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20 Apr 2024

Dashboard File

The file dashboard.csv has current counts of features of This file is updated whenever a set of changes is pushed to the online web site. It has two rows, a line of column headings and a line of values. Example:

6491,"2024-04-20 14:50",2046,743,127,112,843,476,617,5058,3159,662,838,821,84

You can use this file to automatically see if has changes you are interested in.

The fields are

changectSequential change counter, increased on each site push
asofDate and time of most recent push
multiciansNumber of multicians in multicians.html
multiciansmailNumber of multicians with mail addresses
multiciansurlNumber of multicians with home page addresses
multiciansdecNumber of deceased multicians
glossentNumber of glossary entries in mglosss.html
npagesNumber of web pages on site
npdfNumber of pdfs on site
alldocNumber of documents in biblio.html
alldoc-onlineNumber of documents in bibliography with URLs
imagesNumber of images on site
mspmNumber of mspm sections in bibliography
mspm-onlineNumber of sections in bibliography with URLs
nsitesNumber of sites in in sites.html

Minor changes to the web site, like typo corrections, will increment the change count and date, but will not be mentioned in changes.html.