, Jack
Irish, Geraldine
Documentation (PMDC).
Irving, Anthony C.
Site Analyst (AFDSC); Developer at Dockmaster. Graduate of the Honeywell Multics academy.
Itani, Mazen
System (ACTC); vfile_.
Iuorno, Rocco F.
User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
Ives, Jeffrey D.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (DCC); System (CISL): data management after journal. [3 MTBs]
Ivie, Evan L.
System (BTL): IOS, code conversion. [8 MSPM sections]
Jackson, Isaiah
Marketing (HIS).
Jackson (Sibert), Julie
User (USL); Support, Training (HIS): PRHA conversion, Bell Canada installs, Multics TAC, Multics education (USAF, Mainz). [1 web page]
Jackson, R.
User (RADC): Remote Data Entry [Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp, Rome, NY] [1 paper]
Jackson, Rich
System (RADC): ISFO Support Staff
Jackson, Steve
User (AFDSC)
Jagernauth, Jagdish C. C.
System (HIS): LINUS. [1 MTB]
Jameson, Kevin
SysAdmin (Calgary): Communications code, X.25
Janka, Bob
User (AFDSC): 1ISG.
Janson, Phillipe A.
Student (MIT): Guardian. [1 MCR, 1 MTB, 3 papers, 3 TRs]
Site Analyst.
Jaroslav, Jay L.
User (MIT): Project MAC/AI Group.
User (AFDSC): 1ISG.
Jarrell, Ron
Marketing (HIS): Virginia; Sys-M user, Explorer.
Jarretts, Professor Peter
User (UBCC)
Jarvis, Michael
Marketing (HIS): Ford Sales Manager
Field Engineering (GE).
Jastrebski, Linda
User (SJU): SysAdmin.
Jeffords, Judy
Support (HIS).
Jenkins, David
System (Avon): Algol 68.
Jennings, P.
Engineering (GE).
Jensen, Craig L.
System (CISL).
Jerritts, Steve
Administration (HIS): VP/GM USISG (deceased)
Joel, David E.
System (GE): 6.36. [2 MDNs, 18 MSPM sections, 2 repository docs]
Johnson, Bruce
Marketing (HIS): CNO acct.
Johnson, Dan
Student (VPI): Sys-M user: EP692 [w/ gratitude to EHR, RAV et al at FSO]; VPI: EP777, undergrad classwork
Johnson, Donald H.
System (NSA): 6.36. [30 MSPM sections]
Johnson, Gary E.
Documentation (CISL); SysAdmin(PMDC): System Integration, System Test, System Release [1 MTB]
Johnson, Jeffrey H.
System Admin (
Johnson, Lacy E.
System Admin (PMDC): MCC.
Johnson, Larry E.
System (CISL): MCS. [65 MCRs, 3 MTBs]
Johnson, Maceo
System (PMDC).
Johnson, Paul
Administration (HIS): Marketing.
Johnson, Stan
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Avon, RAE).
Johnson, Steve
System (PMDC): Finance.
Johnson, Susan Grayson
Support: FSO.
Johnson, Warren P.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (USL, Avon, IRIA, RAE); CCVR Cray station. [16 MADs, 1 MTB] (deceased)
Johnston, Bob
Engineering (HIS).
Jolley, Cynthia L.
Documentation (CISL).
Jones, Bill
User (RADC).
Jones, Chester
System (BTL): Fault handling, Drum DIM. [12 MSPM sections] (deceased)
Jones, Christopher L.
System (CISL) video, I/O, tapes, reconfiguration, message facility. [1 MDD, 4 MTBs]
Jones, Dorothy L.
Documentation (MIT). [1 MOSN, 1 MSB]
Jones, Doug
User (Brunel): Deputy Head of the Computing Service. (deceased)
Jones, Keith
User (Brunel).
Jones, Malcolm M.
Administration (MIT): Asst. Director, Project MAC; MIT Faculty (Sloan): MacAIMS design. [2 papers, 1 TR]
Jones, Stephen
DPS8M Simulator: Living Computer Museum simulator display. [1 video]
Jones, S. W.
System (BTL): Device Utility Package. [1 MSPM section, 1 repository doc, 1 web page]
Jordan, Bob
System (PMDC).
Jordan, David M.
System (MIT, HIS): Library tools; Site Analyst (USGS); Supervisor, Multics Services (CNO). [9 MCRs, 3 MOSNs, 2 MTBs, 1 paper, 1 web page]
Jordan, Mike
System (CISL): GCOS environment, I/O [3 MCRs, 2 MTBs]
Jouett, Randall G.
Student (USL): "Wizards" MUD [Multi-User Dungeon] ; TVI 912 Emulaltor for C64 to run TVI TED from home @ 300 BAUD; PL/1, COBOL & FORTRAN homework
Jouyaux, M.
Marketing (HIS): CCVR
Jurgenowski, Klaus
Marketing (Bull): BULL Germany International Training, Network Support and Services, supported Mainz networking.
Juul, Martin C.
System (AFDSC): Air Staff Applications
Kaczor, Gene
Site Analyst (DDDS/ORAE); software ports, user support.
Kaiman, Arthur
System (BTL): EPL I/O, edit. [1 repository doc]
Kaiser, Grace
User (SJU): SysOps.
Kaiser, Kay
Operations (HIS): System-M; Marketing (HIS): LSMS.
Kaiser, W. Garry
System (PMDC): Data Base Manager; Marketing Education (HIS); Marketing (HIS): Multics Marketing Manager. (deceased)
Kallman, D. K.
Guardian: MITRE security kernel validation. [1 paper]
Kallstrom, Kristen
User (Calgary); Support (ACTC): Operating System.
Kalyncz, John
User (RADC).
Kamat, Prakash
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T SysAdmin.
Kamerman, Bernard H.
Field Engineering (HIS): Multics Central System Hardware Support 1972 - 76, Phoenix.
Kane, Norm
Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada sale.
Kanodia, Rajendra K.
System (MIT): ARPANet. [6 MCRs, 1 MOSN, 1 paper]
Kaplow, Roy
User (MIT): metallurgy prof, wrote TICS subsystem [1 paper] (deceased)
Karagianis, Paul
User (SJU): SysAdmin; Support: VPI [1 web page]
Karger, Paul A.
Student (MIT): XPL, DTSS, BASIC, commands; User(RADC): Project ZARF, AIM, Project Guardian; User(AFDSC, Sys-M). [8 papers, 1 TR] CYSECHoF (deceased)
Kase, Mike
Field Engineering (HIS); Site Analyst (EDS).
Kasiowniak, Dolores (Dee)
Operations (GM). [1 web page]
Kayden, David A.
Site Analyst (MIT): Gcos Simulator [3 MCRs, 2 MTBs]
Keeton-Williams, J. G.
Guardian: MITRE Security kernel paper. [1 paper]
Keim, J. M.
Engineering (HIS): performance measurement.
Keller, Jayne A.
Kelley, Anne
Support (CISL).
Kelley, Brenton C.
User (SJU): Academic Computer Lab Assistant, PL/I Programmer
Kelley, Peter B.
Library (MIT IPC). [16 MCRs, 3 MTBs]
Kelley, Verna M.
Kelly, Criss
Field Engineering (HIS): ASU initial install.
Kelly, Capt E. J.
Kelly, Jerry J.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Calgary) 79-80; site support (Bell-T, Bell-M) 81-84.
Kelly, John
User (Cardiff): User Support and System Work.
Kemp, Malcom
Marketing (HIS).
Kenan, Larry
Engineering (GE): Test & Diagnostics
Kendall, Gary F.
Student (VPI): "Push/Pop working directory" utility
Kennerly, David
Documentation (CISL).
Kenny, Kevin B.
User (HIS); Student (ASU): Motorola 68000 assembler, GCOS 8 architecture
Kent, Stephen T.
Student (MIT): encryption, security analysis and dial system re-write [1 TR] ACM-Fellow IHOF
Kepner, Allen N.
System (HIS): GTSS.
Kerber, David A.
System (GE).
Kernighan, Brian W.
Student (MIT): MRGEDT; System (BTL): 6.36. [2 MSPM sections] FLAME Impact NAE
Kerr, Betsy L.
Support (CISL); Documentation (CISL). [17 MTBs]
Kertzner, Peter
System (CISL).
Khan, Kamil
User (Bell Canada).
Khan, Umar
User (AFDSC): Master Multician in the Pentagon [1982-1990].
Kidd, Steven
System (MIT): 6.36, GEBUG, EPL runtime. [1 MSPM section]
Killian, Earl A.
User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Amber team member
Kindel, William (Bill)
Marketing (HIS): Denver.
King, Steven E.
System (HIS): GTSS.
Kinhan, Thomas A.
System (GE): FL.
Kinnaman, C. J.
System (GE): Simulator.
Kisling, Allen
Kissel, Katie
Documentation (CISL). [1 MTB]
Kissel, Richard J. C.
System (CISL): RCP, tapes, DSA. [5 MCRs, 9 MTBs]
Kitching, Stanley C.
System (PRHA): Multics Conversion [1978], Junte de Plannes InfoSystem [1979-1981]
Kitson, Dave
Site Analyst (UK).
Kittlitz, Edward N.
System (CISL).
Kleinow, Eugene
Field Engineering (GE/HIS): MIT site.
Klensin, John C.
Cambridge Project (MIT): commands, Consistent System dir, KERMIT. [1 MCR, 2 papers] ACM-Fellow IHOF INCITS
Kliman, Edith
System (MIT): CTSS: Documentation.
Klimann, Carlos
Support (INRIA): Support, Courses and Programming
Klinger, Ross E.
System (MIT IPC): tapes. [20 MCRs, 9 MTBs]
Knappen, Jörg
User (Mainz): F77, PASCAL programming
Knobbe, Bob
User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ
Knol, Tjibbe L.
Support (SOZAWE): Education Multics users.
Ko, Alec
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T customer service.
Kobos, Mitzi
User (RADC): Consistent System.
Kobziar, Andrew M.
System (GE/CISL): File system, NSS salvager. [72 MCRs, 1 MOSN, 1 MSB, 4 MTBs, 3 papers]
Korn, Lyndalee K.
System (MIT): CTSS [1 paper]
Koscheleff, Catherine
Marketing (CiiHB): MRDS, Lisp, AI Tools.
Kovalcik, Rick
System (HIS): UDP/TCP/IP.
Kramarich, Kenneth L.
System (AFDSC): Manpower Systems
Kramek, Robert
User (Ford): Various application development projects at Ford.
Kraning, A. L.
User (MIT): early relational database [1 TR]
Krause, Raymond
User (AFDSC): Project Admin, Generalized Software, support for Milton Bryce&Assoc Data Dict.
Krause, Robert L.
User (GM); System Admin for OU, VW, Ford, Cable and Wireless
Krekeler, George B.
System (GE): File system. [2 MSPM sections]
Krenn, H.
Kress, Robert W.
Documentation (PMDC). (deceased)
Krummeck, Gerald
Student (Mainz): Port of EGS [Erlanger Grafik System], benchmarks
Krupansky, Michael J.
User (Ford): Various application development projects.
Krupp, Peter C.
System (CISL): PL/I. [1 MTB]
Krusemark, Keith A.
System (HIS). (deceased)
Kruzona, CDR
Kubicar, Michael S.
System (PMDC): Data Base Access. [5 MTBs]
Kuo, Sze-Ping
Student (MIT): grad student, MAC, 1972 video. [2 videos]
Kuppersmith, Aron
User (MIT): Performance metrics as part of the UROP program
Kurth, Dave
Field Engineering (GE/HIS): RADC.
Kvilekval, Axel
System (GE): PL/I. [1 MCB]
Kyle, Jim
User (HIS): OKC peripherals manual publishing.
Kyzivat, Paul H.
User (Ford); OA apps (Honeywell)
Labalme, Fen
Student (MIT): Emacs
LaCasse, Chuck
System (PMDC): software technologies.
Lackey, Chip
System (PMDC); Marketing (HIS): GM as the customer [2 MCRs]
Lackey, Roger D.
System (PMDC): database manager. [10 MTBs, 1 paper] (deceased)
Lacy, Don
Engineering (GE): I/O Hardware Design
Ladick, Bill
Engineering (HIS). (deceased)
Laforge, Francois
User (CICRP): NetAdmin.
Lagrecca, Carl
Marketing (HIS).
Lalot, Dominique
SysAdmin (CICRP): system admininstrator / bug correction / porting C compiler from MR12 to Multics Release 11
Lamballais, Didier
Site Analyst (CiiHB): SysMaint, CIRCE.
Lambert, Leo J.
System (GE): Drum DIM. [14 MSPM sections]
Lambert, Yves
User (CICT): i was a student
LaMonica, Frank S.
User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971). [1 paper]
Lampson, Butler W.
Administration (ARPA): ARPA advisory panel. [1 paper] ACM-Fellow CYSECHoF Draper ForMemRS JvN Turing
Lamson, Richard
Student (MIT): APL; System (MIT): RDMS Relational Data Management System, MacLisp, Emacs, network, system library.
Lance, Godfrey N.
User (Avon): director AUCC.
Lancendorfer, Bob
Engineering (HIS).
Landry, Steve
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (USL).
Landweber, L. H.
System (GE): PL/I I/O.
Lane, John R.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM, Ford).
Lange, Caroline
Cambridge Project (MIT): documentation.
Lange, Ron
System (PMDC): Hardware Development, Flower.
Langenberg, Peter
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T mgr, provisioning group.
La Padula, Leonard J.
Guardian: MITRE security study. [3 papers] CYSECHoF
Lapalme, Guy
User (INRIA): Enchère [1 paper]
LaPedes, Doug
Marketing (HIS): Detroit regional mgr.
Larmat, J. P.
Site Analyst (CERAM, INSEE-Aix)
Larsen, Louise
Support (CISL).
Larsson, Åke
Site Analyst (ASEA): System maintenance and support
Site Analyst (CIRIL)
Lass, Tim
Site Support (HISCAN): MCHQ and DDDS.
Laubscher, Karl F.
Administration (HIS): Director, Multics Marketing, 1986.
Site Analyst (CCVR)
Lawrence, David
User (AFDSC)
Lawson, Harold W. "Bud"
Inventor of PL/I pointer variables
Layher, Tom
User (Ford): Customer management.
Lea, Paul
Field Engineering (GE).
Leagus, Dolores C.
System (BTL): EPL.
Leatherman, Paul
System (PMDC): hardcore.
Leban, Roy
Site Analyst (Ford): fx, emacs, etc.
Lebarbier, Dominique
Site Analyst (CICT, SNEAP)
LeBourhis, Gy
System (CISL).
Le Chenadec, Philippe
User (INRIA): video interfaces to ML.
Lee, H. P.
Engineering (GE).
Lee, Ivy
User (Bell Canada)
Lee, John
User (NWGS): Sims Hall Database Division
Lee, J. A. N.
User (VPI): CS Professor [2 articles, 2 interviews, 2 local docs, 6 papers] (deceased)
Lee, Randy
Site Analyst (CNO, SOZAWE).
Lefebvre, Robert
Site Analyst (Bell Canada).
Legg, Helen
Marketing (HIS): AccuRay acct.
Le Guigner, Jean-Paul
User (CICB): TCP/IP port; System (CISL): DSA.
Lehman, Richard A.
System (HIS): Multics COBOL Compiler
Lehotsky, Alan P.
other (MIT): MIT EE RDMS Relational Data Management System
Leonard, Earl
User (AccuRay)
Leong, F. Wah
User (AFDSC): AFDSC setup and security.
Leong, P.
User (RADC). [1 paper]
Leroux, Marcel
User (INRA)
Leskiw, Dave
System (ACTC): MOWSE.
Lettvin, Jonathan D.
User (MIT):"PROBOSCIS" Emacs probe interface; "FORSE" Emacs FORTRAN/TEX parser/generator; Tokomak design in FORTRAN.
Leuchte, Paul
System (CISL): program manager.
Levette, Neil
User (DDDS): SysMaint.
Levin, David S.
System (CISL): FORTRAN. [21 MCRs]
Levinson, David A.
System (BTL): 6.36, IOS. [16 MSPM sections]
Levites, David M.
Site Analyst (GM): GMISCA
Lewis, Odel
User (Bell Canada) [4 MCRs]
Lewitt, Miles
User (Sys-M)
Licata, Bernard M.
Marketing (HIS): Sales to Ford Motor Co, GM, and others
Licklider, Joseph C. R.
Administration (ARPA): Director IPTO; Administration (MIT): Director, Project MAC. [1 interview] AAAS IHOF NAS (deceased)
Liebling, Norman H.
System (GE): FIM. [1 MSPM section]
Ligeret, Marie-France
Operations (CiiHB): Pre and Post Sales Support, Client training
Liggett, Chuck
User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin Delran, NJ
Lima, Jerry
Lipner, Steven B.
User (MITRE): AFDSC security design and testing; Project Guardian. NSA TCSEC. [1 interview, 3 papers] CYSECHoF ISC2 ISSA-HoF NAE SIGSAC
Lippard, Jim
System (PMDC): commands, B2, hardcore, MRDS. [1 MDD, 2 MTBs]
Litwin, Wittold
User (INRIA): MRDS Multidatabase.
Lloyd, E. L.
Student (MIT)
Loeffler, David D.
User (CNO): VLSI Design software.
Loepere, Keith P.
Site Analyst (RADC); System (CISL): BCE, B2, file system; Opus architect [6 MTBs, 2 papers, 1 web page]
Longanecker, Al
Palyn committee.
Longmore, Conrad
User (UBCC): Studenty hacking stuff!
Lorho, Bernard
User (INRIA): DELTA [1 paper]
Loux, Marc
Marketing (Bull): Paris 645.
Love, John M
Student (USL): CS Undergrad
Love, J. Spencer
System (MIT): TCP/IP, RDMS Relational Data Management System, x9700, emacs, olc, forum, exec_com, etc.
Loveday, Stuart
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for AUCC, Cardiff
Low, David N.
User (Sys-M): Explorer Post 414.
Luconi, Fred
Student (MIT): brailler.
Luderer, Gottfried
System (BTL).
Luebke, Richard G.
System (HIS): System, MRDS [4 MCRs, 3 MTBs]
Lugo, Marcus
Marketing (HIS): PRHA acct.
Lukacs, John
User (Ford).
Lumsden, Elmer
User (AFDSC)
Lundgren, Robert E.
Site Analyst (AccuRay)
Luniewski, Allen W.
Student (MIT): Multics security kernel project, system initialization [1 TR]
Lupo, Joe
User (SJU): SysAdmin.
Luse, Alan J.
User (MIT): vclock fix, commercial applications
Lyle, Jim
User (Bell Canada); site support (Bell-T).
Lynott, Thomas
User (SJU): SysOps.
Lyon, Jennifer
Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Lyon (Hymel), Patricia L.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (AFDSC, GM); Marketing (HIS): USL acct. [1 MTB]
Mabee, Robert F.
System (MIT): ALM, BCPL, PAL, runoff, ARDS. [6 MCRs, 3 MTBs, 2 TRs]
Mabey, Michael
System (ACTC): FORTRAN. [1 MTB]
MacDougall, Glenn
Site Analyst (MCOIN)
MacIsaac, Gary
Support (Calgary): Systems,MRDS
MacKenzie, Jim
Site Analyst (HIS): Site Analyst (ASEA, CCVR, CICRP, IRT).
Mackenzie (Margulies), Karen
Documentation (CISL). [4 MTBs]
MacLaren, M. Donald
System (CISL): PL/I I/O. [13 MCRs, 1 MSB, 6 MTBs, 1 paper]
Maddox, Alice M.
User (AFDSC): DoD Budget programs (the FYDP). 1ISG.
Madigan, Jim
Operations (GM).
Maeda, Ken-ichi
SysAdmin (Toshiba): pattern recognition and tools development, Toshiba R&D, Kawasaki.
Maggio, Albert B.
Marketing (HIS): SJU. [1 web page]
Maglione, Tom
Site Analyst (HIS): SJU
Magnuski, Henry S.
Student (MIT): brailler; System (BTL). [1 MSPM section, 1 repository doc]
Mahon, Jim
Site Analyst (AFDSC): Systems D, H, M, Z, T, U
Maillot, Bernard
User (CICG): EDA.
Main, Inge
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations.
Maisonneuve, Julien
User (INRIA).
Mallmes, Maureen
Maloney, Dr. Mary
User (SJU): VP of Computer Operations
Mammel, Wanda L.
System (BTL): Numerical analysis.
Mandel, Wilf
Administration (Bell Canada): MULTICS timesharing system at Bell in the Toronto Datacentre, replacing GCOS timesharing system.
Mangino, John
System (PMDC).
Manji, Alnoor
User (Bell Canada): SOFA II
Mann, George A.
User (Sys-M): GCOS III, GCOS 4 (definition only).
Manning, Eric G.
System (MIT): Fault tolerance for GE 645 / Multics; User (BTL). [1 web page]
Manning, Lonnie
SysAdmin (GM): sysadmin on multics-[abc]; 'gmnet'; scheduler; e-mail; etc. ('79-'83)
Manno, Eugene
Administration (HIS): VP Office Systems Div, included Multics 1985.
Mannoni, Bruno
Site Analyst (Bull): CICRP, MINEFI, INSEE, SNECMA, Culture
Marceau, Carla M.
System (MIT): Command language, User control. [74 MSPM sections, 1 TR]
Marcum, Alan M.
User (MIT)
Margolin, Barry
Student (MIT): finger database; System (CISL): Emacs, echo negotiation, mail system, BCE, Inquire. [3 MTBs]
Margulies, Benson I.
System (MIT); Marketing (CiiHB); System (CISL): PL/I compiler, Answering Service, B2 security [1 MAB, 2 MDDs, 25 MTBs, 2 papers]
Marietta, Kala
System (HIS): DSA. [1 MTB]
Marker, Charley
System (HIS): I/O Daemon, Networking Daemons.
Markowitz, Joe
Cambridge Project (MIT): CS design, management.
Engineering (HIS).
Marney, Steven
User (OU): Scientific Programmer: Pascal Compiler, PL/I xref utility, Multics Mail Autoreply; User (GM/EDS): Developed decision support systems.
Marraccini, Jeffrey D.
Operations (Oakland): Network management, Remote access, PC front-end, VAX/VMS automated file transfers
Marsack, Sherman
Systems (GM): SysMaint, SysAdmin, SysProg, TelMi, TRIPS, misc other apps.
Field Engineering (GE).
Marshall, Tony
User (USGS): SysMaint, Menlo Park.
Marteau, Francois
Support (CiiHB): French National Support Louveciennes [1979-1981, 1983-1986]
Marten, Jonathan
User (Avon): Student hacker, ECAP electronic circuit analysis
Martin, Ava M.
Operations (AFDSC): All of them.
Martin, Craig J.
Student (USL): PL/I, MACSYMA, Multics Graphics System, and MRDS user.
Martin, David James
Marketing (CiiHB): System, PL/I, Lisp, Benchmark; Site Analyst (Renault).
Martin, Gery L.
Operations (AFDSC): All systems
Martin (Switzer), Karolyn J.
System (MIT): Command language, Initialization. [1 MCB, 102 MSPM sections]
Martin, Thomas J.
User (MIT): MIT EE dept relational data management.
Martin, Warren G.
Marketing (HIS): manager of Multics marketing, Multics Flying Squad, ASU account.
Martine, Michele
Marketing (CiiHB): Secretary.
Martinson, Frank W.
System (PMDC): Site support, hardcore mgr. [5 MABs, 3 MCRs, 4 MTBs]
Marton, Richard A.
Field Engineering (HIS): SysMaint TCO, BCO, FNP specialist.
Marx, Colin
User (Calgary): Director of Computer Services.
Marx, Stephen B.
Marketing (HIS): Denver.
Mason, Andrew H. (Drew)
Student (MIT): virtual memory, kernel simplification, linker. [3 MCRs, 1 TR]
Massimini, Esther Marx
User(AFDSC): software
Matern, Robert A.
User (NWGS): CSC development, System Admin [2 web pages]
Mathis, Roland
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T customer service manager.
Matthews, Harley D.
System (GE): Diagnostic Programs [1 repository doc]
Maurice, Lionel
User (CCVR)
Mawhinney, Robert E.
Marketing (HIS): EOP benchmark. (deceased)
May, G William (Bill)
System (PMDC): Field Support; pipes, command processor, applications environment, tape subsystems, B2 security team Multiple HLSUA presenter, OU student. [1 MTB]
May, Robert M. (Bob)
System (PMDC): GCOS TSS Simulator, COBOL Communications (TP) Runtime [16 MCRs, 3 MTBs]
Maynard, Dennis
User (RADC): facility manager
Mazariegos, Erick
User (SJU).
McBride, Louis
User (AFDSC)
McCabe, Edward J.
Cambridge Project (MIT): Project Diana, Janus
McCabe, Harold
user (AccuRay): 1980-82.
McCabe, H. Arthur
Administration (HIS) manager at PMDC. (deceased)
McCarthy, Cathy
System (PMDC).
McCarthy, Kevin
Consistent System (RCI).
McCarthy, Noreen
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T/Bell-M provisioning group.
McCauley, Robert
User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971). [1 paper]
McChesney, Bill
Administration (USGS): Multics O/S User Training and Development
McClure, R. M.
TMG designer. [1 paper]
McConnell, Jim
User (AFDSC)
McCord, Mike
User (NWGS): System admin
McCue, Jim
Marketing (HIS): systems mgr on PRHA sale
McDonald, Ricarda
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Calgary).
McDuffy, Jesse
Marketing (HIS/FSO): AFDSC sale.
McFadden, John
User (Calgary): GENIE; Site Support (HISCAN) : MCHQ, DDDS : TeX. [1 paper]
McFadyen, Jay T.
User (Ford): CAFE Database [MRDS], CLIC [Retargetable user interface]
McFall, Bill
Field Engineering (HIS).
McGary, Txom
System (MIT IPC): RDMS Relational Data Management System. [5 MCRs, 1 MTB]
McGeachie, John S.
Engineering (GE): 645 online programming system.
McGee, R. C.
Engineering (GE/HIS); VMM. [1 paper, 15 repository docs]
McGillivray, Joseph
Operations (MIT).
McGlothin, Dan
User (USGS)
McGowan, Janet
graduate of Honeywell Multics Academy
McGuire, Mary
System (ACTC): compilers
McIlroy, M. Douglas
System (BTL): EPL. [4 MDNs, 26 MSPM sections, 4 repository docs] AAAS ACM-Lec CACM-editor CSNET-exec FLAME JACM-editor NAE STUG TOPLAS-editor
McKenney, Roland F.
System (HIS): Opus.
McLaughlin, John
Operations (BCO): Systems support. Built a Min-Multics
McLeod, John W.
Support (MCHQ): Application support, using MRPG
McMains, Wren
Cambridge Project (MIT): Overlap Project, Discourse. [1 paper]
McMullan, Jay
User (NWGS): Sims Hall
McNair, Michael
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (USGS-R, AFDSC, SCSI).
McNamara, Richard
Operations (MIT).
McQuilkin, J. L.
Engineering (HIS): performance measurement.
Meade, Stephen A.
User (AFDSC): Project Administration, Generalized Software, Configuration Management, Database Administration
Meer, Moseley A.
System (GE/CISL): FL, File system, Backup. [21 MCRs, 1 MOSN, 2 MSBs, 4 MSPM sections] (deceased)
Mekota, John
System (HIS): Guardian.
Mellinger, Bill
Operations (GM).
Mellon, Larry
User (Calgary): Applications for University researchers, benchmarks
Mengel, Donald R.
System (HIS); Site Analyst (CNO), Site Analyst (SOZAWE), Site Analyst (Brunel, Cardiff, Birmingham).
Mercer, Christopher R.
System (NSA): IO.
Mercuri, George
System (HIS): COBOL.
Merner, J.
Méron, Michel
Multics Education at CiiHB.
Merritt, Larry
Marketing (HIS): USL acct.
Mery, Panda
Student (CICRP)
Metcalfe, Bob
User (MIT) [1 article] AmAcadAS Hopper IEEE-MoH IHOF NAE NMOT
Metcalfe, I. J.
User (Avon): systems programmer AUCC.
Mettewie, Tony
Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Meunier, G.
User (Grenoble). [1 paper]
Meyazaki, M.
Student (MIT).
Meyer, Edwin W.
System (MIT): ARPANet, Graphics, 6.36. [1 MOSN, 44 MSPM sections]
Meyer, Isabel
Marketing Education (FSO): McLean VA.
Meyer, Jerry
Administration (HIS): HIS Systems Executive VP, owned Multics group 1984.
Meyer, Mike
Administration (HIS): User (HIS/FSO): data dictionary prototype.
Meyers, J.
System (GE/HIS): 6.36. [1 MSPM section]
Meyerson, James L.
AEP (HIS). [1 MTB]
Michelman, Eric
Student (MIT): UROP developer at CISL on AWARE
Michelsen, Christie D.
User (USL): MADAM [1 paper]
Michon, Benoit
Marketing Education (CiiHB): customer training
Migues, Samuel
Student/Consultant (USL): System (AFDSC): B2 evaluator; User (DOCKMASTER).
Mikosinski, Casey
User (AFDSC)
Mikus, Kathy L.
Engineering (GE).
Mikus, Leonard E.
Designer (GE): I/O. [1 paper, 2 repository docs]
Millen, Jon
User (MITRE): Guardian: MITRE security kernel paper. [1 paper] SIGSAC
Miller, Dan'l
website contributor.
Miller, Gary
Engineering (GE).
Miller, John
Miller, John (#2)
User (STC): graphical tool to allow analysts to create and amend SSADM drawings on line.
Miller, Steven J.
Operations (GM).
Miller, Tom
Field Engineering (GE).
Mills, Bob
Marketing (HISUK): DSA, TCP/IP IETF, ITAEGS, secure systems, X/Open, Open Group
Mills, James D.
System (MIT): EPLBSA; System (GE/CISL): PL/I, Fortran, v1 APL. [6 MCBs, 26 MSPM sections, 1 web page] (deceased)
Mills, John
System (CISL): comm & networking group, HDSA.
Mills, Richard G.
Administration (MIT): Asst Director Project MAC, Director IPS. [2 papers]
Minafri, Ron
User (HLR).
Minniti, John C.
Documentation (CISL): Documentation Manager
Minoui, Hamid R.
SysAdmin (Ford): Devices, Emacs [Extensions], PL/1, etc
Mitchell, Danny P.
Operations (GM).
Mitchell, Pamela
System (HIS): AFDSC support; also USAF contract for PRC.
Mitchell, Ralph
SysAdmin (Brunel): Multics support
Miyazaki, M.
Student (MIT). [1 repository doc]
Moberg, Bert
User (Ford): System Support, Many MRDS changes and bug fixes, Linus, O/S
Mobley, Jess
Marketing (HIS): Memphis branch mktg mgr, sold DCC.
Mockapetris, Paul
User (MIT).
Moffitt, Robert
Site Analyst (Cardiff); Site Analyst (Avon).
Mogul, Jeff
User (MIT): Homework for Barbara Liskov's class
Moles, David
Monaco, Peter
Operations (MIT).
Mondy, Michael
User (USL): Classwork. Writing games and toys; DPS8M Simulator.
Mone, Hans
Marketing (HIS): SOZAWE
Montagnon, Jean-Antoine
Benchmarks (Bull): Ran benchmarks to buy Multics
Montalbano, Nick
Operations (RADC).
Montee, Robert F.
Administration (HIS): North American Operations director of Multics. [1 paper]
Montgomery, Michael
Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Montgomery, S.
Student (MIT).
Montgomery, Warren A.
Student (MIT). [1 paper, 1 TR]
Moon, David A.
Student (MIT): APL, MACLISP. [1 MCR, 1 paper]
Moore, G. L.
User (Avon): systems administrator AUCC.
Moore, Richard
Operations (MIT).
Moreau, Dennis
User (USL): Multics Graphics System, Applications [PL/I], ALM tinkering [1 paper]
Morel, B.
User (Grenoble). [1 paper]
Morell, Brian
User (MCHQ): SysAdmin.
Morelli, Mary
Documentation (PMDC).
Morgan, Bob
User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ
Morgan, D.
User. [2 papers]
Morgan, Dave
Engineering (HIS): online T&D.
Morgan, Sam
Morice, Michel
Marketing (CiiHB).
Morlock, Blair
User (Bell Canada).
Morr, S. C.
Student (MIT).
Morris, Noel I.
System (MIT, CISL): MRGEDT, 6.36, EPL runtime, File system, FIM, Initialization, BOS, FDUMP, Phase One, ESD, Backup, Printer DIM, Tape DIM, Disk DIM, NSS, MPC loading, EPLBSA, reconfiguration. [146 MCRs, 19 MOSNs, 6 MSBs, 40 MSPM sections, 10 MTBs] (deceased)
Morris, Robert
System (BTL): EPL. [4 MDNs, 4 MSPM sections] (deceased)
Morrison, John
Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada acceptance.
Morrison, R. H.
System (PMDC). [23 MCRs, 2 MTBs]
Morrogh, William
User (HLR) and Site SA
Mortara, M.
User (RADC). [1 paper]
Morton, Lewis
User (MIT): Technical Information Project (TIP); Software Development
Moses, Timothy
Site Analyst (AFDSC): patches, user registration, fault analysis, user tech support
Mote, Dave
System (HISUK): X25 FEP
Mottorn, Dave
Engineering (HIS).
Site Analyst (SHOM).
Mudd, Gregory L.
User (CRF, CNO): Honeywell TC&SD software, Green Language [ADA] evaluation, DPS-6 development
Mueller, Jim
User (USGS): Menlo Park chief of computer center.
Muirhead, Hilary
User (Avon): selection committee.
Mulheron, Dave
User (NWGS): Sims Hall Database Division
Mullen, Liz H.
Marketing Education (HIS). (deceased)
Mullen, Robert E.
System (CISL): Core dump, Scheduler, edm, I/O, merge_ascii, Transaction proc, performance, covert channels. [37 MCRs, 5 MTBs, 1 paper, 2 web pages]
Murphy, Pat
User (USGS): tools developer, Menlo Park.
Murray, George
Administration (GE): at BTL.
Musto, Marion
User (NWGS): CSC, Moorestown, NJ
Myers, J.
Engineering (GE): 6.36 [2 MDNs]
Myers, Tim
User (DOCKMASTER): Class C2 TCSEC & TNI Evaluations of Novell NetWare
Myers, Wade H.
System (GE): Productization
Myszka, T. S.
Nadolnly, Bill
Field Engineering (GE).
Engineering (HIS).
Neale, Roy L.
User (CNO): Site Administrator, Honeywell IAC, Ft. Washington, PA.
Negaret, Roger
System (CISL): DSA.
Neilson, Hans
Engineering (HIS).
Nelson, Bill
Site Analyst (STC)
Nelson, Donn L.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (NPT).
Nelson, Gary
System (HIS).
Nemmer, Anthony
User (AFDSC): created some cool fractals on a Tektronix 4014 terminal using recursive Multics pl/1 programs!
Nestor, Frank
Field Engineering (HIS): original GM installation.
Neumann, Peter G.
Designer (BTL): File system. [2 interviews, 2 MDNs, 26 MSPM sections, 7 papers, 4 repository docs, 2 videos, 1 web page] AAAS ACM-Fellow ACM-Lec ACM-OC CRA-DSA CYSECHoF EFF-Pioneer EPIC-Life IEEE-Fellow IEEE-Life ISC2 NIST-SEC SIGSAC SIGSOFT Wiener
Neuville, Paul
System (Oakland): Support & Programming
Newcomb, Lee A.
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC); System (CISL): Data management, development tools. [5 MTBs]
Newman, Otto
System (HIS): COBOL. [1 MCR]
Newsted, Peter R.
User (Calgary): GENIE [1 paper]
Newton, Dorothy
Support (GE).
Nguyen, Tai
System (PMDC): Commands.
Nguyen, Thanh
System (HIS): benchmark services; System (PMDC): MRDS. [1 MTB]
Nguyen, Van Binh
System (GE): Initialization, 6.36. [4 MSPM sections, 1 repository doc]
Nichol, Alex
User (Avon): Director of Computing, University of Bath, selection committee
Nicholls, Joe
System (CISL): MCS.
Nickerson, Rosemary A.
Student (OU): 1979-1986; Marketing (HIS): 1981; User (VW): 1982; User (GM): 1982-1984; User (GM/EDS): 1985-1992.
Niles, Suzanne E. W.
Student (MIT): MacAIMS; System (MIT): MacAIMS.
Nilsen, Hans
System (PMDC).
Nissen, Walter
User (MIT).
Nivelet, Bernard
User (INRIA): Head of Computer Center
Nokes, Steve
System (HISLTD): Bristol net.
Nolan, Andy
User (GM): User Support
Nolan, Laurel
User (Bell Canada).
Noll, J. Crawford
System (BTL): Disk, Tape. [1 MSPM section]
Norland, Kenneth E.
Administration (HIS).
Normand, Frederick A.
User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
Norris, Herb
Noseworthy, Gordon
Operations (MIT).
Nourse, A.
Student (MIT).
Novak, Gregory C.
Nowak, Paul A.
Site Analyst (RADC): H6180 dual [ALM, FORTRAN, GES]. (deceased)
Nowicki, Mark
Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (Site-N).
Noxon, Chuck
Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS).
Nye, Henry
Marketing (GE/HIS): FSO.
O'Callahan, Daniel T.
User (NWGS): Moorestown.
O'Connell, Jamie
Consistent System (MIT): Janus, MJDT; Systems Programmer: Renaissance Computing, Inc.
O'Connor, David J.
O'Connor, Patrick M.
User (Oakland): System Programmer; User (GM): App programmer [MRDS, PL/I]
Oda, Kazuhiro
Student (MIT): Visited MAC spring 1973, studied with Saltzer. [1 paper, 1 web page]
O'Dell, Jim
Student (MIT): MACSYMA.
Ohayon, Solomon
System (MIT): Commands. [2 MSPM sections]
Ohlin, James R.
Engineering (GE/HIS); System (HIS): SysTest. [2 MOSNs, 3 MTBs] (deceased)
Ohlin, Thomas R.
Engineering (HIS): Gateway, SCU & Clock Hardware Design. (deceased)
Okamoto, Makoto
System (PMDC).
Oke, Tom
System (Calgary, Bull, ACTC): disk DIM, PL/I, FORTRAN, C, Manager of Multics Software Maintenance. [4 MTBs, 1 paper, 2 web pages]
Oliver, G. A.
Engineering (GE): segmentation design. [1 paper, 2 repository docs]
Olmsted, Coert D.
System (MIT): IOCT. [4 MSPM sections]
Olsson, Magnus
started alt.os.multics.
O'Neil, J.
System (HIS): COBOL.
O'Neill, Mary
System (HIS): Documentation.
O'Neill, W.
System (HIS): COBOL. [4 MCRs]
Oppert, Donald E.
System (MIT). [1 repository doc]
Orcel, Pierre
Operations (Systeme X): Bull Multics support team.
O'Reilly, Michele
Support (CISL): human resources.
Orenstein, R.
System (MIT): CTSS. [1 paper]
Organick, Elliott I.
System (MIT): Documentation, wrote The Multics System, an Examination of Its Structure. [4 papers, 7 repository docs] SIGCSE (deceased)
Orgill, Dawn E.
Support (HIS).
Orre, Roland
Enthusiastic User at ASEA, Sweden
Osborn, Dale
User(BCO): NPL sw factory ("HRS") development
Ossanna, Joseph F.
Designer (BTL): I/O. [62 MSPM sections, 6 papers, 2 repository docs] (deceased)
User (CERAM)
Otto, D. C.
User (Ford).
Owen, E. W.
Marketing (HIS): branch, mgr, sold DCC.
Owen, Robert
Marketing (HIS): SCSI acct, branch mgr for USL.
Owens, Richard C.
Student (MIT): MacAIMS [Masters Thesis: MAC-TR-89].
Oyagi, Randy
SysAdmin (Bell-T): You know, general SysAdmin-just-about-everything
Pacelli, Mauro
Administration (HIS): mgr PMDC.
Padlipsky, Michael A.
System (MIT): Documentation, MSPM editor, ARPANet, Graphics. [1 MCB, 1 MCR, 1 MOSN, 8 MSBs, 82 MSPM sections, 1 MTB, 10 papers, 1 web page] (deceased)
Paillous, Francois
User (CICRP): SysAdmin.
Pajunen, Jyki
User (Bell Canada).
Palinkas, Les
User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ
Palter, Gary M.
System (MIT IPC, CISL): mail, comm, HASP, IMFT, B2, tasking, metering, subsystem utils. [8 MTBs]
Pandolfo, Michael A.
Marketing Education (HIS); Site Analyst (STC): MultiCalc, xforum; System (CISL): data mgt, hardcore, file system extension. [1 MDD, 2 MTBs, 1 paper, 1 video, 1 web page]
Pank, Raghbir
User (Brunel).
Pape, William H.
User (SJU): Mgr of Comp Ops, Administrative Duties
Papi, Tiziana
User (Bell Canada).
Paradis, Amy
User (Bell-M)
Paradise, A. James
System (CISL): TP.
Paradiso, Joe
User (SJU): SysAdmin (DOCKMASTER): Supported Dockmaster site and implementation of security devices in conjunction with Multics
Parfenuk, Walter
SysAdmin (BCO): System administration & communications
Paris, Jean-Pierre
User (Renault)
Parisek, Doug
System (PMDC): AZM, commands, active functions
Park, Alex
User (STC): CFO, bought system.
Parks, Lee S.
User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Architecture Machine Group Magic 6 OS; Amber team member [1 paper]
Parquier, Pierre
User (Rennes, Sys-M, BCO): PhD on Natural Language Processing
Parsons, Roger
User (Bell Canada): initial negotiations. (deceased)
Parsons, Tom
User (Bell Canada).
Pasquale, Serge
Management of Support Group at CiiHB (Louveciennes).
Passage, Lillian
Support (HIS): PMDC.
Site Analyst.
Patterson, Dave
Site Analyst (SCSI).
Patterson, Gregory J.
Marketing (HIS): Technical Sales Support, Benchmarks [CMU, Westinghouse]
Patterson, Timothy
Operations (SJU): General Operations.
Pattin, Jay
User (MIT): MIT SIPB; Amber team member; System (MIT): forum, extended objects, RDMS Relational Data Management System, olc. [2 MTBs]
Pease, Clem F.
System (BTL): TMG.
Peck, Wayne
Field Engineering (GE/HIS): RADC.
Pense, Joachim
User (Mainz): CERNlib Implementation, Musical Score Analysis.
Pepin, Randy
Site Analyst (Bell-T, Bell-M).
Perez, Manuela
System (PMDC): System Integration.
Perks, Dave
User (Bell Canada): Bell-M.
Perna, Don
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC).
Perrin, L. S.
Student (MIT).
Perrine, Tom
AEP (HIS): Explorer.
Perrot, J.-F.
Author: wrote usage guide in French. [1 paper]
Perry, Dale
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations.
Perry, Ed
AEP (HIS). [1 MTB]
Peskin, Gary L.
Student (MIT): Student access.
Site Analyst.
Peters, A. John
Support (other): WELLMADE, engineering support, for Honeywell Corporate computer Science Center
Peticolas, Penny J.
System (BTL): supervisor, Post Mortem and Salvage.
Petrowski, Bob
AEP (Calgary): Sales, Compilers, Mathpac
Petts, James
User (Avon): General usage, and system hacking.
Pfenning, Dwight
System (BTL): EPL I/O.
Phifer, Molly Sherrick
User (NWGS): CSC applications developer (SDF).
Phillipps, Janice O'Connor
System (MIT IPC): Dartmouth, ANSI tapes, User control. [11 MCRs, 6 MTBs]
Phillips, Dick
Marketing (HIS): Southern Region Marketing Support Director.
Phillips, Jorge V.
Student (MIT): MAC CSG
Piacentini, Paul E.
User (BCO): System Admin.
Pickett, Dave
Field Engineering (HIS): NWGS, Moorestown, NJ
Pickett, Mark
User (Bell-T): SysAdmin.
Pickus, Michael A.
Marketing (FSO): YARDS [Yet Another Relational Database System]; Site Analyst (Grenoble, NSA).
Picone, John
System (HIS): GCOS (co-op).
Pierce, Tom
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (VPI).
Pierret, Matthew Clement
System (CISL): Data Management [11 MTBs]
Pietras, Lori
User (Bell Canada).
Pillard, Bruno
SysAdmin (INRIA): System Software maintenance and user support.
Pillsbury, George J.
Documentation (CISL). [1 MTB] (deceased)
Pineda, J.A.
Student (MIT).
Pinson, Elliott N.
System (BTL): Scheduler.
Piper, Derrell D.
User (DOCKMASTER): NCSC TCSEC evaluation for VMS [C2/B1]
Pitcher, Terry
Field Engineering (GE/HIS): RADC.
Pitman, K. M.
User (MIT): MACLISP manual [1 TR]
Pitts, Nancy
Library (MIT IPC).
Pizzarello, Antonio
User (Sys-M): WELLMADE [1 paper]
Planalp, Roy P.
System (HIS): GTSS; SiteSA: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78; benchmarks. [3 MCRs, 1 MTB]
Planes, Martine
User (INRIA)
Platon, Dominique
Site Analyst (CICT, ELF).
Ployette, Florimond
User (INRIA): Enchère [2 papers]
Plum, Jerry
Operations (GM): operations mgr.
Poage, James F.
Administration (BTL): Holmdel Coordinator.
Podlaska-Lando, S.
User (USGS). [1 paper]
Poduska, J. William
System (MIT): EPLBSA. [1 interview, 1 MSPM section, 1 paper, 1 repository doc] McDowell NAE
Pogran, Kenneth T.
System (MIT): Graphics, ARPANet, ARPANet email [18 MCRs]
Pollock, Phillip A.
User (HIS): Inter-networking GRTS/NPS GCOS (HIS/ISOS)
Polonsky, Ivan P.
System (BTL): SNOBOL.
Ponville, Paul R.
System (HIS): COBOL.
Poole, Andy
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for STC
Pope, Ken
User (USGS): SysMaint, Menlo Park.
Popek, Gerald J.
USAF: Project ZARF; Palyn Report. [1 paper] FLAME (deceased)
Porter, William L.
Cambridge Project (MIT): PI, Overlap Project; Discourse. [1 paper]
Potts, John
Field Engineering (HIS): Bell-T, 1979-82; Administration (Wang): DND-H support. [1 web page]
Pouzin, Louis
System (MIT): CTSS; User (CNET). [1 interview, 3 MDNs, 1 web page] CHM-Fellow IHOF Internet LoH QE SIGCOMM
Powell, Kit
User (Avon): Bath; selection committee. [1 paper]
Powroz, Norman E.
User (Canada DND): SysAdmin and site manager for DDDS (DND Ottawa); HLSUA Multics Technical Task Force; wrote Multics Agenda (personal calendar management system); planned and specified DNDH system (initially as GCOS [WWMCCS], then Multics) up until 1981; various other bits and pieces.
Pozzo, Maria
User (NSA): B2 evaluator, System (CISL): hardcore, RCP, B2 security, configuration management. [1 MDD, 3 MTBs, 2 papers] (deceased)
Prange, Pat
System (HIS): LALR. [1 MTB]
Prentice, F. A.
Presser, Marshall
System (CISL): Fortran compiler, PL/I macro processor [2 MTBs]
Price, Philip
Student (VPI).
Price, W. R.
Guardian: MITRE security study. [1 paper]
Site Analyst.
Prior, John
Field Engineering (GE/HIS).
Site Analyst.
Pryor, Andy
User (Avon): SWURCC Algol.
Pugh (Topham), Linda
System (HIS): Customer Support. Multics TAC.
Puma, Carmen
Marketing (HIS): SJU Sale & Installation
Putt, Stewart
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Bell Canada).
Quackenboss, Harry V.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM); Marketing (PMDC). [1 web page]
Quick, Don
Marketing (HIS): sold IN.
Quinlan, Cian
User (HIS): used Sys-M for doc processing.
Quinn, R. A.
Engineering (HIS): performance measurement.
Quinones, E. Ricardo
Cambridge Project (MIT): Utilities
Qureshi, Bilal
User (Bell Canada).
Rabilloud, Guy
Site Analyst (CiiHB)
Raffray-Favrot, Gerard
Marketing (HIS): CERT, CNET, INRA, INRIA, ONERA; Site Analyst (INRIA).
Rairigh, Will
System (PMDC).
Rakip, Ronald B.
Library (MIT). [1 MSB]
Ramirez, Carol Pam
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Ramirez, Willard A.
Marketing (HIS/FSO): AFDSC setup.
Rammi, P. J.
Rampy, Bob
FSD (HIS): Honeywell Benchmarks and FSD guy...enjoyed those HLSUA Multics Happy Hours...
Randal, Ron
User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ
Randle, John
User (AFDSC): System Operations Management Level 68 Pentagon 1987
Ranzan, Patti
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T customer service.
Ranzenbach, Edward A.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC, NWGS, ASEA); System (CISL): System Console Interface, B2 Testing. [1 MTB, 3 web pages]
Rapacchi, Bernard
User (CICG): EDA.
Rappaport, Robert L.
System (MIT): Scheduler. [90 MSPM sections, 2 TRs]
Ratazzi, Paul
User (RADC): Circuit Simulations & Data Analysis [PL/I, SPICE]
Ratcliff, L. Braxton
System (BTL): BSA, 6.36, Commands. [16 MSPM sections]
Rathbun, Robert K.
System (BTL): Drum DIM. [10 MSPM sections, 2 repository docs] (deceased)
Ratliff, Tommy J.
Raunikar, F.
Rauschelbach, Paul
System (HIS): Hardcore, bug fixes, resource tools
Rawson, Mark L.
Support (SCSI): Nuclear Records Management
Razdow, Allen
User (MIT)
Reardon, Edward T.
Operations (MIT).
Reed, David P.
Student, Research Staff (MIT): MACLISP, Macsyma, security hole analysis, threads package. [1 MCR, 1 MTB, 2 TRs] ISSA-HR SIGOPS-HoF
Reed, Harry
User (SDC): 1985-87; DPS8M Simulator
Rees, Jeff
System (Avon): Algol 68.
Reeves, Ray
System (HIS): SysMaint: snobblocks.
Regan, Bob
User (SJU): PL/I systems programming.
Reimer, Ernie
Field Engineering (HISCAN): Bell Canada.
Reinis, George
User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ
Renier, Jim
Administration (HIS): VP HIS; Administration (Honeywell): CEO. (deceased)
Reynolds, G. E.
User (Mitre): Guardian security evaluation. [1 paper]
Rhoads, Kevin G.
Student (MIT): Framework of IBM 360 simulator in PL/I.
Rhodes, John K.
System (HIS): online T&D. [7 MCRs, 1 MTB]
Rice, Edward Hart
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC); USGS Benchmark and Proposal Coord., FSO MPO.
Rice, T.
System (HIS): COBOL.
Richards, Martin
Visiting professor (MIT): BCPL. [1 TR] Pioneer
Richardson, Jim
User (CNO).
Richardson, Robert R.
User (GM): IRIS (Industrial Relations Interactive System), ERIS [Employment Relations Interactive System]
Richie, C.
User (Brunel): managed system.
Richmond, Golden
Marketing (HIS)
Ricks, Jeffrey, Lt. USAF
User (AFDSC): PDS Software.
Ridgeway, John A.
System. [1 MSPM section]
Ridgeway, William C., III
Administration (BTL): Whippany Coordinator.
Riedesel, Ronald R.
Marketing (HIS): Multics Flying Squad. [1 MTB, 8 web pages] (deceased)
Riesenberg, D. J.
System (GE): FL assembler. [2 repository docs]
Riley, Rick
Ring, Jack
other (HIS): Planning (HIS): Multics Product Director. (deceased)
Riordan, Walter B.
Engineering (GE): processor design, design specifications EPS-control unit [1965-1968]
Rios, Efrain
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (PRHA).
Site Analyst.
Ritchie, Dennis M.
System (BTL): BCPL. [18 MSPM sections, 4 papers] CHM-Fellow CNC Hamming Japan NAE NIHoF NMOT Pioneer Piore PS-Paper SIGOPS-HoF SW-SYS Turing (deceased)
Ritzert, Beate
User (Mainz): F77 numerical modelling and data visualisation
Roach, Roger A.
Administration (MIT IPC): IPC. [12 MCRs, 5 MOSNs, 11 MTBs]
Robb, Howard
User (Bell Canada).
Robert, Lane A.
User (USL).
Roberts, Daniel
System (AFDSC): USAF Budget System
Roberts, Dick
Marketing (PMDC): marketing support.
Roberts, Lawrence G.
Administration (ARPA): ARPANet program manager; ARPA Multics evaluation. CNC (deceased)
Robertson, Dave
User (NWGS): CSC maybe at Delran, certainly at Moorestown SDF
Robertson, J.
Engineering (GE).
Robinson, Doug
System (ACTC): C Compiler. [1 MTB]
Robinson, Jim
User (Avon): selection committee.
Rochlis, Jon
System (HIS): Video System. [2 MTBs]
Rodriguez, Tony (Humberto)
Student (MIT): measurement. [1 TR]
Roe, Cameron
System (ACTC): PC Support.
Roeber, Frederick G. M.
Rogers, Mike
User (Avon): University of Bristol, selection committee.
Rogers, Paul L.
Student (USL): runoff enhancements, Pascal-S maintenance
Rohmer, Jean
Applications (Bull): manager of CEDIAG, Bull AI tools group.
Rohs, Charles
System (ACTC): MOWSE. [1 MTB]
Rolla, Bob
User (MIT): SIPB subsystem.
Rollow, David
Documentation (CISL): Commands, Subroutines, Fortan UG/TR, MulticsMan T-shirts
Ronayne, Michael
Administration (HLR): Applications
Rose, Ed
User (NWGS): CSC took over from George Reinis
Rosenbaum, Susan L.
System (MIT): SMM; Marketing (HIS): NCB. [1 MCB, 34 MSPM sections]
Rosenberg, David M.
Rosin, Ward
User (Calgary, ACTC): operations, SysAdmin.
Rossman, George
Palyn Report.
Rotenberg, Leo J.
Student (MIT): MAC-TR-123. [1 TR]
Rothel, Richard
User (SJU).
Roulin, Annick
Marketing (CiiHB): System, Office Automation, PR.
Roulin, Noel
User (USGS).
Rouse, Paul
System (Avon): Algol 68.
Rousseau, Real
User (Bell-M): SysAdmin.
Rovansek, Shawn
User (NSA). [1 paper]
Rubin, Don
Cambridge Project (Harvard): statistics.
Rubin, Paul
User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ [2 papers]
Ruiz, Abelardo "Pin Pin"
Marketing (HIS): sold PRHA system.
Russ, Doris
Support (PMDC).
Russell, Les
User (STC).
Rustum, Ed
Marketing (HIS): HLR acct.
Rutemiller, John O.
SysAdmin (DOCKMASTER): General system support and administration
Ruth, Richard
Engineering (GE): 6180 IOM design. [1 paper]
Ryan, Leo J.
Operations (MIT). [1 MOSN]
Rybicki, Frank
User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ
Rykken, Thomas R.
Administration (HIS): Technical project manager, Flower [1 web page]
Rzepka, Bill
User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971). [1 paper]
Sabelete, Gerard
SysAdmin (CNET): User support
Sabonnadiere, J.
User (Grenoble). [1 paper]
Sacco, Tony
User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ; SDF Moorestown, NJ
Sadowski, Ken
Operations (AFDSC): Multics system operations
Saidzadeh, Iraj
User (Brunel).
Saltzer, Jerome H.
Designer (MIT): CTSS, RUNOFF, Scheduler, security, clock, Project Guardian. [2 interviews, 1 MCB, 10 MDNs, 12 MSBs, 96 MSPM sections, 2 MTBs, 39 papers, 12 repository docs, 30 TRs, 2 videos, 5 web pages] AAAS CYSECHoF IEEE-Fellow NAE NIST-SEC SIGOPS-HoF
User (CIRCE)
Sanders, Rex
User (USGS): USGS-Menlo Park, PL/1 and FORTRAN programmer, computer mapping (pre-GIS) [1 web page]
Sanderson, Bruce
User (Ford): Systems Support.
Sanderson, Ed
Marketing (HIS): GM
Santiago-Chinea, Hector
User (PRHA)
Sarokin, Jerry
Marketing (HIS): OU acct.
Sasaki, Akio
Visiting Scientist (MIT). [2 MSPM sections]
Sassenfeld, Helmut M.
Administration (GE). (deceased)
Saunders, Randy
User (CNO): Software CM in Ring-5 [1 web page]
Sauvagnat, Gilles
Support (CiiHB): Site Analyst (Systeme X): Bull Multics support team.
Sawada, Jim
User (Bell Canada).
Sawatzky, Don L.
User (USGS). [1 paper]
Sawyer, Alan B.
User (Bell-T): SOFA II development. [1 web page]
Scarafino, Vince
User (Ford): HLSUA Multics Task Force, systems analyst, application development. [1 web page]
Schabacker, Kathy
User (USGS): SysMaint, Reston.
Schaefer, Marv
User (DOCKMASTER): NCSC, Multics B2 evaluation.
Schafer, Dave
User (AFDSC): AFDSC setup.
Schauble, Paul L.
System (HIS): Emacs Fortran mode.
Schecter, Joel
Engineering (GE).
Scheffler, Lee J.
System (MIT, CISL): disk and drum performance optimization, security auditing [24 MCRs, 2 MOSNs, 1 MSB, 3 MTBs, 1 paper, 1 web page]
Schelin, Don
Marketing Education (FSO).
Schell, Roger R.
Student (MIT): Dynamic reconfiguration; USAF: ZARF, Guardian; NSA: director NCSC. [1 article, 3 interviews, 2 MOSNs, 9 papers, 1 TR] CYSECHoF ISC2 NIST-SEC
Scherer, Arlene
Library (MIT IPC). [18 MCRs, 1 MSB, 1 MTB]
Scheske, Vern
Field Engineering (HIS): original GM installation.
Schiavon, Steve
Marketing (HIS): HLR acct.
Schiber, Larry R.
Benchmark Services (HIS) K82.
Schicker, Peter
System (MIT): Scheduler, FIM. [5 MSPM sections]
Schiller, Jeff
System (MIT): forum.
Schiller, W. Lee
Guardian: MITRE security study. [5 papers]
Schimke, David J.
System (PMDC): end user services, executive mail. [2 MTBs]
Schindler, Robert J.
Operations (SJU)
Schnakenberg, Richard L.
Marketing (HIS): Trying to convince Marketing Management it would never work
Schneider, David
User (MIT): metallurgy, TICS subsystem [1 paper]
Schoeman, Roy
System (CISL): PL/I I/O. [18 MCRs]
Scholtz, Jean
System (BTL): EPL runtime. [4 MSPM sections]
Schomburg, Wayne
User (USGS): SysMaint, Denver.
Schöpf, Rainer
User (Mainz): REDUCE [1 web page]
Schramm, Paul L.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (IN); Program Office; Site Analyst (Systeme X); Support (Bull): Multics Support Europe, closed door and shut out lights for last time in 1992 (deceased)
Schroeder, Michael D.
Student (MIT): Designed processor ring protection hardware, Project Guardian. [2 MSPM sections, 2 MTBs, 5 papers, 3 TRs] ACM-Fellow NIST-SEC SIGOPS-HoF SIGSAC
Schroth, Dave
User (Calgary); Site Analyst (HISCAN): MCHQ; System (ACTC): hardcore, emacs 8bit charset, site support, MOWSE.
Schulke, Duane A
SysAdmin (AFDSC): Monitored system performance parameters, Capt/Maj
Schuller, Terry
Site Analyst (CNO).
Schulz, Bill
Marketing (HIS): BCA Benchmark, Multics Sales campaigns [1 web page]
Schulz, Russell
User (Calgary)
Schupp, Roderich
Student (Mainz): Emacs, Pascal compiler, TeX
Schwartz, Ron
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for AccuRay
Schwenk, H.
Engineering (HIS). [1 paper]
Scott, G.
Scott, Joan Archer
Support (CISL). [35 MTBs]
Scott, John
Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for LUT, UBCC
Scott, Richard K.
Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, LP, Janus; System (MIT): documentation.
Scott, Robert H.
Administration (MIT IPC): Director, IPS.
Scriver, Bob
Engineering (HIS).
Seaman, Janice P.
Documentation (CISL, PMDC). [1 MTB]
Sebring, Michael M.
User (AFDSC): MIDAS [1 paper]
Segar, Cliff
Field Engineering (HIS): ASU.
Seidler, Monty
User (AFDSC)
Seigneur, W. Fred
User (RADC): Telecommunications Engineering
Seim, Emerson
Sekino, Akira
Student (MIT). [2 papers, 1 TR]
Selfridge, Oliver
Cambridge Project (MIT): Consistent System design, mgt.
Selwyn, Lee L.
System (MIT): CTSS resource admin; Flexowriter procedures. [2 MSPM sections, 3 papers, 2 repository docs]
Sendelbach, Richard F.
Site Analyst (SCSI).
Senelart, Michel
Marketing (CiiHB): CCVR Multics Cray Station.
Senft, Craig
Engineering (PMDC): Benchmark manager, Manger End-User products, Emacs Device Drivers [1 MTB] (deceased)
Serafin, Delores
Documentation (CISL).
Serido, Judy
Documentation (BTL). [3 repository docs]
Sestak, R. J.
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Security kernel report. [2 papers]
Seymour, Terone
Support (MIT).
Shaffer, Jim
Site Analyst (GM, AccuRay).
Shank, M. Paul
User (Ford): Project returning Multics to Ford in 1978.
Shannon, Larry L.
Shao, T. S.
System: Numerical analysis.
Sharp, David
Field Engineering (HIS): RADC.
Sharpe, Ed
Site Analyst (CNO): System (CISL): hardcore, volume management, B2, Opus. [4 MDDs, 2 MTBs]
Sharpe, Maggie
System (CISL): data management, message coordinator. [1 MTB]
Shavatt, Art
User (AFDSC)
Sheehan, Lee E.
Administration (HIS). (deceased)
Sheffield, Robert
Marketing (HIS): AFDSC technical contact.
Shellhouse, Eric W.
User (AFDSC): MIDAS [1 paper]
Shepherd, Richard
Marketing (HIS): STC
Shepp, C. Andrew
User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
Sheppard, Myra
Support (GE).
Sheppard, Scott
Student (USL): Wrote various pl1 programs for classes.
Shetron, Richard
Site Analyst (RADC): National Software Works
Shields, Joan
User (AFDSC): Head of System Support.
Shih, Ke
System (GE): FORTRAN. [4 MSPM sections]
Shingles (Crotty), Carol
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM).
Shipley, Dale
GCOS-4 developer. Palyn committee.
Shirley, W.
Shoemaker, Bob
Marketing (HIS): AFDSC sale.
Shoesmith, Nefeli
Marketing (HIS): NWGS.
Shpiz, Leo
System (GE). [1 MSPM section]
Shriver, A. Richard
Shriver, Bruce
User (USL): CS Professor ACM-Lec IEEE-Computer-Editor IEEE-CS-Pres IEEE-Merwin IEEE-SW-Editor
Shy, Izhar
Administration (GE). [4 MCBs, 1 MSPM section, 1 repository doc]
Sibert, W. Olin
System (MIT IPC): SNOBOL; System (CISL): security, HASP, subsystem utils, DND DAT tape. B2 evaluator. [1 MAB, 1 MDD, 9 MTBs, 2 papers, 9 web pages]
Sibson, Robin
User (Avon): University of Bath.
Siegel, Howard J.
Student (MIT): MacAIMS.
Silver, Bill
System (CISL): CPU Tests, BOSS, Operator Console, Tape Drivers, RCP, WORDPRO. [36 MCRs, 2 MOSNs, 1 MSB, 17 MTBs]
Silverman, Jim
User (Ford): CTS; President, Inner Ring Software.
Simmons, L. V.
Site Analyst.
Simpson, Iain
Site Analyst (STC, Birmingham); Multics Algol 68.
Sinz, Patrick
User(INRIA): Project SOL [Unix Clone in Pascal].
Siret, Yves
User (CICG)
Sitko, Christine
User (GM): HLSUA Languages committee.
Siwila, James E.
Documentation (CISL): online documentation. [3 MTBs]
Skinner, Thomas P.
System (MIT): 6.36, Tapes, Initialization, ARPANet. [24 MSPM sections]
Slatin, Paul W.
User (Ford): Engineering Applications; HLSUA Multics Group Manager
Slosberg, David H.
System (GE): 6.36. [3 MSPM sections, 1 repository doc] (deceased)
Smee, Paul E.
System (CISL): search, FORTRAN; Support (HISLTD): UK file transfer and RJE. [1 MTB] (deceased)
Smeeman, Bert
Site Analyst (SOZAWE): System administrator
Smith, Arthur A.
Student (MIT): I/O design. [1 TR]
Smith, Don
Field Engineering (GE): GE 645 lead hardware engineer RADC [1969-1974].
Smith, Frank C.
System (MIT IPC): Accounting, network mail. [11 MCRs, 1 MTB, 1 paper]
Smith, Kevin
Site Analyst (RADC).
Smith, Maxim G.
System (GE/CISL): APL [20 MCRs, 1 MSB, 1 MTB]
Smith, Patricia E.
System (MIT): Commands. [11 MSPM sections]
Smith, Rick
User (CNO): Corporate Computer Science Center.
Smith, Robert (Bob)
Site Analyst (RAE): Cray Station
Smith, William
Documentation (CISL).
Smitley, Bob
SysAdmin (AFDSC): 18-85; User (GM) 85-87: MRDS applications; SysMaint, SysProg, SysAdmin (GM) 87-90: system migration, Bisync 3270.
Snyder, Richard B.
System (CISL): TTY DIM, Bulk Store DIM, GCOS simulator. [44 MCRs, 6 MOSNs, 2 MSBs, 1 MTB]
Sobeck, Lenora
Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
Sobecki, Robert J.
System (BTL): Command language, IOS. [14 MSPM sections] (deceased)
Soderholm, Soren
User (ASEA): manager.
Soley, Richard
System (MIT, CISL): Emacs.
Solomita, Michael V.
Operations (MIT). [9 MCBs]
Somani, Sultan
User (Bell Canada): ZBSA
Somyak, Michael A.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (OU).
Sonnier, Robert J.
Support (USL): Graphics, Data Base, Backup software, etc.
Sorel, Toni
Marketing (PMDC): marketing support.
Sorensen, Lars G.
Administration (SJU): Sys op from 87 to 90. Don't forget the ESD and so forth...
Sorenson, Gene
Documentation (HIS): WORDPRO User Guide.
Sorrell, Debbie
Marketing (HIS): SCSI acct.
Sorrentino, Robert
Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands.
Southworth, William H.
System (MIT): backup, initialization, command language. [10 MSPM sections]
Sowers, Joe
User (NWGS): CSC applications developer.
Spacholtz, Dick
Marketing (HIS): USGS acct.
Spall, Judith W.
Library (MIT IPC). [61 MCBs, 1 MSPM section]
Spangle, Clarence W. "Clancy"
Administration (GE, HIS): head of GE Computer Division. (deceased)
Specht, Yves
User (INSEE): System Programmer and Fanatic User
Speck, Deborah Clark
Marketing (HIS): Detroit.
Spector, David
System (CISL): Commands, PL/I. [2 MTBs]
Spencer, David
User support (Cardiff): languages, graphics
Spencer, Doug
User (Bell Canada).
Spencer, Edson
Administration (Honeywell): CEO. (deceased)
Spencer, Joel R.
User (Bull): used Multics "forum" to coordinate the Telecom EFTPOS project [1985-1991]. It also provided us with email and consistent comms between Melbourne, Sydney, Phoenix, Toronto and Boston.
Spicer, Robert A.
User (USGS). [1 paper]
Spier, Michael J.
System (MIT): Scheduler, binder, User control. [2 MSBs, 72 MSPM sections, 2 papers, 2 repository docs]
Spiewack, Rick
User (Ford): Project Administrator, Custom & Special Products group. DPS-6 X-25 remote batch.
Spitzer, Charles M.
Marketing (HIS): EOP benchmark; Support (ASEA); System (PMDC): commands, MRDS model manager. [2 MTBs]
Spitzer, Randolph
Marketing (HIS): AFDSC sale.
Sprague, Sherman D.
Field Engineering (HIS): operator console support. [1 MTB]
Spratt, Lindsey Leroy
System (CISL): Data Management, Commands. [14 MTBs, 1 paper]
Spulick, Ron
SysAdmin (AFDSC): Operations and SysMaint
Srodawa, Ronald J.
User (Oakland): Taught courses to students who used Multics for their problem assignments. I used Multics personally for all my writings and research.
Stachour, Paul
User (CNO). [1 paper, 1 web page]
Stackhouse, Roger
Field Engineering (HIS): GM.
Stafford, Johnie
User (USL).
Staggs, James O.
System (HIS): EP414 Documentation; Data Base; User
Stallings, M. A.
Student (MIT).
Stambler, Henry
System (MIT): I/O, on loan from US Weather Bureau.
Stamen, Jeff
Cambridge Project (MIT): Janus designer. [2 papers]
Stanek, Carl
Marketing (HIS): USGS Benchmark.
Stanke, Edward C., II
User (RADC): Staran. [1 paper]
Stansbury, Joseph M.
System Admin: Sys-M; System (PMDC): software program mgr, MOWSE. [3 MABs, 1 MTB]
St. Cyr, Barry
User (USL): Student Programs;later Computer Center Employee user
Steckler, Darrell L.
SysAdmin (AFDSC): Worked at Honeywell Federal Systems, Inc, HFSI, supporting Pentagon
Stein, Howard
User (SJU): SysOps.
Steinberg, Joseph R.
Administration (MIT IPC).
Steiner, William L.
System (GE): BSA.
Stensrud, William R.
User (MIT): metallurgy, TICS subsystem [1 paper]
Stephens, James
User (GM): Email and HR systems
Stephens, Jim
User (USL): Support of site as University Employee, wrote early Star Trek
Stephenson, Dave
User (NWGS): CSC from Day 1 but office always in Moorestown
Stern, Jerry A.
System (CISL): AIM, I/O Daemon. [2 MCBs, 32 MCRs, 8 MTBs, 3 papers, 1 TR]
Engineering (HIS).
Stibbards, James W.
Site Analyst (VPI, NWGS, USGS).
StJohns, Michael C.
System (AFDSC): Multi-level Security
Stokes, Carl
User (NWGS): contractor TTGP
Stoller, Gerald S.
System (GE): 6.36. [1 MCB, 6 MSPM sections, 2 repository docs]
Stone, Dave (or David)
Site Analyst (Canada DND): Supporting the MCOIN system in Halifax, Nova Scotia on behalf of HISCAN; Support (HISUK).
Stone, David L.
System (BTL, GE): 6.36, GIM, printer DIM. [2 MCBs, 60 MSPM sections] (deceased)
Stone, Rick
Marketing (HIS): CNO acct.
Stonebraker, Mike
Palyn Report. ACM-Fellow FLAME JvN SW-SYS Turing
Stotz, Robert H.
ESL (MIT): graphics.
Stout, Jeffery
User (USL)
Strachey, Christopher
System (MIT): CTSS GPM; Canonical form. [2 MSPM sections, 1 paper] (deceased)
Strayhorn, John M.
Student (MIT): copy, BASIC, GCOS; System (HIS): PRHA; Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands, graphics, Janus; Renaissance Computing: Consistent System.
Strickler, Walter R.
System (MIT): IO. [24 MSPM sections]
Strnad, A. L.
User (MIT): early relational database, MacAIMS design. [1 paper, 1 TR]
Stromberg, Ian
User (Bell Canada).
Strome, Rick
Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
Stuebinger, Alex
Student (Mainz): tutored Multics and Cobol course
Stutler, Joe
User (RADC): hacked on various things with Explorer Post 500 at RADC in Rome, NY [Griffiss AFB]
Sullivan, Drew
User (CNO): SDE for DPS-6.
Sullivan, Gene
Marketing (HIS): SJU acct.
Suman, Mike
User (NWGS): CSC Site Manager.
Sunguroff, Alexander
Staff (MIT LCS): MacLisp I/O system. [1 MCR]
Sutherland, Ivan E.
Administration (ARPA): director IPTO.
Swenson, Eric J.
SysMaint (AFDSC): B2 evaluator; System (CISL): Hardcore, Answering Service, B2 Security; DPS8M Simulator. [1 MCR, 1 MDD, 5 MTBs, 8 simulator documents]
Swernofsky, Steven A.
System (CISL) [1 MCR]
Tada, Akio
System (PMDC).
Tague, Berkeley A.
System (BTL). [8 MSPM sections, 5 repository docs]
Tague, R. Michael
System (CISL): Devlopment mgr, Opus mgr, answering service, data management. [1 MDD, 4 MTBs]
Tague, Steven
User (BCO): Hardware Design Level 6, used Multics as development tool for firmware; wrote "The Multics TED Programmers' Reference Manual"
Tan, Swan
Marketing (HISCAN): GTSS.
Tanner, Bob
System (PMDC): Multics Operations Director. (deceased)
Tatum, Ron
website contributor
Tavares, Christopher D.
System (MIT, HIS): Network, Graphics; Site Analyst (AFDSC). [8 MCRs, 8 MTBs, 2 web pages]
Tawse, Bill
User (Bell Canada): mgr.
Taylor, Glenn
User (Site-N): User consulting, MRDS and applications programming.
Taylor, Robert W.
Administration (ARPA): Director IPTO. ACM-Fellow CHM-Fellow Draper NMOT SW-SYS (deceased)
Taylor, Tony
Field Engineering (HISCAN): MCHQ.
Tepper, A. S.
System (MIT): miscellaneous utilities [1970-1972]
Terrazas, Bob
User (USGS): SysMaint, Denver. Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
Terrebonne, Ed
System (AFDSC): Consulting, Site_Status
Terry, James
System (Bull): SysAdmin for Sys-M.
Tessmer, Jim
Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
Testa, Antonetta G.
Support (MIT): MAC.
Texada, Gregory A.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (OU); System (PMDC): commands, performance. [2 MTBs] (deceased)
Thayer, Susan E.
User (USL): Student.
Thelen, Edward S.
Engineering (GE): 645 General I/O Controller - diagnostics
Theophilis, Mark
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC).
Thibodeaux, Tony
Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (DOCKMASTER).
Thirlby, Ron
User (LUT): Computer Centre, Loughborough University of Technology.
Thomas, Elaine
Student (MIT).
Thomas, Martyn
System (Avon): Algol 68
Thomas, Robert H.
System (MIT): binder, ARPANet. [12 MSPM sections]
Thomas, Roger
User (GM): Industrial Relations Interactive System (IRIS), Affirmative Action Monitoring (AAPMon) - both MRDS
Thompson, Charlie
Marketing (PMDC): marketing support.
Thompson, Colin T.
Marketing (HIS): Sales Mgr, HIS, Baton Rouge, LA. Sold Multics to Univ SW LA, 1974.
Thompson, David M.
User (AFDSC)
Thompson, J. David
Marketing (HIS): Technical Sales Support; CMU, benchmarks
Thompson, Kenneth L.
System (BTL): QED, IOS. [8 MSPM sections, 2 repository docs] ACM-Fellow CHM-Fellow CNC Hamming Japan Kanai NAE NIHoF NMOT Pioneer Piore PS-Paper SIGOPS-HoF SW-SYS Turing
Thompson, Mary R.
System (MIT): File system, Initialization. [1 MCB, 22 MSPM sections]
Thornton, Mike
System (MIT).
Thrasher, Harwell
Student (MIT): enhanced Runoff word processing capability
Tierney, Don
Marketing (HIS): NSA.
Tilden, Richard A.
System (MIT IPC): olc. [1 MOSN, 1 MSB]
Tilton, Kathleen A.
Support (PMDC).
Timmer, Case
User (Bell Canada): Manager at Bell-M.
Tims, Bill
User (USL): student; Marketing (HIS): PRHA conversion.
Tims, Mary
User (USL): student.
Tofil, Frank
Site Analyst (GM, Ford, Site-N).
Tomasch, Ed
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (DOCKMASTER, NWGS); User (NWGS): CSC applications (NWC).
Totaro, Michael W.
Student (USL)
Toussaint, Mike
System (HIS): Customer Support, Multics TAC.
Townsend, David R.
User (GM): EDS/GM Corporate Planning System, 3270 Screen System, and Other Decision Support Systems
Townsend, Martin A.
Student (USL)
Trader, W. Craig
SysAdmin (AFDSC): Systems Operator/Programmer (USAF)
Site Analyst.
Tran, H.
User (MDA-TA). [1 paper]
Travers, Jacquie
Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Travnicek, Mil
Marketing (HISCAN).
Triantafyllopoulos, Spiros
Student (USL); User (GM). [1 paper]
Troupe, Calvin B.
Marketing (PMDC).
Troupe, Ed
Multics Education at CiiHB.
Trowbridge, B. G.
Troxel, Richard T.
System (AFDSC): Manpower.
Tsoucalas, Greg
User (AFDSC): AFDSC systems group.
Tucker, Brian
Marketing (HIS): AUCC, Cardiff
Tung, Sing
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T FNP expert.
Turbiner, Sheila
System (GE): 6.36. [1 MSPM section]
Turckes, Joseph
User (Ford): Application Development, Application Tools Development, System Device Drivers [TTY & Graphic]
Turner, J. L.
Site Analyst.
Turner, R.
Turner, Richard
Student (USL). [1 paper]
Turnquist, Mary C.
System (MIT): File system. [5 MSPM sections]
Ulmann, Bernd
User (Mainz).
Underwood, Michael P.
SysAdmin (AFDSC): All systems (M, D, H, Z, T)
Urban, Joseph E.
User (USL): MADAM [1 paper]
Vance, E. R.
Administration (GE, HIS).
Van der Lee, Ton
SysAdmin (Bull): SoZaWe the Netherlands: system administrator
Vanderschooten, Gerard
Field Engineering (CiiHB): Multics field support manager for Europe from 1980 to 1986 [1 web page]
van der Veer, Henk Paul
SysAdmin (SOZAWE): System Administrator
VanHausen, J. David
System. [1 MSPM section]
Van Horn, Earl C.
Student (MIT): multiprogramming design. [2 TRs]
Van Sant, Harold
Operations (HIS).
Van Vleck, Thomas H.
System (MIT, CISL, PMDC): FIM, Initialization, BOS, Phase One, ESD, User control, Message Coordinator, Accounting, printer, NSS, data management; Palyn committee. [4 interviews, 6 MCBs, 152 MCRs, 10 MOSNs, 20 MSBs, 38 MSPM sections, 63 MTBs, 8 papers, 2 repository docs, 86 web pages]
Varian, Lee C.
System (MIT): 6.36.
Vedder, Lynne
User (NWGS): USN, Newport, RI; contractor TTGP
Vedder, Steve
User (NWGS): USN Newport RI, CSC TTGP
Vestal, Stan
Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS); Palyn evaluation. [2 MCRs, 2 MTBs, 3 papers]
Vigraham, Barry
Marketing (HIS): Tech Advisor, New York region, late 60s to 80s; supported HLR.
Vinograd, David R.
System (GE/CISL): salvager, RJE, backup, data comm mgr, NSS volume backup. [9 MCRs, 5 MOSNs, 1 MSPM section, 5 MTBs, 1 paper, 3 web pages]
Vogt, Suzanne Krupp
Documentation (CISL); System (CISL): mail, video, menu, tape, Opus, X25. [4 MTBs]
Von Seeburg, Roger
Administration (HIS). [1 MAB]
Voth, Tony
System (PMDC): mgr.
Voydock, Victor L.
System (MIT): Command language, IOS. [6 MSBs, 3 MSPM sections, 1 TR]
Vu, Phuong
System (ACTC): PL/I, hardcore.
Vyssotsky, Victor A.
System (BTL): I/O. [2 MDNs, 22 MSPM sections, 4 papers, 7 repository docs] (deceased)
Waclawski, John W.
Operations (MIT, GM). [5 MOSNs]
Wada, Eiiti
Visiting Scientist (MIT): Prof. of computer science, University of Tokyo. IPC.
Wade, W.
User (RADC). [1 paper]
Wagner, Donald B.
System (MIT): CTSS, GEBUG, EPL, PL/I specifications, modifications of EPLBSA for multiple address counters, ghost writing, general fireman. [106 MSPM sections, 4 repository docs, 1 web page]
Wagner, Grant
User (NSA): B2 evaluator.
Wagner, Larry
Marketing (HIS): SJU.
Wagner, Mary R.
System (BTL): File system, Tape, IOS. [16 MSPM sections]
Wales, Leigh Howard (Quackenboss)
Marketing (HIS): Detroit.
Walker, Bruce (Nemnich)
System (MIT): TeX, emacs
Walker, Mel
User (Bell Canada): user migration from GCOS. Trained as SA for Multics.
Walker, R. Barry
SysAdmin (MCHQ): IOM reconfig, MRDS transaction logging, System Support.
Walker, Robert K.
Engineering (GE); User (RADC): Consistent System.
Walker, Terry
User (USL): Chairman, Computer Science Department
Wallace, Bob
User (MIT): Cambridge Project: commands, Janus, manager. [1 paper]
Wallace, Marla A.
User (HIS): BCO; wrote "The Multics TED Programmers' Reference Manual"
Wallman, Edwin B.
System (PMDC): compose, commands, MOWSE terminal emulator, search facility. [1 MCR, 15 MTBs] (deceased)
Wang, Clem
User (MIT); User(BCO).
Wantman, Mayer E.
System (MIT): probe. [3 MSPM sections]
Warburton, Dave
User (NWGS): Sims Hall
Ward, David B.
System (HIS): GTSS, PL/I macro proc, LRK, GCOS simulator. [2 MTBs]
Ward, John E.
ESL (MIT): administration. (deceased)
Ward, Mary E.
User (USGS): SysMaint, Reston; Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Ward, Rosalie
Documentation (CISL).
Warley, David
User (STC): SysAdmin, Graphic Tools development
Warme, Dave
User (VPI).
Warren, John
Marketing (GE).
Waters, Dick
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (IN).
Waters, Rob
Watkins, Onita
Watson, Russ
Field Engineering (RADC).
Watson, Vern
Marketing (HIS): ASU acct.
Watt, William S.
Site Analyst (OU): System programmer.
Watts, Millie H.
Documentation (HIS).
Wawers, Theo
User (Mainz): F77 Programming, Scientific modeling, Tutor (deceased)
Weaver, Melanie B.
System (CISL): linker, binder, error signalling/handling, Basic, transaction processing, other language runtime support [66 MCRs, 1 MDD, 2 MOSNs, 3 MSBs, 10 MTBs]
Webber, Muriel F.
Support (MIT).
Webber, Nancy
Support (HIS).
Webber, Steven H.
Designer (MIT, CISL): File system, NSS, edm, debug, cache, languages, Picnics. [1 interview, 5 MABs, 167 MCRs, 3 MOSNs, 14 MSBs, 22 MSPM sections, 24 MTBs, 2 papers, 2 videos]
Weber, Dick
Administration (HIS): VP PMO.
Weeldreyer, James A.
System (HIS): MRDS Data Base Manager architect. [3 MCRs, 6 MTBs, 2 papers]
Wegener, Terry
Site Analyst (AFDSC).
Weil, John
Engineering (GE): initial Trinity member.
Weiner, Joe M.
Site Analyst (RADC, HLR): System Administration, System Tools, User Environments
Weingartner, Kati L.
SysAdmin (ASU): Level 6880, MR 9-11
Weinreb, Daniel L.
User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Amber team member (deceased)
Weiss, Howard J.
System (BTL): Disk.
Weiss, John
Site Analyst. graduate of Honeywell Multics Academy
Weiss, Ruth A.
System (BTL): EPL runtime. [6 MSPM sections]
Weizenbaum, Joe
MIT faculty (MAC). [1 paper] VIZE Wiener (deceased)
Weizenbaum, Pm
Documentation (CISL). [1 paper]
Wells, Douglas M.
Student (MIT); User (MIT): MacAIMS; System (MIT): ARPANet, DN355, security. [37 MCRs, 2 MOSNs, 1 TR, 2 web pages]
Wells, Jim "Don"
Site Analyst (OU): In support of the Honeywell sales force I helped convinced OU to buy the system. Then I worked on system installation and conversion of existing applications.
Wendland, Richard
System (Avon): Algol 68.
Werbos, Paul J.
Cambridge Project (MIT): Consistent System, TSP, backprop
Wesley, Tony
User (Ford): Ford prototype scheduling system, MATS, others.
Wessler, Barry D.
System (MIT).
Westcott, Brian
System (Calgary, Bull): ACTC FORTRAN, MOWSE. [1 MTB]
Wexelblat, Richard L.
System (BTL): PL/I compiler & test suite [1 repository doc]
Whatley, Adrian M.
Student (Avon).
White, Bill
User (AFDSC)
White, Bruce
User (Bell Canada): Bell-T district mgr, provisioning group.
White, Douglas
User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971). [1 paper]
White, Eugene
Engineering (GE): Trinity member.
White, James A.
Engineering (HIS): Flower, HIS SSED.
Whitehead, Lonnie
System (BTL): Drum DIM. [1 MSPM section, 1 repository doc]
Whitehead, Ralph
Marketing (HIS): Detroit, GM acct.
Whitehurst, R. Alan
User (AFDSC): MIDAS [1 paper]
Whitford, Jackie
Documentation (HIS): All documentation and other miscellaneous projects
Whitmore, Jerold C.
System (CISL): AIM; Marketing (HIS/FSO): security kernel report. [32 MCRs, 20 MTBs, 3 papers]
Wiatrowski, Eugene
System (CISL): ALM [3 MCRs]
Widrig, Donald R.
System (MIT): CTSS, GIM, Initialization, 6.36. [2 MCBs, 40 MSPM sections, 2 repository docs]
Wiesen, Ray
Cambridge Project (MIT): CS design, management. [1 paper]
Wiesner, Jerome B.
Administration (MIT): President. (deceased)
Wiessing, Chretienne
Wilkie, Bruce
User (MCHQ).
Wilkinson, Lee
Administration (HIS).
Wilkinson, Richard N.
Marketing (HIS): Site Support
Williams, Alan H.
System (HISLTD): UK file transfer protocol.
Williams, Ben
Williams, George T.
Library (MIT IPC). [1 MCR, 4 MTBs]
Williams, J. B. Jr.
Williams, J. D.
Student (MIT).
Williams, Mike
User (UC).
Williamson, Dave
Benchmark Services (HIS) K82.
Willins, John
User (Bell Canada).
Willis, Keith
System (MIT IPC): User Control.
Wilson, Bev
Marketing (HIS): account manager for Bull UK Multics sites.
Wilson, John
System (CISL): TeX.
Wilson, Mel P.
System (HISCAN): GTSS.
Winett, Joel
User (MIT): INFO - Documentation System
Winikoff, Arnold W.
System (BTL): IOS.
Winkler, John E.
Engineering (HIS): SSED: Flower.
Winslow, Ed
Operations (CISL).
Winstead, Tony
Marketing (HIS): USGS acct.
Withington, P. Tucker
Guardian: MITRE Security Study [2 papers]
Wolf, Sandra
Wolman, Barry L.
System (GE/CISL): PL/I, BASIC. [2 MCBs, 34 MCRs, 12 MSPM sections, 1 MTB, 2 papers] (deceased)
Wolman, Eric
System (GE): Scheduler.
Wong, Betty
System (ACTC): compilers, LALR, math routines. [2 MTBs]
Wong, Wilson
System (CISL): Security docs.
Wood, Paula
Marketing (PMDC); Planning (HIS).
Woodka, Donna
AEP (HIS): MRDS development.
Woods, Greg A.
User (Calgary): a great fan of Multics Emacs!
Woodward, J. P. L.
Guardian: MITRE Security Study [1 paper]
Woolf, Ashby M.
User (GM): Manager, GM Corporate site. (deceased)
Wright, Helen
User (GM): original GM installation.
Wright, Otis
System (MIT): RTTS
Wright, Ron
System (ACTC).
Wu, Fred
User (Bell Canada).
Wulf, Jurgen
User (Bell Canada).
Wyatt, R.
System (BTL): EPL. [2 MCBs]
Wyman, Irma
Administration (HIS): Palyn Report fallout. (deceased)
Yates, Robert A.
System (BTL): SNOBOL.
Site Analyst.
Yntema, Douwe B.
Administration (MIT): Director, Cambridge Project. [2 papers] (deceased)
Yochelson, Jerome C.
Student (MIT). [2 papers]
Yoeung, May
York, William M.
System (CISL): APL, Emacs, video system. [1 MTB]
Yoshida, Nobuhiro
Site Analyst (Toshiba).
Young, Bill
Marketing (HIS): DCC sale.
Young, Elien
User (HLR)
Young, Judith
Marketing Education (HIS).
Yuniskis, Don
website contributor
Zaharov, Basil
User (Avon): selection committee.
Zanarotti, Stan
Explorer(Sys-M); System (CISL): Opus. [1 video]
Zbikowski, Mark
User (Ford): 1974; User (GM): 1976-1978.
Zemmin, Frederick L.
Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM). (deceased)
Zender, Tom
Marketing (HIS): Multics Marketing
Zethraeus, Cal
System (PMDC). [1 MCR] (deceased)
Zettlemoyer, Scott
User (SJU).
Ziegler, Guy G.
System (GE): IO, 6.36. [4 MDNs, 20 MSPM sections, 2 repository docs]
Ziegler, Jim
User (DCC): Championed installation of system.
Ziller, R. J.
Marketing (HIS/FSO): Security kernel report. [3 papers]
Zimmerman, Louis V.
System (ACTC): commands/active functions, forum, Pascal, Xmail, etc...
Zona, John P.
Field Engineering (GE/HIS); Site Analyst (DCC).
Zornes, Frank
Field Engineering (PMDC): LS TAC.
Zuerner, Eckhard
Marketing (Bull): Germany, Bull project manager for University of Mainz; Site Analyst (Mainz).
Zwick, Doug
System (ACTC): Hardcore, Opus simulator, Unix migration I/O [1984-1990].

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