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24 May 1997

Ford Multics Decomissioning

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Vince Scarafino

Ford's last Multics active system, Multics_A, was decommissioned Friday April 25, 1997, at 3:00pm EDT. Here are more pictures of the gathering of current and past Multicians who worked with the Ford systems in the Engineering Computer Center building (Dearborn, MI), gathering to mark the occasion.

Here is a picture of some of those that attended the wake, and ate some of the cake.

This is a picture of people watching me bump my own processes off of Multics to get ready for the final shutdown.

Here are some of the programmers that moved the final Multics application so that the machine could be decomissioned.

Here is a presentation of one of the 'awards' given to Multicians (this one was for Greg Clark) at the wake.

See the Ford Site History for more pictures.

Updated 05/24/97