Multics 33 documents
16 Jul 2024


Multics Administrative Bulletins Index

Multics Administrative Bulletins (MABs) were organizational notes produced by project members and circulated to everyone on the team. They mostly contained the policies and procedures for developers.

There were at least 71 MABs, some revised multiple times, produced in the 1970s and 1980s. Many are lost, and we do not have a complete table of contents. This is a listing of the documents we know of: some are online and a few more have been scanned by MHP but are not yet online.

MAB-071, 1984, Multics Security Coordinator: Duties and Responsibilities, Joe M. Stansbury

MAB-070, 1985-08-14, Multics Configuration Management: Policy Statement, Joe M. Stansbury, Ron Barstad

MAB-069, 1985-08-13, Multics Configuration Management: Guidelines for Auditing Software, Gary Dixon

MAB-068, 1985-08-13, Multics Configuration Management: Programming Standards, Ron Barstad

MAB-067-C, 1985-08-08, Procedures for Software Installation and Integration, W. Olin Sibert

MAB-066, 1985-08-08, Multics Configuration Management: Software Development, Benson I. Margulies, Ron Barstad

MAB-064, 1984-08-27, Third Party Software Submission Procedures, Frank W. Martinson

MAB-063-1, 1984-05-23, Third Party Software Submission Procedures, Frank W. Martinson

MAB-062-3, 1987-11-09, MR12.2 Freeze Dates, Frank W. Martinson

MAB-058-01, , Multics Technical Bulletin (MTB) Publication, Paul Dickson

MAB-057-03, 1984, Procedures for Emergency Installations, Richard Holmstedt

MAB-056-03, 1984, Procedures for Normal Installations, Richard Holmstedt

MAB-052, 1982-09-02, Phoenix Multics Change Review Board, Frank W. Martinson, Joe M. Stansbury, Richard Holmstedt

MAB-051-05, 1982-09-02, Standards for Software Protection and STI, Paul W. Benjamin

MAB-049-1, 1980-06-11, TR Closure and Resolution, Frank W. Martinson, Gary C. Dixon

MAB-048-02, 1985-08-12, Rules for the Multics Change Review Board, Ron Barstad

MAB-045, unk, Trip Reports, John W. Gintell

MAB-044-1, 1981-02-13, Revised MAB on TR Goals, Gary C. Dixon, John W. Gintell, Roger Von Seeburg

MAB-042, unk, Documentation Production Cycle, S. H. Webber

MAB-041, unk, Manual Specifications, S. H. Webber

MAB-032, 1983-04-26, The Experimental Library, Paul W. Benjamin

MAB-031, 1976-06-06, Publication of Approved MCRs, staff

MAB-026, 1975-09-18, New Procedures for Change Review Board, staff

MAB-024, 1975-05-07, Multics Software Naming Conventions, C. T. Clingen

MAB-023, 1975-04-02, Making Multics Software Changes, staff

MAB-021, 1975-04-10, Conversion of programs to use ios_ interfaces instead of ioa_., John W. Gintell

MAB-020, 1975-02-07, Documentation Hierarchy, Cec Erickson

MAB-019, 1975-01-02, Submission of Multics Change Requests, staff

MAB-018, 1974-12-05, Documentation to be Submitted with MCRs, staff

MAB-017, 1974-10-21, New Multics Change Request Form, staff

MAB-016, 1974, Development Operations Staff, Steven H. Webber

MAB-006, 1974-01-02, Design Reviews, staff

MAB-002, 1973-08-22, New Procedures for Changes to Multics, staff