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Multics Change Requests Index

Multics Change Requests were submitted for every change to Multics beginning in 1973. There were at least 8276 MCRs processed from 1973 through 1992. See The Multics Software Development Process for discussion of how they fit into the Multics process.

Individual MCR listings in this table may point to a "packet" MTB file with many MCRs.

This listing of MCRs is incomplete.

The listings of MCRs 001 to 2153 came from MTBs scanned by MHP for the time period 1973 to 1976. MTB-275 lists numbers, titles, and authors for MCRs 1-1814.
Information on MCRs 2154 to 2507 is contained in other MCRB files scanned by MHP, covering 1976 through 1977, which we hope to obtain.
Currently we have no information on MCRs 2508 to 8276+, covering 1977 through 1992. Some folks have mentioned that the MCR index was moved to an online file about 1977, and was no longer published on paper. Perhaps we can find a machine-readable copy. At some point in the 80s, history comments were added to source files containing the MCR number: MTB-716 describes one stage of this change. If we can't find a copy of the MCR database, we might be able to reconstruct some MCR descriptions by mining the Multics source.

year MCRs (5 years)
MCR-0001, 1973-09-13, Map certain EIS illegal procedure faults so that the faults are effectively ignored, S. Webber

MCR-0002, 1973-09-13, Enable the BOS 'BLAST' command to send to terminals hooked up to HSLA, D. Snyder

MCR-0003, 1973-09-13, Speed up the processing of 355 FDUMPs, D. Snyder

MCR-0004, 1973-09-13, Change LD355 to patch site configuration info into 355 core image, D. Snyder

MCR-0005, 1973-09-14, Fix the iom_manager not to crash the system when a system fault interrupt occurs for an unassigned channel, N. Morris

MCR-0006, 1973-09-14, Modify BOS to run with DSS-191 system, N. Morris

MCR-0009, 1973-09-14, Modify BOS to handle tapes on the MTS-500, N. Morris

MCR-0010, 1973-09-14, Add new processor time metering for interrupts as a function of IOM channel number, S. Webber

MCR-0011, 1973-09-14, Fix reconfiguration problems with deleting the bootload CPU, S. Webber

MCR-0012, 1973-09-14, Extend the size of device addresses from 17 to 18 bits, S. Webber

MCR-0013, 1973-09-14, Place traps in the system to search for the "reused address" bug, S. Webber

MCR-0014, 1973-09-14, Fix bug in ring_alarm causing extraneous ring_alarm faults, S. Webber

MCR-0015, 1973-09-14, Change "change_tuning_parameters" to use com_query_ so that it can be used in "exec_coms" and with "send admin command", S. Webber

MCR-0016, 1973-09-13, Fix alm, B. Wolman

MCR-0017, 1973-09-17, Fix bug causing both the PD hash crashes as well as (possibly all) reused address problems, S. Webber

MCR-0018, 1973-09-17, Modification of hardcore programs in preparation tor new tape mounting package, D. Capps

MCR-0019, 1973-09-18, Fix bugs in BCPL, R. Freiburghouse

MCR-0020, 1973-09-18, Allow the system to utilize >2**18 records on DSU-190 (Temporary fix), N. Morris

MCR-0021, 1973-09-17, Modify linker and add new stack frame flags, M. Weaver

MCR-0022, 1973-09-18, Set the call limiters on all hardcore gates - in particular on signaller, S. Webber

MCR-0023, 1973-09-18, Change process destruction so that the driving process need not "wait" in ring zero for the target process to be stopped, S. Webber

MCR-0024, 1973-09-20, Add ptr to operator transfer vector to base of stack, B. Wolman

MCR-0025, 1973-09-20, Recode certain math subroutines in ALM, B. Wolman

MCR-0028, 1973-09-20, two new control arguments added to dump_segment (ds) command, T. Casey

MCR-0030, 1973-09-20, Proposed changes to copy and move commands, T. Casey

MCR-0031, 1973-09-18, Allow printing through perforations on output and permit IO daemon to produce separator bars on perforation to aid the operator in output separation, T. VanVleck

MCR-0032, 1973-09-17, Fix bug in get_defname, M. Weaver

MCR-0033, 1973-09-20, New command/active function "user" and new command/active function "system", T. VanVleck

MCR-0034, 1973-09-19, Install new billing program, T. VanVleck

MCR-0035, 1973-09-20, New commands for directory auditing, T. VanVleck

MCR-0036, 1973-09-21, Lay trap for reused address bug, S. Webber

MCR-0037, 1973-09-20, Simplification of command loop interface to users, M. Weaver

MCR-0038, 1973-09-19, Modification of hardcore MSL routines to add source types "mx" (.mexp) and "mt" (.mt), D. Jordan

MCR-0039, 1973-09-19, Modify accounting package to check that total virtual CPU charged equals total virtual CPU used, T. VanVleck

MCR-0042, 1973-09-21, Fix bug causing lost status from 355, D. Snyder

MCR-0043, 1973-09-20, Fix bugs in system_control_, T. VanVleck

MCR-0044, 1973-09-20, Remove >tools from default search path, T. VanVleck

MCR-0045, 1973-09-21, Avoid Reused Address Problems, S. Webber

MCR-0046, 1973-09-21, Merge privileged and unprivileged code in ALM kernel of page control, S. Webber

MCR-0047, 1973-09-21, Merge privileged and unprivileged code in the traffic controller, S. Webber

MCR-0048, 1973-09-25, Add new mode to TTY DM for APL, P. Green

MCR-0050, 1973-09-25, fix bug in full_command_processor_, P. Green

MCR-0051, 1973-09-25, Change prt_300_conv_ to fix bug, P. Green

MCR-0053, 1973-09-25, Extended star/equal convention (online library portion), G. Dixon

MCR-0054, 1973-09-25, Bug fix to 355 software, D. Snyder

MCR-0055, 1973-09-28, New Stack and Fault Information Routines, M. Weaver

MCR-0056, 1973-09-14, Unlocking bug in file IMP-DIM, R. Kanodia

MCR-0056, 1973-09-28, Changes to default system condition handler and signaling of pl1 conditions, M. Weaver

MCR-0058, 1973-09-29, online_dump to process 256K segments, R. Mullen

MCR-0059, 1973-09-29, bug fix to get_ seg_ptr_ , R. Mullen

MCR-0059, 1973-10-03, Solution to hangup problem, D. Snyder

MCR-0061, 1973-10-01, scs_init to detect multiple interrupt cell assignments, R. Mullen

MCR-0062, 1973-09-30, Allow BOS to be loaded from tape handler other than drive 0., N. Morris

MCR-0063, 1973-10-01, Install new BOS Loader, N. Morris

MCR-0065, 1973-10-01, Fix reused address bug, S. Webber

MCR-0066, 1973-10-01, Remove "hcs_$reset_working_set" function from the system, S. Webber

MCR-0067, 1973-10-01, Add "mexp" to system--a macro expanding preprocessor for alm, S. Webber

MCR-0068, 1973-10-03, fix msa_manager_'s setting of MSF indicator, G. Dixon

MCR-0069, 1973-10-04, changes to signalling end unwinding, M. Weaver

MCR-0070, 1973-10-04, fix send_message *.proj bug, R. Mullen

MCR-0071, 1973-10-04, Print detailed status on disk errors, N. Morris

MCR-0072, 1973-10-05, Change Multics standard tape format record length, N. Morris

MCR-0073, 1973-10-09, Updating the ARPA Network Host Table, R. Kanodia

MCR-0074, 1973-10-09, Performance Improvement and bug Fixes in IMP DIM, R. Kanodia

MCR-0076, 1973-10-09, Fix minor bug in rename_pnts_, T. VanVleck

MCR-0078, 1973-10-08, Remove bulk store dependent code from emergency shutdown, N. Morris

MCR-0079, 1973-10-09, Fix bug in FDUMP, N. Morris

MCR-0080, 1973-10-10, Change to operator console software and syserr, B. Silver

MCR-0081, 1973-10-05, Fix to DN355, D. Snyder

MCR-0082, 1973-10-05, copy_fdump not to access data beyond end of dump partition, R. Mullen

MCR-0083, 1973-10-09, Fix printer chain images in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-0084, 1973-10-10, Change to system trace package, D. Snyder

MCR-0085, 1973-10-09, qedx changes, M. Meer

MCR-0086, 1973-10-09, conversion of update_include to version two, A. Scherer

MCR-0087, 1973-10-09, modification of cleanup to handle >doc>iml_info_segs, A. Scherer

MCR-0088, 1973-10-12, Increase the max length current length and records used fields of a directory entry to 18 bits, E. Stone

MCR-0089, 1973-10-11, Increase the time record product field of a directory header to 2 words, E. Stone

MCR-0090, 1973-10-11, Fix bugs in privileged_mode_ut and wire stack, E. Stone

MCR-0091, 1973-10-12, Allow printing of large segments, E. Stone

MCR-0092, 1973-10-12, correct restrictions in area package which prevent creation of 256k areas, E. Stone

MCR-0093, 1973-10-12, Convert V1/PL1 modules in hardcore to V2/PL1, E. Stone

MCR-0094, 1973-10-12, Offer 256k segments, E. Stone

MCR-0095, 1973-10-12, Cleanup gate entries, E. Stone

MCR-0096, 1973-10-12, Complete directory control access modifications, E. Stone

MCR-0097, 1973-10-12, Fix bugs in FDUMP, N. Morris

MCR-0098, 1973-10-12, trace_init, M. Grady

MCR-0099, 1973-10-12, Change measure of time spent looping on the page table lock, S. Webber

MCR-0100, 1973-10-12, Remove reused addr (and other) traps from page control, S. Webber

MCR-0101, 1973-10-12, Change memory reconfiguration code to check for parity errors in use being removed, S. Webber

MCR-0102, 1973-10-12, Remove pre-page commands and the hard core interface, S. Webber

MCR-0103, 1973-10-12, Change page Multi-level removal algorithm to make pages recently faulted upon appear recently used, S. Webber

MCR-0105, 1973-10-12, Simplification of performance test analysis, R. Roach

MCR-0106, 1973-10-12, fix bugs in plot_, R. Roach, J. Klensin

MCR-0107, 1973-10-12, sort_file enhancements, R. Roach

MCR-0108, 1973-10-12, Improve tln output, R. Roach

MCR-0109, 1973-10-15, Convert Network IOSIM "changemode" call to not require a trailing period, D. Wells

MCR-0110, 1973-10-16, BACKUP: Consolidate and cleanup file attachment interface for maps and error files, M. Meer

MCR-0111, 1973-10-16, Backup: Additional options for catchup_dump and dumper test runs, M. Meer

MCR-0112, 1973-10-16, Listing tape system: 7 or 9 track tape designation more detailed comparison in merging, M. Meer

MCR-0113, 1973-10-16, qedx: restriction on write with no pathname, M. Meer

MCR-0114, 1973-10-16, Provide "fast" gate entries into the hardcore, S. Webber

MCR-0115, 1973-10-19, Administrative exec com for the Network Daemon, K. Pogran

MCR-0116, 1973-10-19, Add new order to teletype DIMS e.g. tw_ ntw_ g115_, M. Grady, P. Green, R. Coren

MCR-0117, 1973-10-15, Removal of active mode of salvaging, A. Kobziar

MCR-0118, 1973-10-24, Bug fix to ring_1_lock_, P. Haber

MCR-0119, 1973-10-25, Change definition of entry sequence, B. Wolman

MCR-0120, 1973-10-25, Install new PLl_operators_, B. Wolman

MCR-0121, 1973-10-25, Install do command/active function, B. Wolman

MCR-0122, 1973-10-24, bcpl_library bug fix, R. Mabee

MCR-0123, 1973-10-24, runoff bug fix, R. Mabee

MCR-0124, 1973-10-24, Fix to 1050 addressing problems, D. Snyder

MCR-0125, 1973-10-25, Add disk to Multics via Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0126, 1973-10-25, Remove null address dependence from Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0127, 1973-10-25, Salvager Emergency Shutdown, A. Kobziar

MCR-0128, 1973-10-29, Fix bug in delete_ subroutine, E. Stone

MCR-0129, 1973-10-29, Fix access violation in creation of outer ring stacks, E. Stone

MCR-0130, 1973-10-29, Fix bugs in obtaining initializer console channel name, E. Stone

MCR-0131, 1973-10-29, Extend "list" "status" "copy" "move" to understand multi-segment files, M. Smith

MCR-0132, 1973-10-29, Signal "finish" and close files at process terminations, M. Smith

MCR-0133, 1973-10-29, Replace "endfile" command by "close file", M. Smith

MCR-0134, 1973-10-29, New "error table" codes, M. Smith

MCR-0135, 1973-10-29, Install upgraded PL/I runtime, B. Wolman

MCR-0136, 1973-10-29, Fix bug in remote formats (#744), B. Wolman

MCR-0137, 1973-10-29, Fix to syserr_real unlock bug, B. Silver

MCR-0138, 1973-10-31, Fix mail command to use set_lock_, T. VanVleck

MCR-0139, 1973-10-30, Install Improved disk statistics program, T. VanVleck

MCR-0140, 1973-10-30, Improve active functions for arithmetic and string manipulation, T. VanVleck

MCR-0141, 1973-10-27, Extended Star Convention (Phase Two), G. Dixon

MCR-0142, 1973-10-27, compare_entrv_names (bug fix), G. Dixon

MCR-0143, 1973-10-27, Fix bug in start_dump (not printing maps), R. Roach

MCR-0144, 1973-11-01, Fix zeroing reused page in salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0145, 1973-11-01, Fix bug in signaller causing EIS problems, S. Webber

MCR-0146, 1973-11-01, Fix bugs in pxss, S. Webber

MCR-0147, 1973-11-01, Correction of stringsize fault handling, M. Weaver

MCR-0148, 1973-11-05, New I/O Daemon, R. Coren

MCR-0149, 1973-10-31, Install Profile Command, B. Wolman

MCR-0150, 1973-10-31, Install corrected EIS conversion routines, B. Wolman

MCR-0151, 1973-11-05, Hardcore Updater Modifications, D. Jordan

MCR-0152, 1973-11-08, Message Segment Primitive Changes, P. Haber

MCR-0153, 1973-11-02, Remove "pdir" abbrev mechanism from print_apt_entry. Also add -brief option, S. Webber

MCR-0154, 1973-11-02, fix bug In star_, G. Dixon

MCR-0155, 1973-11-07, Creation of system trace table, D. Snyder

MCR-0156, 1973-11-07, Improve listing tape system, M. Meer

MCR-0157, 1973-11-07, ACL extended access change, P. Haber

MCR-0158, 1973-11-09, Fix bug in print_aste_ptp when run on development, S. Webber

MCR-0159, 1973-11-08, Fix bug in dump_segment_command, T. Casey

MCR-0160, 1973-11-08, Emergency installation of gcos simulator, T. Casey

MCR-0161, 1973-11-08, msa_manager_ bug fix, G. Dixon

MCR-0162, 1973-11-01, Fix bug in message coordinator, T. VanVleck

MCR-0163, 1973-11-01, Fix bug in installation_parms, T. VanVleck

MCR-0164, 1973-11-01, Prevent Initializer from looping if a process cannot be destroyed, T. VanVleck

MCR-0165, 1973-11-02, Remove installation-dependent ACLs from system tape, T. VanVleck

MCR-0166, 1973-11-02, Fix IO Daemon handling of multi-segment files, T. VanVleck

MCR-0167, 1973-11-02, Fix bug in ARDS charging, T. VanVleck

MCR-0168, 1973-11-02, Modify disk accounting programs to use new quota primitives, T. VanVleck

MCR-0169, 1973-11-08, Set TIMAX for Initializer to 1 instead of 0, T. VanVleck

MCR-0170, 1973-11-12, Fix bug in truncate command when called with no arguments, C. Clingen

MCR-0171, 1973-11-14, Fix bug in trace, M. Grady

MCR-0172, 1973-11-14, Implementation of the G115 remote computer interface, M. Grady

MCR-0173, 1973-11-15, Install new version of trace_stack, T. VanVleck

MCR-0174, 1973-11-16, Fix locking bug in find_, A. Kobziar

MCR-0175, 1973-11-16, BOS should not set masks in memory controllers from which it is not receiving interrupts, R. Mullen

MCR-0176, 1973-11-16, Install "iox_" I/O interface (MSB-113), M. Smith

MCR-0177, 1973-11-16, Type message on printer error in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-0178, 1973-11-19, Fix "all 5's" bug in full_ipc_, R. Mullen

MCR-0179, 1973-11-22, gcos_daemon bug fixes, P. Haber

MCR-0180, 1973-11-26, Correction to ARPA Network self-identification processing, D. Wells

MCR-0181, 1973-11-21, Fix to DN355, D. Snyder

MCR-0182, 1973-11-21, Fix to system_trace, D. Snyder

MCR-0183, 1973-11-27, Rewrite edm for speed and clarity, R. Mullen

MCR-0184, 1973-11-27, New GCOS Simulator, T. Casey

MCR-0185, 1973-12-04, Fix to BOS BLAST command, D. Snyder

MCR-0186, 1973-11-28, Place check in stop_process to crash system if called by initializer, S. Webber

MCR-0187, 1973-11-26, make the date_time active functions operate as commands, G. Dixon

MCR-0188, 1973-11-19, Increase size of online installations, P. Kelley

MCR-0189, 1973-12-04, Online installation documentation, P. Kelley

MCR-0190, 1973-11-28, Installation of TTYM, D. Snyder

MCR-0192, 1973-11-28, Fix bug in operator SUBSTTY command, D. Capps

MCR-0193, 1973-11-28, Modifications to network_exec_, K. Pogran

MCR-0195, 1973-12-03, Allow EAQ output in floating point, B. Wolman

MCR-0196, 1973-11-29, Put time out mechanism on waiting processes, S. Webber

MCR-0197, 1973-12-04, QEDX default path, M. Meer

MCR-0198, 1973-12-04, Improvements to debug command, R. Coren

MCR-0199, 1973-12-04, Remove obsolete tape software, N. Morris

MCR-0200, 1973-12-04, Avoid hardware bug in slt_manager, D. Jordan

MCR-0201, 1973-12-04, Qedx addressing, M. Meer

MCR-0202, 1973-12-04, Bugs in listing tape system, M. Meer

MCR-0203, 1973-12-05, Repair defective tape software, N. Morris

MCR-0204, 1973-12-11, REVISE approved_routines_ TABLE FOR NEW ACL PRIMITIVES, A. Scherer


MCR-0206, 1973-12-11, Fix bug in IMP DIM initialization, D. Wells

MCR-0207, 1973-12-06, install tape reconfiguration command, T. VanVleck

MCR-0208, 1973-12-06, Complete installation of EIS conversion routines, B. Wolman

MCR-0209, 1973-12-13, Install the set_cc command, R. Freiburghouse

MCR-0210, 1973-12-12, Place traps in system looking for "lost notify's", S. Webber

MCR-0211, 1973-12-12, Add meters to page control, S. Webber

MCR-0212, 1973-12-12, More history register and associative memory data to the PRDS, S. Webber

MCR-0213, 1973-12-12, Fix to the "stars and bells" bug in the message coordinator, D. Capps

MCR-0214, 1973-12-12, "%" bug in debug command, R. Coren

MCR-0215, 1973-12-14, Math Routines, D. Levin

MCR-0216, 1973-12-14, bound Fortran_io_, D. Levin

MCR-0217, 1973-12-14, Fortran compiler, D. Levin

MCR-0218, 1973-12-14, Install EIS version of PL/I Compiler, R. Barnes

MCR-0219, 1973-11-12, neted: a common editor for the ARPA network, M. Padlipsky

MCR-0220, 1973-12-14, Deletion of obsolete subsystem from tools, A. Scherer

MCR-0221, 1973-12-14, Addition of -date option to the print_log command, K. Pogran

MCR-0222, 1973-12-12, sort error_tabte_ alphabetically by entry names, G. Dixon

MCR-0223, 1973-12-14, accept star names containing ascii control characters, G. Dixon

MCR-0224, 1973-12-13, Remove 'a' segment access references from online installation tools, P. Kelley

MCR-0225, 1973-12-14, accept equal names containing ascii control characters, G. Dixon

MCR-0226, 1973-12-18, Upgrading of Answering Service to support new Network TELNET protocol, D. Wells

MCR-0227, 1973-12-18, Upgrading of user process Network IOSIM to support new Network TELNET protocol and to add additional functions, D. Wells

MCR-0230, 1973-12-18, Fix double freeing of an allocation in acl_commands, A. Kobziar

MCR-0231, 1973-12-18, Checking author and bit_count author names for non-ascii in Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0232, 1973-12-18, Remove CACLs and segment "a" permission from Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0233, 1973-12-18, Implement DSU-191s for Multics, N. Morris

MCR-0234, 1973-12-19, Fix to tty_ctl, D. Snyder

MCR-0235, 1973-12-19, Establish cleanup handlers in ring0 ttydim, D. Snyder

MCR-0236, 1973-12-19, Centralization of debug card checking, D. Snyder

MCR-0237, 1973-12-19, Fix bug which allows fsdct pages to get nulled out, S. Webber

MCR-0238, 1973-12-13, Fix bugs in compare command, S. Herbst

MCR-0239, 1973-12-13, Fix bugs in walk_subtree, S. Herbst

MCR-0240, 1973-12-19, Install procedure tracing program, B. Wolman

MCR-0241, 1973-12-20, Additions to the ARPA Network Host Table, K. Pogran

MCR-0242, 1973-12-20, stop msa_manager_ from storing segment number in bit count of MSA components, G. Dixon

MCR-0243, 1973-12-19, edurf reports dates as 01/01/01, S. Barr

MCR-0244, 1973-12-19, print_dump_tape does not recognize EOF on 9 track tape, S. Barr

MCR-0245, 1973-12-19, Increase the size of STR-SEG, S. Webber

MCR-0246, 1973-12-19, Fix unlocking bug in get_proc_id, S. Webber

MCR-0247, 1973-12-21, Extend fsm to handle new meters, S. Webber

MCR-0248, 1973-12-26, Fix bug in absentee DIM's condition handler, E. Stone

MCR-0249, 1973-12-26, Install update_handler_ again and change interface, E. Stone

MCR-0251, 1973-12-26, Fix bug in backup_load, E. Stone

MCR-0252, 1973-12-31, Allow PL/1_operators_ to be different in outer rings, E. Stone

MCR-0253, 1973-12-20, Install new LISP subsystem, D. Reed, D. Moon, A. Sunguroff

MCR-0254, 1974-01-02, gcos daemon changes, P. Haber

MCR-0256, 1974-01-02, Installation of 355 software tools, D. Wells

MCR-0257, 1974-01-02, change tape configuration cards, N. Morris

MCR-0258, 1974-01-02, Fix to 355 bug, D. Snyder

MCR-0259, 1974-01-08, Fix Bug in msf_manager_, E. Stone

MCR-0260, 1974-01-04, Fix bug in test_faults_(convert to 6180), S. Webber

MCR-0261, 1974-01-04, Add tool "instr_speed" to system, S. Webber

MCR-0262, 1974-01-04, Extend page_trace to handle new trace types, S. Webber

MCR-0263, 1974-01-04, Add new user-settable entry to system trace, S. Webber

MCR-0264, 1974-01-04, Additional feature in list_daemon_requests, R. Coren

MCR-0265, 1974-01-08, Install tape metering command, M. Grady

MCR-0266, 1974-01-08, Bug in Dumper, M. Meer

MCR-0267, 1974-01-08, Bug in Backup, M. Meer

MCR-0268, 1974-01-08, Install new PL/I compiler and runtime, R. Barnes

MCR-0269, 1974-01-09, change to test_timer_manager, S. Herbst

MCR-0270, 1974-01-09, "abbrev_set_cp" entry in abbrev, S. Herbst

MCR-0271, 1974-01-09, Install new BASIC, B. Wolman

MCR-0272, 1974-01-09, bound_fortran_, D. Levin

MCR-0273, 1974-01-09, bound_fortran_io_, D. Levin

MCR-0274, 1974-01-09, Argument descriptors, R. Freiburghouse

MCR-0275, 1974-01-11, Fix RUNCOM problem in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-0276, 1974-01-11, bugs in walk_subtree, S. Herbst

MCR-0277, 1974-01-11, Process overseer for card-reading daemon, R. Coren

MCR-0278, 1974-01-11, Reinstall ftp_mail_, A. Kobziar

MCR-0279, 1974-01-10, Delete obsolete library procedures, D. Jordan

MCR-0280, 1974-01-12, ACI and BCI Pseudo-ops for alm that can specify character count, J. Rhodes

MCR-0282, 1974-01-09, bugs in timer_manager_, S. Herbst

MCR-0283, 1974-01-02, Modify tape DCM to support 2 channels, N. Morris

MCR-0284, 1974-01-14, Addition of entry tdcm_promote to hcs_, D. Capps

MCR-0286, 1974-01-15, Fix setacl to work with star convention, A. Kobziar

MCR-0287, 1974-01-15, Fix PL/I Bug in salv_rebuild_directory, A. Kobziar

MCR-0288, 1974-01-16, Corrections to nstd dim, S. Barr

MCR-0290, 1974-01-14, Creation of New Library for ARPA Network Software, D. Wells

MCR-0291, 1974-02-08, Miscellaneous changes to Answering Service and Process Initialization related to Network, D. Wells

MCR-0292, 1974-01-15, Warn users about unexpected disabling of ips interrupts, M. Weaver

MCR-0293, 1974-01-16, Addressing bug in qedx, M. Meer

MCR-0295, 1974-01-16, Bug in archive_util_, S. Herbst

MCR-0296, 1974-01-18, Bug fix for tape_, B. Silver

MCR-0297, 1974-01-21, Increase size of IOAT, D. Vinograd

MCR-0298, 1974-01-21, Fix bug in update option during system start up, D. Vinograd

MCR-0300, 1974-01-14, BOS command to search for parity errors, J. Hannigan

MCR-0301, 1974-01-14, BOS command to read registers of non-bootload CPU, J. Hannigan

MCR-0302, 1974-01-21, Gate Macro Fix, P. Haber

MCR-0303, 1974-01-17, Securable access to metering data, R. Mabee

MCR-0304, 1974-01-17, Fix bugs in answering service 7.4, T. VanVleck

MCR-0305, 1974-01-17, Message Coordinator improvements, T. VanVleck

MCR-0306, 1974-01-17, Change entry definition in Object segment, T. VanVleck, R. Barnes

MCR-0307, 1974-01-17, Fix bugs in memo command, P. Green

MCR-0308, 1974-01-23, Fix bugs in fault info routines, M. Weaver

MCR-0309, 1974-01-26, Change setacl to apply to either directories or segments when used with star convention, A. Kobziar

MCR-0310, 1974-01-26, Star convention in archive command, S. Herbst

MCR-0311, 1974-01-26, Extend capabilities of arithmetic active functions, B. Wolman

MCR-0312, 1974-01-26, Correct and extend comparison active functions, B. Wolman

MCR-0313, 1974-02-05, Restrict system free area to be 64k, E. Stone

MCR-0314, 1974-02-05, Fix error in bound_debug_, B. Wolman

MCR-0315, 1974-02-05, Fix to synchronize hangups with answering service, D. Snyder

MCR-0316, 1974-02-05, 22-0 cleanup, E. Stone

MCR-0317, 1974-02-05, Recovery from ITT overflows, T. VanVleck

MCR-0318, 1974-02-05, Answering Service 7.5, T. VanVleck

MCR-0319, 1974-02-05, Correct bug in "&if ... &then" part of process_input_string_, S. Barr

MCR-0320, 1974-02-05, Extend Arithmetic Active Functions, B. Wolman

MCR-0321, 1974-02-05, Correct and Extend Comparison Active Functions, B. Wolman

MCR-0322, 1974-02-05, Archive component names, S. Herbst

MCR-0323, 1974-02-05, Fix bugs in reprint-error, M. Weaver

MCR-0324, 1974-02-05, Fix bugs in new condition mechanism, M. Weaver

MCR-0325, 1974-02-05, Change in the implementation of the Network Host Activation List, K. Pogran

MCR-0326, 1974-02-05, Fix illegal pointers in submission-testing programs, A. Scherer

MCR-0327, 1974-02-05, Update approved_routines_ table for online installations, A. Scherer

MCR-0328, 1974-02-05, Install new numeric formatting function, B. Wolman

MCR-0329, 1974-02-05, Bugs in archive command, S. Herbst

MCR-0330, 1974-02-05, Fix teco bug, M. Grady

MCR-0331, 1974-02-01, Fix bugs in datmk routines used by linker, M. Weaver

MCR-0332, 1974-02-01, compare of zero length segments, S. Herbst

MCR-0333, 1974-02-01, Changes to handle 1200 baud terminets, D. Snyder

MCR-0334, 1974-02-01, Fix to HSIA software, D. Snyder

MCR-0336, 1974-02-06, bugs in abbrev, S. Herbst

MCR-0337, 1974-02-05, Correcting maximum tree depth, A. Kobziar

MCR-0338, 1974-02-05, Fix bugs in IOM_manager's handling of overhead channels, N. Morris

MCR-0339, 1974-02-05, Interpret "disposal" properly in "tw_" and "hcs_$tty_detach", M. Smith

MCR-0340, 1974-02-05, Extend find_operator_name_ procedure, B. Wolman

MCR-0341, 1974-02-05, Fix bug in initialization tape_reader, N. Morris

MCR-0342, 1974-02-05, Install indexed-file modules, D. MacLaren

MCR-0343, 1974-02-05, recursion of archive command, S. Herbst

MCR-0344, 1974-02-06, convert LTS system for 256k, M. Meer

MCR-0345, 1974-02-06, Fix bug in init_salv_fsdcts, N. Morris

MCR-0346, 1974-02-06, Improve & extend IOM manager, N. Morris

MCR-0347, 1974-02-08, parity fault reporting is incorrect, D. Snyder

MCR-0348, 1974-02-11, fix bug in signal_, M. Weaver

MCR-0349, 1974-02-11, fix bug in find_condition_info_, M. Weaver

MCR-0350, 1974-02-12, Rewrite formline_, B. Wolman

MCR-0351, 1974-02-12, Fix bug in 355 initialization, D. Snyder

MCR-0352, 1974-02-12, Fix installation_parms access in who command, S. Barr

MCR-0353, 1974-02-19, Modify IOM Manager for Online T & D Needs, N. Morris

MCR-0354, 1974-02-08, all_rings_utiL_ has an unused stacq subroutine, D. Snyder

MCR-0355, 1974-02-13, process metering commands: sample_refs and print_sample_refs, R. Klinger

MCR-0356, 1974-02-13, Improve system administration programs, T. VanVleck

MCR-0357, 1974-02-13, Make bad clock settings less fatal, T. VanVleck

MCR-0358, 1974-02-13, Improve system administation reports, T. VanVleck

MCR-0359, 1974-02-15, set the max lengths of system initialization segments, E. Stone

MCR-0360, 1974-02-15, bound_full_cp conversion, S. Herbst

MCR-0361, 1974-02-15, Add new T & D program "test_cpu" to Tools, S. Webber

MCR-0362, 1974-02-15, Add new program set_proc_required to Tools, S. Webber

MCR-0363, 1974-02-15, Add measure of "static" storage use in print_linkage_usage, S. Webber

MCR-0364, 1974-02-15, Fix bugs in et (eis_tester), S. Webber

MCR-0365, 1974-02-15, Fix duplicated metering bug in total_time_meters, S. Webber

MCR-0366, 1974-02-15, Make "component" entry in print_qen_info_ segment in bound_gm_, S. Webber

MCR-0367, 1974-02-15, Do more argument checking in substr active function, P. Green

MCR-0368, 1974-02-15, new Tools command grab_tape_drive, S. Barr

MCR-0369, 1974-02-19, Improve ioa_, B. Wolman

MCR-0370, 1974-02-20, Change quantum time measure from real CPU to virtual CPU, S. Webber

MCR-0371, 1974-02-20, Update metering commands, S. Webber

MCR-0372, 1974-02-20, Change BOS not to print on every tape error, N. Morris

MCR-0373, 1974-02-26, Cache Multics - single-cpu version, B. Greenberg

MCR-0374, 1974-02-26, MST Generator and checker changes for cache, B. Greenberg

MCR-0375, 1974-02-26, BOS compatibility changes for 6180 cache, B. Greenberg

MCR-0376, 1974-02-20, Fix send_message to get around compiler bug, P. Green

MCR-0377, 1974-02-21, Miscellaneous Fixes to Network User Process server TELNET IOSIM, D. Wells

MCR-0378, 1974-02-21, Conversion of Network Control Program (NCP) to Version II PL/I, D. Wells

MCR-0379, 1974-02-25, Gate descriptor security hole, B. Greenberg

MCR-0380, 1974-02-25, Improve error_table messages for I/O, D. MacLaren

MCR-0381, 1974-02-25, deleteacl -brief option, A. Kobziar

MCR-0382, 1974-02-25, read_cards calls unique_chars_ incorrectly, G. Dixon

MCR-0383, 1974-02-25, Speed up metering gates, M. Smith

MCR-0384, 1974-02-26, Correct IPS masking bug in IOX, M. Smith

MCR-0385, 1974-02-26, Tighten IPS masking interface, M. Smith

MCR-0386, 1974-02-26, Fix "discard_" "seek_key" error code, M. Smith

MCR-0387, 1974-02-27, Retain entry point "iox_$control", M. Smith

MCR-0388, 1974-02-28, Fix up bound_acceptance_test_ for iox, R. Roach

MCR-0389, 1974-02-28, Fix problems resulting from list command upgrade, J. Gintell

MCR-0390, 1974-02-27, Provide Protection for MTS500 subsystems shared by two systems, N. Morris

MCR-0391, 1974-02-27, Modify Operator's Console Software for operation of the System Control Console and Entry Model Console, N. Morris

MCR-0392, 1974-03-01, Bug tracing via salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0393, 1974-03-01, Debug_check changes affecting salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0394, 1974-02-27, Changes to the ARPA Network File Transfer Server (bound_ftp_server_), K. Pogran

MCR-0395, 1974-02-28, Modifications to network_exec_, K. Pogran

MCR-0396, 1974-02-28, Fix bugs In Include cross referencer, P. Green

MCR-0397, 1974-02-25, Upgrade submission testing programs, A. Scherer

MCR-0398, 1974-03-05, Correct bug in get_user_id_ that references a table with a null pointer, S. Barr

MCR-0399, 1974-03-19, Make I/O daemon perform deletions after crash, R. Coren

MCR-0400, 1974-03-19, Restrict traps at first reference, M. Weaver

MCR-0401, 1974-03-19, Fix bugs in binder and make improvements, M. Weaver

MCR-0402, 1974-03-19, Change command Interface of binder, M. Weaver

MCR-0403, 1974-03-19, The Phonetic "_", D. MacLaren

MCR-0404, 1974-03-19, Programs for processing SYSERR log, T. VanVleck

MCR-0405, 1974-03-19, Improvements in exists active function, G. Benedict

MCR-0406, 1974-03-19, Change to config card format, N. Morris

MCR-0407, 1974-03-19, 355 fix, D. Snyder

MCR-0408, 1974-03-19, Entry bound fix, B. Greenberg

MCR-0409, 1974-03-19, Fix bugs in BOS TSTCHN command, N. Morris

MCR-0410, 1974-03-19, TTY DIM Fixes, D. Snyder

MCR-0411, 1974-03-19, Bug in proc_brackets_, S. Herbst

MCR-0412, 1974-03-26, Command Name Usage Monitor, D. Kayden

MCR-0413, 1974-03-26, Fix bug in BOS PRINT command, N. Morris

MCR-0414, 1974-03-26, Change OPC configuration card, N. Morris

MCR-0415, 1974-03-26, Upgrade and fix bugs in some bound_debug_util_ routines, M. Weaver

MCR-0416, 1974-03-26, Fix bug in LD355 and BLAST, M. Grady

MCR-0417, 1974-03-26, bound_full_cp_ with EIS, S. Herbst

MCR-0418, 1974-03-26, EIS version of find_command_, S. Herbst

MCR-0419, 1974-03-26, Correct bug in salv_truncate, E. Stone

MCR-0420, 1974-03-26, New version of indent command, T. VanVleck

MCR-0421, 1974-03-26, Fix bugs in BOS PATCH command, N. Morris

MCR-0422, 1974-03-26, Change "assign_device" algorithm, N. Morris

MCR-0423, 1974-03-26, Fix bugs in version 1 APL, P. Green, M. Smith

MCR-0424, 1974-03-26, Install print_paging_histogram , B. Greenberg

MCR-0425, 1974-03-26, Modify the ACL commands to work for MSFs, E. Stone

MCR-0426, 1974-03-26, New core freeing mechanism, B. Greenberg

MCR-0427, 1974-03-26, Fix bug in SAC command, T. VanVleck, D. Vinograd

MCR-0428, 1974-03-26, Restore ability to call online salvager from user rings, A. Kobziar

MCR-0429, 1974-03-26, Fix network portion of answering service to properly re-initialize pseudo-TTY, D. Wells

MCR-0430, 1974-04-02, file_status - status command for PL/I files, P. Belmont

MCR-0431, 1974-04-02, New ttydim/355 software, D. Snyder

MCR-0432, 1974-04-02, Rewrite list listnames and listotals, T. Casey

MCR-0433, 1974-04-02, secure mail command, S. Herbst

MCR-0434, 1974-04-02, Modifications to the ARPA Net work Host Table, K. Pogran

MCR-0435, 1974-04-02, Table size CONfIG card, B. Greenberg

MCR-0436, 1974-04-02, Install print_paging_histogram (revised), B. Greenberg

MCR-0437, 1974-04-02, Minor enhancement and bug fix to proj_usage_report, J. Gintell

MCR-0438, 1974-04-02, HSLA software bug, D. Snyder

MCR-0439, 1974-04-09, Add cleanup handler to nstd_, S. Barr

MCR-0440, 1974-04-09, mail destinations, S. Herbst

MCR-0441, 1974-04-09, Fix bug in print_sample_refs cleanup procedure, R. Klinger

MCR-0442, 1974-04-09, Incorporate the safety switch into the online updating tools, P. Kelley

MCR-0443, 1974-04-09, Change patch_ring_zero to use command_query_, S. Webber

MCR-0444, 1974-04-09, Add new metering tool print_tuning_parameters, S. Webber

MCR-0445, 1974-04-09, Fix file system I/O frequency meters, S. Webber

MCR-0446, 1974-04-09, change post purge algorithms, S. Webber

MCR-0447, 1974-04-09, Fix cross_reference to include type-6 (create if not found) links, P. Green

MCR-0448, 1974-04-09, Fix lost notify bug, S. Webber

MCR-0449, 1974-04-09, Add feature to system to allow partial wiring of bound_sss_wired_ (which contains pl1_operators_ and utilities), S. Webber

MCR-0450, 1974-04-09, Add new and consolidate existing character string BIF active functions, G. Dixon

MCR-0451, 1974-04-16, delete_ bug, A. Kobziar

MCR-0452, 1974-04-16, Install BOS ABS command, B. Greenberg

MCR-0453, 1974-04-16, new abs_usable-abs_wired mechanism, B. Greenberg

MCR-0454, 1974-04-16, Fix 2 CPU bugs in operator's console software, N. Morris

MCR-0455, 1974-04-16, Fix bug in BOS command LD355, N. Morris

MCR-0456, 1974-04-16, Fix bug in operator's console software when not using log, N. Morris

MCR-0457, 1974-04-16, Implement I/O Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-0458, 1974-04-16, Fix bugs in BASIC, B. Wolman

MCR-0459, 1974-04-16, The phonetic underscore, D. MacLaren

MCR-0460, 1974-04-16, Install complier tools tmg and compile_messages, R. Barnes

MCR-0461, 1974-04-16, Fix bug in illegal_procedure's attempted simulation of the MVT instruction to zero length target strings, S. Webber

MCR-0462, 1974-04-16, Add "report_reset" control argument to tty_meters, D. Snyder

MCR-0463, 1974-04-16, Fix to meter_gate_ subroutine, D. Snyder

MCR-0464, 1974-04-16, TTYDIM change for online T&D, D. Snyder

MCR-0465, 1974-04-16, Modification to the translator_segment_ interface to set the maximum length for segments, R. Frankston

MCR-0466, 1974-04-23, Locking strategy in I/O daemon, R. Coren

MCR-0467, 1974-04-23, Improve access checking in dprint_, R. Coren

MCR-0468, 1974-04-23, GCOS daemon and GCOS User Changes, P. Haber

MCR-0469, 1974-04-23, version 2 Message Segment bug Fixes, P. Haber

MCR-0470, 1974-04-23, New GCOS Simulator, T. Casey

MCR-0471, 1974-04-23, fix bug in cv_dir_acl_, P. Kelley

MCR-0472, 1974-04-23, Fix bug in bootstrap1 , N. Morris

MCR-0473, 1974-04-23, Modify BOS CORE command, N. Morris

MCR-0474, 1974-04-23, fix handling of special interrupts in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-0475, 1974-04-23, Fix bug in procedure "get_device_status", D. Wells

MCR-0476, 1974-04-23, Changes to User ring link unsnapping, D. Wells

MCR-0477, 1974-04-23, Fix bug in interprocess communication interface, D. Wells

MCR-0478, 1974-04-23, Change LOADOM to accept command name arguments, B. Greenberg

MCR-0479, 1974-04-23, Shutdown/Startup reused address bug, P. Haber

MCR-0480, 1974-04-23, Delete pl1_operators_ from lang library, B. Wolman

MCR-0481, 1974-04-30, Study new scheduler and paging algorithms, S. Webber

MCR-0482, 1974-04-30, Change error_table_ messages, T. Casey

MCR-0483, 1974-04-30, Fix message segment pointer validator, P. Haber

MCR-0484, 1974-04-30, Fix error handling in GCOS Daemon and I/O subroutines, T. Casey

MCR-0485, 1974-04-30, Allow B D E F and I in numeric input fields, B. Wolman

MCR-0486, 1974-05-07, mstras command, B. Silver

MCR-0487, 1974-05-07, meter_oc_log command, B. Silver

MCR-0488, 1974-05-07, Addition of -unique option to sort_seg command, R. Klinger

MCR-0489, 1974-05-07, Debug modification decimal default; new data assignment; allow choice of debug I/O, S. Barr

MCR-0490, 1974-05-07, Bug fixes to Debug, S. Barr

MCR-0491, 1974-05-07, change to abbrev, S. Herbst

MCR-0492, 1974-05-07, Modify initialization to ease the "high water mark" problem, S. Webber

MCR-0493, 1974-05-07, Emergency Installation of pl1_operators_, R. Barnes

MCR-0494, 1974-05-07, Repair problems introduced by change to tape controller specifications, N. Morris

MCR-0495, 1974-05-14, Emergency Fixes to I/O Coordinator, R. Coren

MCR-0496, 1974-05-14, Version 1 Message Segment Primitive Bug Fix, P. Haber

MCR-0497, 1974-05-14, Fix Bug in del_dir_tree, E. Stone

MCR-0498, 1974-05-14, Loss of form feeds on input , D. Snyder

MCR-0499, 1974-05-14, dc_Pack Cleanup Handler Bug, A. Kobziar

MCR-0500, 1974-05-14, Improper ACL setting in delete_, A. Kobziar

MCR-0501, 1974-05-14, Fix Bugs in meter_gate, S. Webber

MCR-0502, 1974-05-14, Bug in process_input_string, S. Herbst

MCR-0503, 1974-05-14, Fix Bug in Tape DCM, N. Morris

MCR-0504, 1974-05-14, Automatic System ID Generation by MST Generator, B. Greenberg

MCR-0505, 1974-05-14, Change DN355 Interrupt Assignments, N. Morris

MCR-0506, 1974-05-14, Fix tor Message Segment Facility Bug, P. Haber

MCR-0507, 1974-05-14, New vars!ons of sort_items_ and sort_items_indirect_, R. Klinger

MCR-0508, 1974-05-21, Addition of get_salv_bit_ function to Version 1 message facility, P. Haber

MCR-0509, 1974-05-21, Bug fix for if command, D. Levin

MCR-0510, 1974-05-21, Fix remote device driver for new g11S_dim interface, R. Coren

MCR-0511, 1974-05-21, Fix bug in BOS SAVE and RESTOR commands, N. Morris

MCR-0512, 1974-05-21, Fixes to map355, D. Snyder

MCR-0513, 1974-05-21, Fixes to 355 software, D. Snyder

MCR-0514, 1974-05-21, Improvements to console_report, T. VanVleck

MCR-0515, 1974-05-21, Recompile message coordinator with EIS compiler, T. VanVleck

MCR-0516, 1974-05-21, Recompile answering service with EIS compiler, T. VanVleck

MCR-0517, 1974-05-21, Bug in tty_inter, D. Snyder

MCR-0518, 1974-05-21, Bug in archive, S. Herbst

MCR-0519, 1974-05-21, Attempt to fix lockup fault problem when returning from BOS, S. Webber

MCR-0520, 1974-05-21, Fix bug initiating segs with the copy switch on, S. Webber

MCR-0521, 1974-05-21, Fix bug preventing all oc messages from coming out, S. Webber

MCR-0522, 1974-05-21, Remove entries initiate_seg_ initiate_seg_count from hcs_ , S. Webber

MCR-0523, 1974-05-21, Qedx: incorrect cleanup bug, M. Meer

MCR-0524, 1974-05-21, Handling out_of_bounds_ on stack, M. Weaver

MCR-0525, 1974-05-28, Implementation of a DIM for the Terminet 1200, M. Grady

MCR-0526, 1974-05-28, Alleviate problems in shutdown, E. Stone

MCR-0527, 1974-05-28, Fix bug in configuration of dual synchronous HSLA subchannels, M. Grady

MCR-0528, 1974-05-28, Fix bugs in basic, B. Wolman

MCR-0529, 1974-05-28, Reused addresses in FSDCT ROOT, A. Kobziar

MCR-0530, 1974-05-28, Change to archive_star_, S. Herbst

MCR-0531, 1974-05-28, Change debug assignment to use data descriptors, S. Barr

MCR-0532, 1974-05-28, Change debug input default to decimal, S. Barr

MCR-0533, 1974-05-28, Allow user to change stream_names for debug I/O, S. Barr

MCR-0534, 1974-05-28, Delete all code to handle Version 1 object segments in debug, S. Barr

MCR-0535, 1974-05-28, Message segment check for Bad Header Data, P. Haber

MCR-0536, 1974-05-28, Collect hardcore gate meters (summary only) in tc_data for spg use, S. Webber

MCR-0537, 1974-05-28, "-name" option with archive extract, S. Herbst

MCR-0538, 1974-05-28, Fix BOS RESTOR Problem, N. Morris

MCR-0539, 1974-05-28, Minor bug fix in reset_use_totals, J. Homan

MCR-0540, 1974-05-28, Fix bug in BOS DUMP, N. Morris

MCR-0541, 1974-05-28, gcos daemon root directory change, R. Morrison

MCR-0542, 1974-05-28, Bind debug with ioa_ and formline_, B. Wolman

MCR-0543, 1974-05-28, Bug in copy_out, D. Snyder

MCR-0544, 1974-05-28, Change system initialization to initialize all faults before creating a hierarchy, E. Stone

MCR-0545, 1974-05-28, Prevent "deadly embrace" in get_aste, E. Stone

MCR-0546, 1974-05-28, Fix bug in status_ primitive, E. Stone

MCR-0547, 1974-06-04, Fix bug preventing system from doing a cold boot with more than 9 disks (191s) online, S. Webber

MCR-0548, 1974-06-04, Fix bug in tty_free, M. Grady

MCR-0549, 1974-06-04, System handling of the finish condition, M. Weaver

MCR-0550, 1974-06-04, System handling of the finish condition, M. Weaver

MCR-0551, 1974-06-04, Fix to tty_ctl, D. Snyder

MCR-0552, 1974-06-04, Add entries to error_table_ for trace package, B. Wolman

MCR-0553, 1974-06-04, Add new tool "post_purge_meters" to system, S. Webber

MCR-0554, 1974-06-04, Implementation of a DIM for the TermiNet 1200, M. Grady

MCR-0555, 1974-06-04, Installation of the net_host_status command, K. Pogran

MCR-0556, 1974-06-04, Bug in get_equal_name, S. Herbst

MCR-0557, 1974-06-04, Bug in copy/move, S. Herbst

MCR-0558, 1974-06-04, Buy in copy_seg_, S. Herbst

MCR-0559, 1974-06-11, install the "star" command as a standard product, B. May

MCR-0560, 1974-06-11, Add a login option to set terminal-type, B. May

MCR-0561, 1974-06-11, Extend DPRINT for "indent" option, B. May

MCR-0562, 1974-06-11, Extend DPRINT to accept a "^edited" option, B. May

MCR-0563, 1974-06-11, Move the "value" active function from tools to sss, B. May

MCR-0564, 1974-06-11, Extend abbrev ".l" functions, B. May

MCR-0565, 1974-06-11, Move the "bound_dir_info" facility to sss, B. May

MCR-0566, 1974-06-11, Replace current APL system with "Super APL", B. May

MCR-0567, 1974-06-11, Extend Segment and directory Creation Primitives, B. May

MCR-0568, 1974-06-11, Bugs in nd_handler_, S. Herbst

MCR-0569, 1974-06-11, Two hardcore interfaces for backup, R. Mullen

MCR-0570, 1974-06-11, Fix deficiencies in linkage fault tracing, S. Webber

MCR-0571, 1974-06-11, Zeroing Branch Pad Field by Salvager and Append, A. Kobziar

MCR-0572, 1974-06-11, Status command on MSFs, S. Herbst

MCR-0573, 1974-06-11, Bug fixes to 355 software for MDS2400, M. Grady

MCR-0574, 1974-06-11, Conversion of tools to call ring_zero_peek, R. Roach

MCR-0575, 1974-06-11, Bug in indent, T. VanVleck

MCR-0576, 1974-06-11, Addition of bindfile information to bound segments, M. Weaver

MCR-0577, 1974-06-11, Bug in full_find_command_, S. Herbst

MCR-0578, 1974-06-11, Getquota with extended star convention, S. Herbst

MCR-0579, 1974-06-11, Allow user to change switch names for debug I/O, S. Barr

MCR-0580, 1974-06-11, Change archive's use of the safety switch, R. Roach

MCR-0581, 1974-06-11, Install a pause command in TOOLS, R. Roach

MCR-0582, 1974-06-18, Improved version of abbrev, J. Goldman

MCR-0583, 1974-06-18, Protect accounting Job from blowup if files destroyed, T. VanVleck

MCR-0584, 1974-06-18, New Programs for System Administration: new_proj and edit_proj, T. VanVleck

MCR-0585, 1974-06-18, Remove Obsolete Code from daemon_user_manager_, T. VanVleck

MCR-0586, 1974-06-18, Implement I/O Buffer Manager, N. Morris

MCR-0587, 1974-06-18, Implement I/O Buffer Manager, B. Greenberg

MCR-0588, 1974-06-18, Move cam/connect generator to page_fault, B. Greenberg

MCR-0589, 1974-06-18, Unify PL/1 coded page wait strategy, B. Greenberg

MCR-0590, 1974-06-18, Implement 2 CPU cache software, B. Greenberg

MCR-0591, 1974-06-18, add "-bftb" option to pl1_abs, S. Herbst

MCR-0592, 1974-06-18, change, S. Herbst

MCR-0593, 1974-06-18, fix bug in delete, S. Herbst

MCR-0594, 1974-06-18, Special version of GCOS Library for MIT, T. Casey

MCR-0595, 1974-06-18, Change directory hashing algorithm to use entire hash table, E. Stone

MCR-0596, 1974-06-18, Temporary modification to online updating tool, P. Kelley

MCR-0597, 1974-06-18, Remove outdated compatibility features in real_sdh_, M. Weaver

MCR-0598, 1974-06-18, Install cumulative_page_trace and cpt, J. Gintell

MCR-0599, 1974-06-18, New version of create_lines_file, D. Vinograd

MCR-0600, 1974-06-18, Fix to map355 and build355, D. Snyder

MCR-0601, 1974-06-18, Proper handling of reused addresses in Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0602, 1974-06-18, Recompile user-ring I/O in EIS, M. Smith

MCR-0603, 1974-06-18, Fix "tty_attach.pl1" error code returns, M. Smith

MCR-0604, 1974-06-18, Fix "ioa_$ioa_stream" error code return, M. Smith

MCR-0605, 1974-06-18, Fix title parse in "attach_ioname", M. Smith

MCR-0606, 1974-06-18, Delete obsolete IOS "print_attach_table", M. Smith

MCR-0607, 1974-06-18, Recompile APL in EIS, M. Smith

MCR-0608, 1974-06-18, Fix APL transpose bug, M. Smith

MCR-0609, 1974-06-18, Fix APL take/drop bug, M. Smith

MCR-0610, 1974-06-18, no_s_permlsslon with status command, S. Herbst

MCR-0611, 1974-06-18, New GCOS Simulator, T. Casey

MCR-0612, 1974-06-25, Make fixes to get_library_segment and its control lines, A. Scherer

MCR-0613, 1974-06-25, Fix bug in ipc_message_facility, S. Herbst

MCR-0614, 1974-06-25, Fix bug in copy_seg_, S. Herbst

MCR-0615, 1974-06-25, Add entry msf_acl to copy_acl_, S. Herbst

MCR-0616, 1974-06-25, adjust_bit_count on MSFs, S. Herbst

MCR-0617, 1974-06-25, Implement the "-long" option with abc, S. Herbst

MCR-0618, 1974-06-25, Implement Security Attributes in Storage System: Part 1, A. Kobziar

MCR-0619, 1974-06-25, Implement Security Attributes in Storage System: Part 2, A. Kobziar

MCR-0620, 1974-06-25, Improve add_copyright command, J. Gintell

MCR-0621, 1974-06-25, Fix bug in enter command, T. VanVleck

MCR-0622, 1974-06-25, Recompile vfile_, D. MacLaren

MCR-0623, 1974-07-02, Report msf error with status command, S. Herbst

MCR-0624, 1974-07-02, Fix bug in com_err_, M. Weaver

MCR-0625, 1974-07-02, Fix MSF bug in copy_seg_, S. Herbst

MCR-0626, 1974-07-02, Enable Operator to Specify tape drive in BOS SALV, N. Morris

MCR-0627, 1974-07-02, Fix bugs in sort_seg, G. Dixon

MCR-0628, 1974-07-02, Fix bug in get_library_segment, S. Herbst

MCR-0629, 1974-07-02, Turn printer on after a condition, M. Weaver

MCR-0630, 1974-07-02, Addition of security check module to hardcore, J. Whitmore

MCR-0631, 1974-07-02, Add tool "ol_dump" to system, S. Webber

MCR-0632, 1974-07-02, Install new version of tool "dump_pdmap", S. Webber

MCR-0633, 1974-07-02, Delete obsolete bound_io_daemon, R. Coren

MCR-0634, 1974-07-02, Fixes to the system tool "mexp", D. Wells

MCR-0635, 1974-07-02, Modifications to NCP to standardize access control & handle processing termination conditions, D. Wells

MCR-0636, 1974-07-02, Installation of "user_telnet" and some related programs in the Network Library, D. Wells

MCR-0637, 1974-07-11, Fix bug in I/O Coordinator, R. Coren

MCR-0638, 1974-07-11, msf_manager_ acl handling, A. Kobziar

MCR-0639, 1974-07-11, Fix bug in tty_dim for MDS 2400, M. Grady

MCR-0640, 1974-07-11, Fix bug in tty_write, M. Grady

MCR-0641, 1974-07-11, Message Segment Bug Fixes, P. Haber

MCR-0642, 1974-07-11, Install new mail command, S. Herbst

MCR-0643, 1974-07-11, Fix MSF bug in copy_seg_, S. Herbst

MCR-0644, 1974-07-11, Bug in tty control tables, D. Snyder

MCR-0645, 1974-07-11, Add substitutable argument capability to BOS RUNCOM facility, N. Morris

MCR-0646, 1974-07-11, Extension of MCRs 200 and 201, D. Wells

MCR-0647, 1974-07-11, Improvements to accounts_overseer_, T. VanVleck

MCR-0648, 1974-07-11, Fix bug in black & white chart, T. VanVleck

MCR-0649, 1974-07-11, New FORTRAN common implementation, D. Levin

MCR-0650, 1974-07-11, Remove file_manager from standard system, D. Levin

MCR-0651, 1974-07-11, Fix bugs in answering service, T. VanVleck

MCR-0652, 1974-07-11, Implement mail_table_manager_, S. Herbst

MCR-0653, 1974-07-16, Fix bug in pl1_operators_, B. Wolman

MCR-0654, 1974-07-16, Install new numeric formatting program arithmetic_to_ascii_, B. Wolman

MCR-0655, 1974-07-16, Change to punch_MIT_deck, J. Homan

MCR-0656, 1974-07-16, supply missing error_table_ code for sort_seg, G. Dixon

MCR-0657, 1974-07-23, Bug fix to "restart" command ln I/O daemon, R. Coren

MCR-0658, 1974-07-23, Fix to the "CRECHO" bug, D. Snyder

MCR-0659, 1974-07-23, Fix bug in BOS FOUMP mechanism, N. Morris

MCR-0660, 1974-07-23, Improve consistency of msa_manager_, P. Kelley

MCR-0661, 1974-07-23, Modlfy and extend the backup system to notify users about entries not backed up, G. AckermanLewis

MCR-0662, 1974-07-23, Study the problems associated with "small" process; build a prototype, J. Gintell, S. Webber, S. Barr

MCR-0663, 1974-07-23, Fix bugs in stu_, J. Broughton

MCR-0664, 1974-07-23, Add runtime routine to stu_ to convert pointer to offset, J. Broughton

MCR-0665, 1974-07-23, A new symbolic debugger - probe, J. Broughton

MCR-0666, 1974-07-23, Error in tty_read, D. Snyder

MCR-0667, 1974-07-23, Move on-units in status_ primitive from internal procedures to containing block, E. Stone

MCR-0668, 1974-07-23, Fix bug in I/O Coordinator "test" mode, R. Coren

MCR-0669, 1974-07-23, Prevent I/O Daemon from deleting modified files, R. Coren

MCR-0670, 1974-07-23, Refine I/O Coordinator's algorithm for dropping Queues, R. Coren

MCR-0671, 1974-07-30, Fix unreported bug in get_llbrary_segment which occurs when source segment has a two-character name, A. Scherer

MCR-0672, 1974-07-30, Backup bug fixes, R. Mullen

MCR-0673, 1974-07-30, New backup record types, R. Mullen

MCR-0674, 1974-07-30, Backup to call new hcs_ entries, R. Mullen

MCR-0675, 1974-07-30, Change grab_tape_drive so it ignores the Process limit if the user is privileged, S. Barr

MCR-0676, 1974-07-30, Bug in ii, D. Snyder

MCR-0677, 1974-07-30, New iox_$position type value, B. Silver

MCR-0678, 1974-07-30, Implement new mseg commands, S. Herbst

MCR-0679, 1974-07-30, Fix bug in queue_mseg_, S. Herbst

MCR-0680, 1974-07-30, Modification for enforcing the Access Isolation Mechanism with respect to Interprocess, D. Hunt

MCR-0681, 1974-07-30, Implement Security Attributes in Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0682, 1974-07-30, Update BOS FMT command, D. Kayden

MCR-0683, 1974-07-30, Install lex_string_ and reduction_compiler, G. Dixon

MCR-0683, 1974-08-06, Fix bug in pc_abs, S. Webber

MCR-0684, 1974-07-30, Improve submission testing programs, A. Scherer

MCR-0685, 1974-08-06, Improve submission tests to use now-working -rename feature of get_library_segment, A. Scherer

MCR-0686, 1974-08-06, Extend program interrupt mechanism, S. Webber

MCR-0687, 1974-08-06, Fix bug in wire_proc locking strategy, S. Webber

MCR-0689, 1974-08-06, Change program parity_fault to log more information about op-not-complete, S. Webber

MCR-0690, 1974-08-06, Fix bugs in exists active function, G. Benedict

MCR-0691, 1974-08-06, Installation of word_list and related commands , J. Stern

MCR-0692, 1974-08-06, Remove 2 entries from the gate hcs_, R. Mullen

MCR-0693, 1974-08-06, Move 2 entries from hcs_ to phcs_, R. Mullen

MCR-0694, 1974-08-06, Repair security hole in restart_fault_, S. Webber

MCR-0695, 1974-08-06, Establish convention for user ring gate segments, S. Webber

MCR-0696, 1974-08-06, Fix to BUILD355, D. Snyder

MCR-0697, 1974-08-06, Problem in Terminets Proc, D. Snyder

MCR-0698, 1974-08-13, Move Hardcore printer interface to prtdcm_, J. Whitmore

MCR-0699, 1974-08-13, Install extended_access_commands, S. Herbst

MCR-0700, 1974-08-13, Install find_common_acl_names_, S. Herbst

MCR-0701, 1974-08-13, Add -lines option to tty_lines, R. Roach

MCR-0702, 1974-08-13, Modify BOS to run with URMPC Peripherals, N. Morris

MCR-0703, 1974-08-13, Fix Lockup Fault Problem in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-0704, 1974-08-13, Fix numeric conversion problem in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-0705, 1974-08-13, Add tool check_sst to system, S. Webber

MCR-0706, 1974-08-13, Changes to bcpl runoff and bcpl library, R. Mabee

MCR-0707, 1974-08-13, New GCOS Simulator, T. Casey

MCR-0708, 1974-08-13, New Control Argument for indent command, T. Casey

MCR-0709, 1974-08-13, deleted Directory Quota, A. Kobziar

MCR-0710, 1974-08-20, Fix bugs reading HALF /FULL switch in BOS and Multics, N. Morris

MCR-0711, 1974-08-20, Make d branch for conflguration deck in system_library_1, N. Morris

MCR-0712, 1974-08-20, Make ;j segment for the BOS toe ho I a, N. Morris

MCR-0713, 1974-08-20, vfile_ bugs, D. MacLaren

MCR-0714, 1974-08-20, Make changes to Answering Service to Implement Access Isolation Mechanism, P. Green

MCR-0715, 1974-08-20, Add name tdcm_ to hcs_, B. Silver

MCR-0716, 1974-08-20, deletion of set file protect on tape detach, B. Silver

MCR-0717, 1974-08-20, Fix BOS to run with Reader on any channel, N. Morris

MCR-0718, 1974-08-20, Prepare library programs for unbundled library, A. Scherer

MCR-0719, 1974-08-20, Install compare_obJect, R. Barnes

MCR-0720, 1974-08-20, New ring 1 gate macros, P. Janson

MCR-0721, 1974-08-20, Implement new matching strategy in acl_commands, S. Herbst

MCR-0722, 1974-08-20, Bind together debug trace_stack and trace, B. Wolman

MCR-0723, 1974-08-20, Fix bugs in basic, B. Wolman

MCR-0724, 1974-08-20, Install new version of basic, B. Wolman

MCR-0725, 1974-08-27, Error checking by indent command , T. Casey

MCR-0726, 1974-08-27, Implement status "names" option, S. Herbst

MCR-0727, 1974-08-27, Install pl1_operators_, any_to_any_, ano dec_ops_, R. Barnes

MCR-0728, 1974-08-27, Add a wait for rewind completion to the detach entry for the nstd_ tape dim, S. Barr

MCR-0729, 1974-08-27, Fix bug in mseg_access_, S. Herbst

MCR-0730, 1974-08-27, Change mechanism of calling initial procedure in a new process, S. Webber

MCR-0731, 1974-09-03, Fix bug in copy_names_, S. Herbst

MCR-0732, 1974-09-03, Modify stu_ to interpret IPT pointers, J. Broughton

MCR-0733, 1974-09-03, Probe, J. Broughton

MCR-0734, 1974-09-03, Install tools print_translator_search_rules and set_translator_search_rules, S. Webber

MCR-0735, 1974-09-03, Documentation for the new unbundled library, P. Kelley

MCR-0736, 1974-09-03, Clean up ACL on phcs_, R. Roach

MCR-0737, 1974-09-03, Fix bug in printer initialization, T. VanVleck

MCR-0738, 1974-09-03, Add hardcore support for PRT303 printer, T. VanVleck

MCR-0739, 1974-09-03, Submit correct version of tcm include file, S. Webber

MCR-0740, 1974-09-03, Add meters to page control, S. Webber

MCR-0741, 1974-09-03, Add tool print_gen_info to system, S. Webber

MCR-0742, 1974-09-10, Boundfault/Hardware Bug, M. Meer

MCR-0743, 1974-09-10, Fix bug in abs bump operator command, T. VanVleck

MCR-0744, 1974-09-10, Fix bug in g115_ DIM printer conversion routine, M. Grady

MCR-0745, 1974-09-10, Add a storage system primitive to set the entry point bound of a segment, E. Stone

MCR-0746, 1974-09-10, Remove multiple references to parameters in status_, E. Stone

MCR-0747, 1974-09-10, New control argument for indent command, T. Casey

MCR-0748, 1974-09-10, New command to dump linkage section, T. VanVleck

MCR-0749, 1974-09-10, Add hardcore support for PRU1200 printer, T. VanVleck

MCR-0750, 1974-09-10, GCOS Installation Tools , T. Casey

MCR-0751, 1974-09-10, Remove obsolete hardcore modules, E. Stone

MCR-0752, 1974-09-10, Addition of error file processing to the backup system, G. Lewis

MCR-0753, 1974-09-17, Message Segment changes for the Access Isolation Mechanism, J. Stern

MCR-0754, 1974-09-17, Add meters to page control, S. Webber

MCR-0755, 1974-09-17, Modifications to the ALM assembler, A. Downing

MCR-0756, 1974-09-17, Fix bug in file dim, E. Stone

MCR-0757, 1974-09-17, Install bootstrapped PL/I compiler, R. Barnes

MCR-0758, 1974-09-17, Operator's Console Recovery, B. Silver

MCR-0759, 1974-09-17, Bug fix to tape_, B. Silver

MCR-0760, 1974-09-17, Fix bug in full_command_processor_, J. Goldman

MCR-0761, 1974-09-17, Bug fix to b_and_w, F. Smith

MCR-0762, 1974-09-17, Bug fix to system_monthly_report, F. Smith

MCR-0763, 1974-09-17, Bug fix to punch_MIT_deck, F. Smith

MCR-0764, 1974-09-17, Fix bug in archive, S. Herbst

MCR-0765, 1974-09-17, Add "-fm" to list_ref_names, S. Herbst

MCR-0766, 1974-09-17, Rewrite ACL commands, S. Herbst

MCR-0767, 1974-09-24, GCOS_Daemon, R. Morrison

MCR-0768, 1974-09-24, Fix Multiple Argument Reference Security Holes, A. Mason

MCR-0769, 1974-09-24, Add name to hphcs_, B. Silver

MCR-0770, 1974-09-24, Reliability improvements to NCP, D. Wells

MCR-0771, 1974-09-24, Fix bug in ring_zero_dump, S. Herbst

MCR-0772, 1974-09-24, Delete obsolete interfaces from hcs_, S. Webber

MCR-0773, 1974-09-24, Implement segment privilege in Access Isolation Mechanism, A. Kobziar

MCR-0774, 1974-09-24, Fix bug 327 in daily_summary_, J. Phillipps

MCR-0775, 1974-09-24, Rewrite ACL commands, S. Herbst

MCR-0776, 1974-09-24, Fix Reloader Bug, R. Mullen

MCR-0777, 1974-09-24, Fix bug in message_segment_ gate, S. Herbst

MCR-0778, 1974-10-08, Upgrade tty_dim to use ioam_ detacher functions , M. Grady

MCR-0779, 1974-10-08, Change g115_ DIM operator intervention condition, M. Grady

MCR-0780, 1974-10-08, Change I/O Daemon driver to allow input from Initializer console for remote device, R. Coren

MCR-0781, 1974-10-08, Fix bug in delete_, S. Herbst

MCR-0782, 1974-10-08, Deleting obsolete tape mount package code, B. Silver

MCR-0783, 1974-10-08, Fix bug in terminate_process_, M. Weaver

MCR-0784, 1974-10-08, Enforce "rw" in mseg_access_, S. Herbst

MCR-0785, 1974-10-08, Fix bugs in dprint, T. VanVleck

MCR-0786, 1974-10-08, Change delete_ to work with the Access Isolation Mechanism, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0787, 1974-10-08, Bix bug in "MAP" function of Network login protocol, D. Wells

MCR-0788, 1974-10-08, Fix crecho bug in tty_ctl, M. Grady

MCR-0789, 1974-10-08, Fix a bug in dn355$get_devx, M. Grady

MCR-0790, 1974-10-08, Add active function to dump ring zero, T. VanVleck

MCR-0791, 1974-10-08, Installation of ms_create in bound_access_commands, S. Herbst

MCR-0792, 1974-10-08, Clean up bound_math_, D. Levin

MCR-0793, 1974-10-08, Update test_tape to handle MTS 500, G. Lewis

MCR-0794, 1974-10-08, Fix bug in "detach - attach" sequence for remote device driver, R. Coren

MCR-0795, 1974-10-08, Modify Card Reader and Card Punch DIMs to use I/O Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-0796, 1974-10-08, Modify Tape DIM to use I/O Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-0797, 1974-10-08, Fix bug in sys_full_report, T. Casey

MCR-0798, 1974-10-08, Fix bug in convert_binary_integer, S. Herbst

MCR-0799, 1974-10-08, Bug Fix in imp_input_processor, K. Pogran

MCR-0800, 1974-10-08, Enforce "rw" for message segments, S. Herbst

MCR-0801, 1974-10-08, Install send_mail_ subroutine, S. Herbst

MCR-0802, 1974-10-08, Emergency fix to exists active function, P. Green

MCR-0803, 1974-10-08, Add sst name table to system , S. Webber

MCR-0804, 1974-10-08, Fix process page fault reporting, B. Greenberg

MCR-0805, 1974-10-08, Fix Segfault / Bound fault interaction, B. Greenberg

MCR-0806, 1974-10-08, Convert language library to unbundled library, A. Scherer

MCR-0807, 1974-10-15, Incorporate max length attribute setting into online installation tools, P. Kelley

MCR-0808, 1974-10-15, Fix a bug in G115_ DIM printer conversion routine, M. Grady

MCR-0809, 1974-10-15, Fix bug in mseg_ and mseg_own_, S. Herbst

MCR-0810, 1974-10-15, Add the command prov_move_quota to sss, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0811, 1974-10-15, New error code for append, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0812, 1974-10-15, New error_table_ entries for the Access Isolation Mechanism, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0813, 1974-10-15, Add new options to create_dir for support of the Access Isolation Mechanism, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0814, 1974-10-15, Detete mount package code from tape_, B. Silver

MCR-0815, 1974-10-15, Create initial version of tape_mult_, B. Silver

MCR-0816, 1974-10-15, Fix bug in full_ipc_, B. Silver

MCR-0817, 1974-10-15, Emergency fix to cleanup command, A. Scherer

MCR-0818, 1974-10-15, Correct percentage computation for monthly usage reports, F. Smith

MCR-0819, 1974-10-15, Online updating tools: modify documentation strategy, P. Kelley

MCR-0820, 1974-10-15, Implement Phase I of protection auditing in the syserr log, L. Scheffler

MCR-0821, 1974-10-22, Fix bug in alm, A. Downing

MCR-0822, 1974-10-22, Remove unnecessary names from the root, J. Gintell

MCR-0823, 1974-10-22, Fix bug in move_quota, S. Herbst

MCR-0824, 1974-10-22, Fix bug in adjust_bit_count_, S. Herbst

MCR-0825, 1974-10-22, Provide feature for combined stack lot and cls, S. Webber

MCR-0826, 1974-10-22, Convert absentee_dim_ to iox_ and other, S. Webber

MCR-0827, 1974-10-22, Fix bug in link_unsnap_ , S. Webber

MCR-0828, 1974-10-22, Extend check_info_segs to accept long command lines with the "-call" option, S. Barr

MCR-0829, 1974-10-22, Reloader/Retriever changes for Access Isolation, A. Kobziar

MCR-0830, 1974-10-22, Add the Command priv_move_quota to tools, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0831, 1974-10-22, New error_table_ entries for the Access Isolation Mechanism, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0832, 1974-10-22, IMP DIM Performance Improvement, R. Kanodia

MCR-0833, 1974-10-22, Place the contents of >system_library_lang in the correct places, J. Gintell

MCR-0834, 1974-10-22, Change cards_overseer_ to work with 24.1, R. Coren

MCR-0835, 1974-10-29, Bug fix to tty_inter, M. Grady

MCR-0836, 1974-10-29, Add library entries to set_acl, S. Herbst

MCR-0837, 1974-10-29, Add Access Class Data to the Status Command, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0838, 1974-10-29, Change hcs_$star_list to return effective mode, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0839, 1974-10-29, Delete the "status" entry in hcs_, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0840, 1974-10-29, Change status_ to return effective mode, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0841, 1974-10-29, Change hcs_$list_dir to return effective mode, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0842, 1974-10-29, New error_table_ codes for tape_ansi_ IO Module, R. Klinger

MCR-0843, 1974-10-29, tape_status_ error table, R. Klinger

MCR-0844, 1974-11-05, Add error code checks to change_wdir, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0845, 1974-11-05, Fix bug in mseg_index_, S. Herbst

MCR-0846, 1974-11-05, Fix commands to handle, S. Herbst

MCR-0847, 1974-11-05, Fix bug in compare, S. Herbst

MCR-0848, 1974-11-05, Fix bug in answer command, S. Herbst

MCR-0849, 1974-11-05, Add symbolic tag designations to ALM, B. Greenberg

MCR-0850, 1974-11-12, Fix bug in acl_, E. Stone

MCR-0851, 1974-11-12, Remove extend option on iox_$open, D. MacLaren

MCR-0852, 1974-11-12, Upgrade peruse_text to Version 2 PL/I, C. Clingen

MCR-0853, 1974-11-12, Add PRU1200/1600 printer support to BOS, N. Morris

MCR-0854, 1974-11-12, Modify Multics printer DIM to use I/O Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-0855, 1974-11-12, Modify I/O Daemon for new printer DIM, N. Morris

MCR-0856, 1974-11-12, Modify nonstandard tape DIM for 1600 bpi, N. Morris

MCR-0857, 1974-11-19, Printing of access classes by lar/ldr, J. Stern

MCR-0858, 1974-11-19, Fix inconsistent declaration of ACL tag, E. Stone

MCR-0859, 1974-11-19, Delete get_entry_name and get_defname, A. Mason

MCR-0860, 1974-11-19, Cross check for salvage not preceded by a shutdown, D. Vinograd

MCR-0861, 1974-11-19, Fix bug in syserr_log size computation, L. Scheffler

MCR-0862, 1974-11-19, Spooling Facility for Print Requests, J. Phillipps

MCR-0863, 1974-11-19, Installation of user command trace, S. Barr

MCR-0864, 1974-11-19, Modifications to IO Daemon System, H. Goldberg

MCR-0865, 1974-11-19, Modify grab_tape_drive to be compatible with system 24.1, S. Barr

MCR-0866, 1974-11-19, Fix bug in get_quota, S. Herbst

MCR-0867, 1974-11-19, Fix bug in change_tuning_parameters, S. Herbst

MCR-0868, 1974-11-19, Fix bug in mexp, S. Webber

MCR-0869, 1974-11-19, Change pl1_frame_ and get_entry_name_ to expect new entry pointer values, S. Webber

MCR-0870, 1974-11-19, Install new pl1_operators_ for call/push/return improvements, S. Webber

MCR-0871, 1974-11-19, Fix security hole in init_branches, P. Green

MCR-0872, 1974-11-19, Automatic page deletion, B. Greenberg

MCR-0873, 1974-11-19, Implement DELMEM command, B. Greenberg

MCR-0874, 1974-11-19, T & D core claiming interface, B. Greenberg

MCR-0875, 1974-11-19, t_and_d_gate, B. Greenberg

MCR-0876, 1974-11-19, Changes to bound_ftp_server_, K. Pogran

MCR-0877, 1974-11-19, Addition of the NLST command to the File Transfer Server Environment, K. Pogran

MCR-0878, 1974-11-26, Extend DPRINT to accept non-edited option, B. May

MCR-0879, 1974-11-26, Fix bug in make_branches, P. Green

MCR-0880, 1974-11-26, Modifications to print_syserr_log, L. Scheffler

MCR-0881, 1974-11-26, Fix bug in msu_, S. Herbst

MCR-0882, 1974-11-26, Bug fixes and a new feature in gcu command dnd associated subroutines, T. Casey

MCR-0883, 1974-11-26, Fix bug in oc_data_init, B. Silver

MCR-0884, 1974-11-26, Fix bug in convert_ipc_code_, B. Silver

MCR-0885, 1974-11-26, Fix bugs in word_list, J. Stern

MCR-0886, 1974-11-26, Incorporate library ACL commands in set_acl, S. Herbst

MCR-0887, 1974-11-26, Fix bug in archive, S. Herbst

MCR-0888, 1974-11-26, Correct errors in debug, S. Barr

MCR-0889, 1974-12-03, Fix odd length record problem reading tape, N. Morris

MCR-0890, 1974-12-03, Fix bugs in attaching and detaching tapes, N. Morris

MCR-0891, 1974-12-03, Modify nstd_ to accept density in tape name, N. Morris

MCR-0892, 1974-12-03, Provide means to load firmware onto disk, N. Morris

MCR-0893, 1974-12-03, Delete the procedure move_device, E. Stone

MCR-0894, 1974-12-10, Modify adjust_bit_count_ on MSF!, S. Herbst

MCR-0895, 1974-12-10, Fix gls bug which prevents tools source from being fetched when gls is used with no -sys arguments, A. Scherer

MCR-0896, 1974-12-10, Increase size of hardcore source archives, D. Jordan

MCR-0897, 1974-12-10, New Miscellaneous Charging Procedures, F. Smith

MCR-0898, 1974-12-10, Move up ACL commands to tools, S. Herbst

MCR-0899, 1974-12-10, Emergency fix to FORTRAN compiler, D. Levin

MCR-0900, 1974-12-10, Remove queued connect facility from I/O Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-0901, 1974-12-10, Extend Memory Configuration Options, D. Kayden

MCR-0902, 1974-12-10, NPS as a front end for Multics, R. Franklin

MCR-0903, 1974-12-10, Fix brief bug in "progress" , M. Meer

MCR-0904, 1974-12-10, Fix bug in calculating cpu time, P. Green

MCR-0905, 1974-12-10, Implement is_mail active function, S. Herbst

MCR-0906, 1974-12-10, Fix salvager Bugs, A. Kobziar

MCR-0907, 1974-12-10, Changed Reloader Design for Access Isolation, A. Kobziar

MCR-0908, 1974-12-10, Modify GCOS Terminology, R. Morrison

MCR-0909, 1974-12-10, GCOS Simulator, R. Morrison

MCR-0910, 1974-12-10, GCOS Daemon, R. Morrison

MCR-0911, 1974-12-10, Rewrite print_syserr_log, L. Scheffler

MCR-0912, 1974-12-10, Install Deadline/Variable Quanta Scheduler, R. Mullen

MCR-0913, 1974-12-17, Fix Bug in Printer Code Conversion, N. Morris

MCR-0914, 1974-12-17, A "test" Entry Point for set_lock_, J. Stern

MCR-0915, 1974-12-17, IO Daemon Changes for the AIM Environment, J. Stern

MCR-0916, 1974-12-17, Handling of Non-SysDaemon IO Drivers, J. Stern

MCR-0917, 1974-12-17, New Control Arguments for the Dprint Command, J. Stern

MCR-0918, 1974-12-17, Page Labels for Printed Output, J. Stern

MCR-0919, 1974-12-17, Access Class Banners for Printed Output, J. Stern

MCR-0920, 1974-12-17, Access Class Ranges for IO Daemon Device Classes, J. Stern

MCR-0921, 1974-12-17, Use of Extended Access Modes ln All Rings, J. Stern

MCR-0922, 1974-12-17, Make Relative Syntax Functions Quick Blocks ln RDC Compilers, G. Dixon

MCR-0923, 1974-12-17, Extend reduction_compiler to handle Push Down Stack languages, G. Dixon

MCR-0924, 1974-12-17, Fix Bug in check_mst, R. Mabee

MCR-0925, 1974-12-17, Change Trace Control Arguments, S. Barr

MCR-0926, 1974-12-17, Add "create" Operation to Archive Command, S. Herbst

MCR-0927, 1974-12-17, Modify cancel_abs_request Error Message, S. Herbst

MCR-0928, 1974-12-17, Fix Bug in syserr_logger , B. Silver

MCR-0929, 1974-12-17, Bug Fix - io_call, M. Grady

MCR-0930, 1974-12-17, file Dim Performance Improvement, M. Grady

MCR-0931, 1974-12-17, Fixes for handling CPU Time, P. Green

MCR-0932, 1974-12-24, error_table_codes for tape_ansi_ IO modula, R. Klinger

MCR-0933, 1974-12-24, Rename the Multics System Libraries, G. Dixon

MCR-0934, 1974-12-24, Implement new Peripheral status reporting mechanism, N. Morris

MCR-0935, 1974-12-24, Additions to the PIT, F. Smith

MCR-0936, 1974-12-24, "if" command, C. Zethraeus

MCR-0937, 1974-12-24, Increase size of wired syserr buffer in syserr data, L. Scheffler

MCR-0938, 1974-12-24, Change to lpatch command, L. Johnson

MCR-0939, 1974-12-24, Fix bug in ring_1_patch_, L. Johnson

MCR-0940, 1974-12-24, Add entry hcs_$set_proc_required, S. Webber

MCR-0941, 1974-12-24, Fix status reporting bug in I/O Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-0942, 1974-12-24, Combine unbound segments in collection 3, P. Green

MCR-0943, 1974-12-24, Dumper changes for access isolation, A. Kobziar

MCR-0944, 1974-12-24, Fix I/O Interfacer Bug in computing DCW list connect index, N. Morris

MCR-0945, 1974-12-24, Fix bug preventing deletion of bootload CPU, S. Webber

MCR-0946, 1974-12-24, Zero unwanted interrupts in system controllers, B. Greenberg

MCR-0947, 1975-01-07, Add probe entry to operator_pointers_, S. Barr

MCR-0948, 1975-01-07, Move history registers to PDS and return them with rest of fault data when signalling, S. Webber

MCR-0949, 1975-01-07, Fix BOS bug causing bad card reader status not to be reported, N. Morris

MCR-0950, 1975-01-07, Fix bug in mrdim_, B. Silver

MCR-0951, 1975-01-07, Truncation of head/tail sheets, H. Goldberg

MCR-0952, 1975-01-07, New control arguments for the dprint command, J. Stern

MCR-0953, 1975-01-07, Fix bug causing BOS DUMP to run off end of tape when dumping to tape, N. Morris

MCR-0954, 1975-01-07, fix bug in formline_, L. Johnson

MCR-0955, 1975-01-07, fix bug in print_link_info, L. Johnson

MCR-0956, 1975-01-07, fix bug in form_link_info_, L. Johnson

MCR-0957, 1975-01-07, Convert cumulative_page_trace and page_trace to use iox_, J. Gintell

MCR-0958, 1975-01-07, Fix bug in do command, S. Herbst

MCR-0959, 1975-01-07, Install user_ftp command, D. Wells

MCR-0960, 1975-01-07, Add bound_ssa_commands_ to tools, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0961, 1975-01-07, Upgrade Server TELNET to new I/O System, D. Wells

MCR-0962, 1975-01-07, Alterations to Answering Service portion of File Transfer Server, D. Wells

MCR-0963, 1975-01-07, Improvements to Server TELNET (ntw_), D. Wells

MCR-0964, 1975-01-07, Implement have_mail active function, S. Herbst

MCR-0965, 1975-01-07, Chase links in copy_seg_, S. Herbst

MCR-0966, 1975-01-07, bug fixes to tty_write, M. Grady

MCR-0967, 1975-01-14, Provide Truncate mode for printed output, N. Morris

MCR-0968, 1975-01-14, Fix bug in sort_seg, R. Klinger

MCR-0969, 1975-01-14, Fix inconsistency in set_acl, S. Herbst

MCR-0970, 1975-01-14, Modify page_trace to properly interpret linkage fault information, J. Gintell

MCR-0971, 1975-01-14, Changes to tty_ctl, L. Johnson

MCR-0972, 1975-01-14, Fix Zeroing of Branch Pad by Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-0973, 1975-01-14, Change definition of iox_$get_line, S. Webber

MCR-0974, 1975-01-14, Change format of IOCBs, S. Webber

MCR-0975, 1975-01-14, Restructure the IO Daemon driver software, J. Whitmmore

MCR-0976, 1975-01-14, Fix inconsistencies in ms commands, S. Herbst

MCR-0977, 1975-01-21, Backup Bug Fixes, R. Mullen

MCR-0978, 1975-01-21, Handling of device class arguments by dprint/dpunch, J. Stern

MCR-0979, 1975-01-21, Fix bug in BOS RESTOR Command, N. Morris

MCR-0980, 1975-01-21, Move copy entry from syserr_logger to syserr_log_copy, L. Scheffler

MCR-0981, 1975-01-21, Extend system command/active function, P. Green

MCR-0982, 1975-01-21, Fix bug in new_user, T. Casey

MCR-0983, 1975-01-21, Enable command_query_ to repeat query, S. Herbst

MCR-0984, 1975-01-21, Change link chasing in append, S. Herbst

MCR-0985, 1975-01-21, Disable "do" active function, S. Herbst

MCR-0986, 1975-01-21, A New Translator for IO Daemon Parms, J. Stern

MCR-0987, 1975-01-21, Emergency Fix to PL/I I/O to Add a Finish Handler, R. Barnes

MCR-0988, 1975-01-21, Delete hphcs_$star_no_acc_ck, P. Green

MCR-0989, 1975-01-21, New Page Control Phase I: Continued development and ultimate Installation thereof, B. Greenberg

MCR-0990, 1975-01-21, Emergency fix to Fortran I/O to add a finish Handler, D. Levin

MCR-0991, 1975-01-21, Modify tape attachment module to rotate assignment of tape drives, N. Morris

MCR-0992, 1975-01-28, New default Multics standard tape record size, B. Silver

MCR-0993, 1975-01-28, Implement "-long" option of initiate, S. Herbst

MCR-0994, 1975-01-28, Remove un-documented special characters from TTY and printer dims, T. VanVleck

MCR-0995, 1975-01-28, Minor fix to indent, T. VanVleck

MCR-0996, 1975-01-28, Add Selective Printing to Help Command, T. VanVleck

MCR-0997, 1975-01-28, Describe printed output modes on tail sheet, T. VanVleck

MCR-0998, 1975-01-28, Add checking on segment names to editors, T. VanVleck

MCR-0999, 1975-01-28, Extension to user_info_, F. Smith

MCR-1000, 1975-01-28, Remove page control from ring O, S. Webber

MCR-1001, 1975-01-28, Fix bugs in print_disk and disklow, T. Casey

MCR-1002, 1975-01-28, Prevent an attempt to free non-allocated storage in check_info_segs, S. Barr

MCR-1003, 1975-01-28, Remove explicit references to system_library_dev, S. Herbst

MCR-1004, 1975-01-28, Change operation of term_, S. Herbst

MCR-1005, 1975-01-28, Add -from and -to options to trace_stack, S. Herbst

MCR-1006, 1975-01-28, Fix bugs in trace_stack, T. VanVleck

MCR-1007, 1975-02-04, New Multics Card Input Facility, S. Vestal

MCR-1008, 1975-02-04, Fix inconsistency in set_acl, S. Herbst

MCR-1009, 1975-02-04, Changes to formline_ iteration loops, L. Johnson

MCR-1010, 1975-02-04, Install tape_ansi_ and tape_ibm_ I/O Modules, R. Klinger

MCR-1011, 1975-02-04, New list command, T. Casey

MCR-1012, 1975-02-04, Install record_stream_module, M. Asherman

MCR-1013, 1975-02-11, Install EIS version of listen_ and command_processor_, S. Webber

MCR-1014, 1975-02-11, Fix bugs in admin_util and parse_attributes_, T. Casey

MCR-1015, 1975-02-11, Change command processor for new argument convention for commands, S. Webber

MCR-1016, 1975-02-11, Add routines to process entry values, M. Weaver

MCR-1017, 1975-02-11, Fix page counting error in print conversion, N. Morris

MCR-1018, 1975-02-11, GCOS Simulator, R. Morrison

MCR-1019, 1975-02-11, Fix bug in metering of IOM interrupts, N. Morris

MCR-1020, 1975-02-11, Allow use of disk through I/O Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-1021, 1975-02-11, Improve Multics disk DIM, N. Morris

MCR-1022, 1975-02-11, Declare unaligned arguments in change_wdir_entries, S. Herbst

MCR-1023, 1975-02-18, Emergency fix to hash_, T. Casey

MCR-1024, 1975-02-18, Introducing users to IO Daemon queue groups, J. Stern

MCR-1025, 1975-02-18, Fix bug in adjust_bit_count_, S. Herbst

MCR-1026, 1975-02-18, Remova absolute pathname from pl1, S. Herbst

MCR-1027, 1975-02-18, Fix bug in status command, S. Herbst

MCR-1028, 1975-02-18, Fix and Restructure setfaults, R. Bratt

MCR-1029, 1975-02-18, Move ncscnt to active_all_rings_data, R. Bratt

MCR-1030, 1975-02-18, Dumper Changes for Access Isolation, A. Kobziar

MCR-1031, 1975-02-18, Improved handling of Initial ACLS by append, A. Kobziar

MCR-1033, 1975-02-25, Provide interim solution in I/O Interfacer for "stuck" channel problem, N. Morris

MCR-1034, 1975-02-25, Add message segment get_mode entries, S. Herbst

MCR-1035, 1975-02-25, bug fixes to answering service hash table routines, T. Casey

MCR-1036, 1975-02-25, Fix build355 and map355 access problem, R. Coren

MCR-1037, 1975-02-25, pioi_$set_max_buffer_length (interim), R. Mullen

MCR-1038, 1975-02-25, rtape_ for reloader, R. Mullen

MCR-1039, 1975-02-25, Implement set$set_for_reloader, R. Mullen

MCR-1040, 1975-02-25, pxss bug fixes, R. Mullen

MCR-1041, 1975-02-25, Fix 2 CPU bug in IOI Queuing module, N. Morris

MCR-1042, 1975-02-25, New Library Tools: library_map library_print library_descriptor, G. Dixon

MCR-1043, 1975-02-25, Total On Line Test System (TOLTS) and Peripheral On-Line Test System (POLTS), A. Berglund

MCR-1044, 1975-02-25, Install tolts_overseer_, A. Berglund

MCR-1045, 1975-03-04, New administrative exec_coms, T. Casey

MCR-1046, 1975-03-04, Defining an Access Class Ceiling, A. Kobziar

MCR-1047, 1975-03-04, Expand active_all_rlngs_data; change gm to accept -versid arg, F. Martinson

MCR-1048, 1975-03-04, Move GCOS modules from tools to svstem_library_unbundled, F. Martinson

MCR-1049, 1975-03-04, Remove actind and actime from branch , T. VanVleck

MCR-1050, 1975-03-04, Move Language Group Info Segs to >doc>iis, B. May

MCR-1051, 1975-03-04, Warn of useless control args in dprint, S. Herbst

MCR-1052, 1975-03-04, Recompile system_daily_report, T. Casey

MCR-1053, 1975-03-04, Fix bugs in ed_mgt, T. Casey

MCR-1054, 1975-03-04, reload directly to target segment, R. Mullen

MCR-1055, 1975-03-04, Fix bugs ln pioi_, B. Silver

MCR-1056, 1975-03-04, Bring ring_zero_meter_limits_ASCII_ up-to-date, P. Green

MCR-1057, 1975-03-11, Revise submission testing programs to use library_fetch_, A. Scherer

MCR-1058, 1975-03-11, Install library_fetch command , A. Scherer

MCR-1059, 1975-03-11, Add too_many_cls code to error_table_, A. Mason

MCR-1060, 1975-03-11, Add -total control argument to cumulative_page_trace, J. Gintell

MCR-1061, 1975-03-11, Change error message in delete command, S. Herbst

MCR-1062, 1975-03-11, Fix bug in status -mode, S. Herbst

MCR-1063, 1975-03-11, Fix bugs in arctangent routines, D. Levin

MCR-1064, 1975-03-11, Improved FORTRAN I/O package, D. Levin

MCR-1065, 1975-03-11, Install a new PL1 I/O runtime package, R. Schoeman

MCR-1066, 1975-03-11, New error codes, R. Bratt

MCR-1067, 1975-03-11, Rewrite find_, R. Bratt

MCR-1068, 1975-03-11, Potential bugs in hardcore, R. Mabee

MCR-1069, 1975-03-11, formline_ and imp_dim bug fixes, R. Kanodia

MCR-1070, 1975-03-11, Change to MCR form, M. Grady

MCR-1071, 1975-03-11, Change to tty_ctl for MDS2400, M. Grady

MCR-1072, 1975-03-11, 355 reliability improvement, M. Grady

MCR-1073, 1975-03-11, Provide new functions for BOS SAVE/RESTOR, N. Morris

MCR-1074, 1975-03-18, Make ESD more fail-safe, P. Green

MCR-1075, 1975-03-18, GCOS Simulator, R. Morrison

MCR-1076, 1975-03-18, GCOS Simulator, R. Morrison

MCR-1077, 1975-03-18, fix reconfiguration mask setting bug, B. Greenberg

MCR-1078, 1975-03-18, Do not use user-ring modified machine conditions, S. Webber

MCR-1079, 1975-03-18, Fix problems in system_monthly_report, T. Casey

MCR-1080, 1975-03-18, Fix bugs in debug, S. Barr

MCR-1081, 1975-03-25, Change error code returned by tty_ "modes", R. Coren

MCR-1082, 1975-03-25, Add new modes for terminals, R. Coren

MCR-1083, 1975-03-25, Install pl1_operators_ and record_io_, R. Barnes

MCR-1084, 1975-03-25, Fix bug in link_unsnap_ caused by 25-3 linker, S. Webber

MCR-1085, 1975-03-25, Install print_auth_names and print_proc_auth, L. Scheffler

MCR-1086, 1975-03-25, Fix bugs in convert_authorization_, P. Green

MCR-1087, 1975-03-25, Resorting of dally summaries, F. Smith

MCR-1088, 1975-03-25, Mailing pages tor account bills, F. Smith

MCR-1089, 1975-03-25, Change answering service to work with MCS, P. Green

MCR-1090, 1975-03-25, fix ring0 tty DIM to make ios_ work with dialed terminals, P. Green

MCR-1091, 1975-03-25, GCOS Daemon to run jobs in ring 5, R. Morrison

MCR-1092, 1975-03-25, Fix bug in stu_, J. Broughton

MCR-1093, 1975-03-25, Fix bug in record_stream_, M. Asherman

MCR-1094, 1975-03-25, Fix bug in find_common_acl_names_, S. Herbst

MCR-1095, 1975-03-25, Change dprint total time, S. Herbst

MCR-1096, 1975-03-25, Make dprint test for zero length segment or MSF, S. Herbst

MCR-1097, 1975-04-01, Fix bugs in 25-3 with respect to variable size lots, S. Webber

MCR-1098, 1975-04-01, Shorten int_entry and int_entry_desc sequences in pl1_operators_, R. Barnes

MCR-1099, 1975-04-01, Install initialize_builtin, R. Schoeman

MCR-1100, 1975-04-01, Bug fixes to tape_, B. Silver

MCR-1101, 1975-04-01, Check for out_of_service privilege in find_, A. Kobziar

MCR-1102, 1975-04-01, Convert tool "nothing" to Version 2 PL/I, P. Green

MCR-1103, 1975-04-01, Install an assign_ that sets the support bit, R. Barnes

MCR-1104, 1975-04-01, Speed up iox_$propagate, S. Herbst

MCR-1105, 1975-04-01, Implement iox_$move_attach, S. Herbst

MCR-1106, 1975-04-01, Redefine meaning of the copy switch, S. Webber

MCR-1107, 1975-04-01, Install new Graphic System, B. May

MCR-1108, 1975-04-01, Resolve the message segment "uncertainty principle", J. Stern

MCR-1109, 1975-04-08, Modification to net_connect_, K. Pogran

MCR-1110, 1975-04-08, New modes and orders for MCS tty_dim, M. Grady

MCR-1111, 1975-04-08, Allow suffixed_name_ to handle path names, G. Dixon

MCR-1112, 1975-04-08, Change term_$no_clear, S. Herbst

MCR-1113, 1975-04-08, Install pl1 complier and runtime, R. Barnes

MCR-1114, 1975-04-08, Fix reused address bug in Salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-1115, 1975-04-08, Install compare_mst, A. Kobziar

MCR-1116, 1975-04-08, New Fortran Complier, D. Levin

MCR-1117, 1975-04-15, Delete Version 1 Graphics Software, J. Gintell

MCR-1118, 1975-04-15, Filter access_class in append$create_branch_, A. Kobziar

MCR-1119, 1975-04-15, New date/time strings for convert_date_to_binary, G. Dixon

MCR-1120, 1975-04-15, Change get_quota, S. Herbst

MCR-1121, 1975-04-15, Fix bug in initiate command, S. Herbst

MCR-1122, 1975-04-29, Add print_relocation_info command, M. Weaver

MCR-1123, 1975-04-29, Add get_line_length_ subroutine, P. Green

MCR-1124, 1975-04-29, Fix bug in qedx, T. Casey

MCR-1125, 1975-04-29, Eliminate extra message in delete, S. Herbst

MCR-1126, 1975-04-29, Fix bug in delete_, S. Herbst

MCR-1127, 1975-04-29, Pass order and changemode calls through cara format DIMs, J. Whitmore

MCR-1128, 1975-04-29, Change mail_errfiles for new mall, S. Herbst

MCR-1129, 1975-04-29, Fix bugs in mexp, S. Webber

MCR-1130, 1975-04-29, Fix bug in illegal_procedure, S. Webber

MCR-1131, 1975-04-29, Fix bugs in cross_reference, P. Green

MCR-1132, 1975-04-29, Change find_condition_info_ to get a pointer to signaller argument list in a better way, S. Webber

MCR-1133, 1975-04-29, Filter access_class in append$create_branch_, A. Kobziar

MCR-1134, 1975-04-29, Fix bug in regular expression matching, M. Meer

MCR-1135, 1975-04-29, Fix qedx bugs, M. Meer

MCR-1136, 1975-04-29, Resource Control Package, B. Silver

MCR-1137, 1975-04-29, Change the ipc_event call mechanism to use entry variables, R. Barnes

MCR-1138, 1975-04-29, New version of system_control_, T. VanVleck

MCR-1139, 1975-04-29, Implement entry point mail_errfiles$set_dir, S. Herbst

MCR-1140, 1975-04-29, Fix msf_manager_ to handle the root, S. Herbst

MCR-1141, 1975-04-29, Removing backup time setting entries from hcs_, A. Kobziar

MCR-1142, 1975-04-29, Separate privileges from the access authorization field, A. Kobziar

MCR-1143, 1975-04-29, Fix locking bug in online installation tools, P. Kelley

MCR-1144, 1975-04-29, Managing syserr log segments ln ring 4, L. Scheffler

MCR-1145, 1975-04-29, Replace update command in svstem_startup_, T. Casey

MCR-1146, 1975-04-29, Fix bugs in BASIC, M. Weaver

MCR-1147, 1975-04-29, Fix 2-process bug in msf_manager_$get_ptr, S. Herbst

MCR-1148, 1975-05-06, New teco implementation, D. Levin

MCR-1149, 1975-05-06, Implement del_dir_ to replace del_dir_tree, S. Herbst

MCR-1150, 1975-05-06, New Reload Options during System Startup, D. Vinograd

MCR-1151, 1975-05-06, Fix bug in MST generator, E. Stone

MCR-1152, 1975-05-06, set_tty command, R. Coren

MCR-1153, 1975-05-06, Install new tty dim tools, M. Grady

MCR-1154, 1975-05-06, Fix bug in pl1_abs fortran_abs alm_abs, S. Herbst

MCR-1155, 1975-05-06, Make retriever handle up to 250 requests, M. Meer

MCR-1156, 1975-05-06, Move and Clean up Extended precision BASIC, M. Weaver

MCR-1157, 1975-05-13, Replace get_library_segment with the library_fetch command, G. Dixon

MCR-1158, 1975-05-13, Reorganization of ldd for unbundled software, F. Martinson

MCR-1159, 1975-05-13, Fix newline bug in abbrev, S. Herbst

MCR-1160, 1975-05-13, Implement io_call move_attach, S. Herbst

MCR-1161, 1975-05-13, Add MCP dumper facility to BOS, N. Morris

MCR-1162, 1975-05-13, Fix bug in BOS card reading program, N. Morris

MCR-1163, 1975-05-13, enable BOS to reside on 7-track tape, N. Morris

MCR-1164, 1975-05-13, Install new record_io_ and bound_pl1o2_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1165, 1975-05-13, Install new user ring tty dim, S. Herbst

MCR-1166, 1975-05-13, Convert bound_command_loop_ to IOX, S. Herbst

MCR-1167, 1975-05-13, Update/rename the "listacl" command to list_access command, M. Braida

MCR-1168, 1975-05-13, Fix bug in copy_seg_, S. Herbst

MCR-1169, 1975-05-13, Fix bugs in stu_, J. Broughton

MCR-1170, 1975-05-13, Change operation of delete_ on directories, S. Herbst

MCR-1171, 1975-05-13, fix ioam to check size of IOAT, M. Grady

MCR-1172, 1975-05-13, Increase the size of IMP DIM link tables, R. Kanodia

MCR-1173, 1975-05-13, Add commenting capability to reduction_compiler language, G. Dixon

MCR-1174, 1975-05-13, Fix bug in reduction_compiler_, G. Dixon

MCR-1175, 1975-05-21, Fix bug in tty_lines, D. Vinograd

MCR-1176, 1975-05-21, Fix table allocation bug in tc_init, D. Vinograd

MCR-1177, 1975-05-21, Install new pl1_operators_ and trace, R. Barnes

MCR-1178, 1975-05-21, Fix bug in set_acl with star convention , S. Herbst

MCR-1179, 1975-05-21, Modifications to network_exec_, K. Pogran

MCR-1180, 1975-05-21, ascii_to_ebcdic_ and ebcdic_to_ascii_ conversion routines, R. Klinger

MCR-1181, 1975-05-27, io_call command changes, L. Johnson

MCR-1182, 1975-05-27, Fix privileged initiate bug, A. Kobziar

MCR-1183, 1975-05-27, Add pi handler to command_query_, S. Herbst

MCR-1184, 1975-05-27, Change abbrev to set bit count on profile, S. Herbst

MCR-1185, 1975-05-27, Redefine active function evaluation, S. Herbst

MCR-1186, 1975-05-27, Include referencing dir in search for dim, S. Herbst

MCR-1187, 1975-05-27, Change name of names$copy, S. Herbst

MCR-1188, 1975-05-27, Replace calls to hcs_$get_authorization, J. Stern

MCR-1189, 1975-05-27, Install upward compatible object_info_, M. Weaver

MCR-1191, 1975-05-27, Fix bug in BASIC, M. Weaver

MCR-1191, 1975-05-28, New Multics Card Input Facility, S. Vestal

MCR-1192, 1975-06-03, Fix bugs in FSDCT initialization and Growth, A. Kobziar

MCR-1193, 1975-06-03, Add move request to EDM, J. Gintell

MCR-1194, 1975-06-03, Add cobol_operators_ to system, S. Webber

MCR-1195, 1975-06-03, Change dump_segment to call dump_seg_, S. Webber

MCR-1196, 1975-06-03, Update bound_segment_info_, M. Weaver

MCR-1196, 1975-06-03, Fix bug in BOS FMT command, N. Morris

MCR-1197, 1975-06-03, Fix privileged quota setting in append, A. Kobziar

MCR-1199, 1975-06-03, Remove "null *.*.*" ACL from hardcore headers, B. May

MCR-1200, 1975-06-10, Fix bug in BOS CORE Command, N. Morris

MCR-1201, 1975-06-10, Change mail's program_interrupt feature, S. Herbst

MCR-1202, 1975-06-10, fix ol_dump to work with new db_print, S. Barr

MCR-1203, 1975-06-10, Remove temporary test provisions for Access Isolation, A. Kobziar

MCR-1204, 1975-06-10, Inform BOS of APT offset, R. Mullen

MCR-1205, 1975-06-10, Fix Salvager's not flushing core and paging device, A. Kobziar

MCR-1206, 1975-06-10, Fix bug in card reader DIM, N. Morris

MCR-1207, 1975-06-10, Change BOS Toehold, N. Morris

MCR-1208, 1975-06-10, Multics COBOL Compiler, T. Gerassimenko

MCR-1209, 1975-06-10, Multics COBOL Compiler Support user commands, T. Gerassimenko

MCR-1210, 1975-06-19, Modification to NCP to fix bugs and add features, D. Wells

MCR-1211, 1975-06-19, Move some Network Administration to ring one, D. Wells

MCR-1212, 1975-07-22, Changes to user_telnet and user_ftp commands, D. Wells

MCR-1213, 1975-06-19, Install new default_error_handler, R. Schoeman

MCR-1214, 1975-06-19, Install new bound_plio2_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1215, 1975-06-19, Fix bug in deleting upgraded directory trees, A. Kobziar

MCR-1216, 1975-06-19, Install new KST/RNT, R. Bratt

MCR-1217, 1975-06-19, Remove 2K limit on length of message ln message segment, K. Pogran

MCR-1218, 1975-06-19, Silence ioi_timer message, D. Jordan

MCR-1219, 1975-06-19, Change incacc error message, S. Herbst

MCR-1220, 1975-06-19, Add new control format to formline_ (ioa_), S. Webber

MCR-1221, 1975-06-19, New entry point to date_time: clock, T. Casey

MCR-1222, 1975-06-19, Fix and update binder, M. Weaver

MCR-1223, 1975-06-19, Install a compare_object that handles separate_static, R. Barnes

MCR-1224, 1975-06-19, Change set_acl's handling of bad ring brackets, S. Herbst

MCR-1225, 1975-06-19, Prevent lost notifies during process loading, R. Mullen

MCR-1226, 1975-06-19, Fix lex_string_ to handle break characters properly, G. Dixon

MCR-1227, 1975-06-19, Multics Graphic System, C. Tavares

MCR-1228, 1975-06-19, Graphic Editor for Multics Graphic System, C. Tavares

MCR-1229, 1975-06-19, Emergency change to PL/I's handling of fixed(decimal_constant), R. Barnes

MCR-1230, 1975-06-24, Fix zeroing E191 reused addresses bug in salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-1231, 1975-06-24, Fix bug ln trouble_report, S. Herbst

MCR-1232, 1975-06-24, Fix message segment deletion bug, J. Stern

MCR-1233, 1975-06-24, Fix ec bug erroneously complaining about unbalanced brackets in "if" construct, S. Webber

MCR-1234, 1975-06-24, Fix index_set active function, S. Herbst

MCR-1235, 1975-06-24, Change segs to return null string Instead of "", S. Herbst

MCR-1236, 1975-06-24, Upgrade online_dump for sst_names_, B. Greenberg

MCR-1237, 1975-06-24, Fix page control bugs, B. Greenberg

MCR-1238, 1975-06-24, Improve check_sst, B. Greenberg

MCR-1239, 1975-06-24, Delete no_old_alm option from binder, M. Weaver

MCR-1240, 1975-07-01, Fix bug causing trap-before-links to fail, S. Webber

MCR-1241, 1975-07-01, Fix bug in expand_path_, S. Webber

MCR-1242, 1975-07-01, Redefine meaning of the copy switch, S. Webber

MCR-1243, 1975-07-01, Implement static handlers, S. Webber

MCR-1244, 1975-07-01, Fix bug in bootstrap1, N. Morris

MCR-1245, 1975-07-01, Delete debug code that supports version I PL/I, S. Barr

MCR-1246, 1975-07-01, Have debug support version 2 standard object segments, S. Barr

MCR-1247, 1975-07-01, Fix bug in convert_authorization_, P. Green

MCR-1248, 1975-07-01, Correcting access on hardcore gate linkage segments, A. Kobziar

MCR-1249, 1975-07-01, Directories for online documentation, B. May

MCR-1250, 1975-07-08, Fix bug in absentee. Fails to set bit count correctly, S. Webber

MCR-1251, 1975-07-08, Change to get_entry_name, J. Broughton

MCR-1252, 1975-07-08, Install Emergency Fix to PL/I optimizer bug, R. Barnes

MCR-1253, 1975-07-08, Install user command display_pl1_file_error, R. Schoeman

MCR-1254, 1975-07-08, Bug fix to clear_projfile and clear_reqfile, F. Smith

MCR-1255, 1975-07-08, Bug fix to edit_proj and new_proj, F. Smith

MCR-1256, 1975-07-08, Experiment with new command processor, S. Herbst

MCR-1257, 1975-07-08, Install new version of vfile_ I/O module, M. Asherman

MCR-1258, 1975-07-08, Fix bugs in IO Interfacer, N. Morris

MCR-1259, 1975-07-08, Improve delete's description of failure in deleting subtree, S. Herbst

MCR-1260, 1975-07-08, Un-document iox_$open append argument, S. Herbst

MCR-1261, 1975-07-08, Install new program to validate info segments, T. VanVleck

MCR-1262, 1975-07-08, Install new version of help, T. VanVleck

MCR-1263, 1975-07-08, Install Priority Scheduler, R. Mullen

MCR-1264, 1975-07-15, Changing error codes returned by dir_control_error, A. Kobziar

MCR-1265, 1975-07-15, Add two mailbox wakeup entries, S. Herbst

MCR-1266, 1975-07-15, Fix bug in enter_abs_request, S. Herbst

MCR-1267, 1975-07-15, Make runoff_abs take dprint control args, S. Herbst

MCR-1268, 1975-07-15, fix worst-case "flush -ck" bugs in page control, B. Greenberg

MCR-1269, 1975-07-15, fix Core Garbage Collector not to collect Out of Service pages, B. Greenberg

MCR-1270, 1975-07-15, Fix qedx to handle 256K segments, T. VanVleck

MCR-1271, 1975-07-15, Change mexp to accept "&1" control sequence, S. Webber

MCR-1272, 1975-07-15, Install new plio2_recio_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1273, 1975-07-15, Eliminate TN1200 padding for raw mode, S. Herbst

MCR-1274, 1975-07-15, Fix bug in the library command ldelete, P. Kelley

MCR-1275, 1975-07-15, Modify the online updating tools to copy words instead of bits, P. Kelley

MCR-1276, 1975-07-15, Priority Scheduler Answering Service , T. Casey

MCR-1277, 1975-07-15, Fix bug in stack_frame_exit_, J. Broughton

MCR-1278, 1975-07-15, Improvements to lnterpret_op_ptr, J. Broughton

MCR-1279, 1975-07-15, Fix bugs in get_link_ptr_, J. Broughton

MCR-1280, 1975-07-15, Fix meter_gate and spg to work with combined linkage for gates, S. Webber

MCR-1281, 1975-07-15, Update get_entry_arg_descs_, M. Weaver

MCR-1282, 1975-07-15, Remove 8-page slew at end of salvage, B. May

MCR-1283, 1975-07-15, Multics Sort/Merge, J. Berson

MCR-1284, 1975-07-22, Changes to stu_, J. Broughton

MCR-1285, 1975-07-22, Support for IBM 015 (Correspondence) Type ball, R. Coren

MCR-1286, 1975-07-22, "capo" mole for tty DIM, R. Coren

MCR-1287, 1975-07-22, Fix problems with cutoff dates, P. Green

MCR-1288, 1975-07-22, Fix 8-char. bug in abbrev, S. Herbst

MCR-1289, 1975-07-22, Long names in BOS for DUMP Command, B. Greenberg

MCR-1290, 1975-07-22, BOS Stack dump by Ring, B. Greenberg

MCR-1291, 1975-07-22, Fix pc_contig out-of-service bug, B. Greenberg

MCR-1292, 1975-07-22, Implement start_xmit_hc and stop_xmit_hd for ARDS terminals, R. Coren

MCR-1293, 1975-07-22, Change linker to work with separate static, S. Webber

MCR-1294, 1975-07-22, Change print_gen_info_ to use new object_info_ structures, S. Webber

MCR-1295, 1975-07-22, Update miscellaneous callers of object_info_, M. Weaver

MCR-1296, 1975-07-22, Revise programs that get linkage information for a pointer, M. Weaver

MCR-1297, 1975-07-22, Referencing Directory in iox-attach, D. MacLaren

MCR-1298, 1975-07-22, Delete the error_table_compiler from the system, S. Webber

MCR-1299, 1975-07-22, Fix pi bug in sending mail, S. Herbst

MCR-1300, 1975-07-22, Fix bug in format_word_list , J. Stern

MCR-1301, 1975-07-29, Fix bugs in AIM answering service, P. Green

MCR-1302, 1975-07-29, Ada feature to ioa_ to understand arrays, S. Webber

MCR-1303, 1975-07-29, Install dump_mpc command, L. Johnson

MCR-1304, 1975-07-29, Change dump_segment not to dump ring 0 segments, S. Webber

MCR-1305, 1975-07-29, Delete translate_gate program, S. Webber

MCR-1306, 1975-07-29, Fix bug in record_stream_, M. Asherman

MCR-1307, 1975-07-29, Changes to alm, E. Wiatrowski

MCR-1308, 1975-07-29, Fix get_password_, M. Grady

MCR-1309, 1975-07-29, Update interpret_link for revised section type, M. Weaver

MCR-1310, 1975-07-29, Update combined linkage sections information commands, M. Weaver

MCR-1311, 1975-08-05, Fix bug in >tools>if, T. McGary

MCR-1312, 1975-08-05, Fix bug in mseg_index_, J. Stern

MCR-1313, 1975-08-05, Install init_ftn_builtin, D. Levin

MCR-1314, 1975-08-05, Reorganize GCOS bound segments, L. Johnson

MCR-1315, 1975-08-05, Change answering service to create mail_table, S. Herbst

MCR-1316, 1975-08-05, Install secure message commands, S. Herbst

MCR-1317, 1975-08-05, Install send_mail_ subroutine, S. Herbst

MCR-1318, 1975-08-05, Install mail_table_ and mail_table_exists, S. Herbst

MCR-1319, 1975-08-05, Install mail_table commands, S. Herbst

MCR-1320, 1975-08-05, Fix bug in delete_, S. Herbst

MCR-1321, 1975-08-05, Fix move to respect safety switch, S. Herbst

MCR-1322, 1975-08-05, Modifications to probe, J. Broughton

MCR-1323, 1975-08-05, Change probe to use new object map format, J. Broughton

MCR-1324, 1975-08-05, MCS bug fixes, M. Grady

MCR-1325, 1975-08-05, installation of firmware utilities, L. Johnson

MCR-1326, 1975-08-05, Change meaning of login -po control argument, S. Webber

MCR-1327, 1975-08-05, Add prelinking to the system, S. Webber

MCR-1328, 1975-08-05, Disable access checking for hphcs_$set_backup_dump_time, J. Stern

MCR-1329, 1975-08-12, Supply "write_status" order for MCS, R. Coren

MCR-1330, 1975-08-12, Supply "set_line_type" order for MCS, R. Coren

MCR-1331, 1975-08-12, Change wait's printing of wakeup messages, S. Herbst

MCR-1332, 1975-08-12, Fix pxss processid checking bug, R. Mullen

MCR-1333, 1975-08-12, Fix bug in reduction_compiler, G. Dixon

MCR-1334, 1975-08-12, Fix bug in io_call command, L. Johnson

MCR-1335, 1975-08-12, Modify Answering Service for MCS Phase 2, P. Green

MCR-1336, 1975-08-12, Move G115 protocol support to 355, M. Grady

MCR-1337, 1975-08-12, Support TermiNet 1200 using Bell 202C5/6 modems, M. Grady

MCR-1338, 1975-08-20, Standardize iox_ error codes, L. Johnson

MCR-1339, 1975-08-20, Change format of linkage section header, S. Webber

MCR-1340, 1975-08-20, Retriever changes, A. Kobziar

MCR-1341, 1975-08-20, Fix latest restart_fault bugs, B. Greenberg

MCR-1342, 1975-08-20, Repair occasional boundfault bug in page_trace, J. Gintell

MCR-1343, 1975-08-20, Fix read status order in message coordinator, J. Whitmore

MCR-1344, 1975-08-20, Update the broadcaster_ dim to v2pl1, J. Whitmore

MCR-1345, 1975-08-20, Fix Core accounting in pc_abs, B. Greenberg

MCR-1346, 1975-08-20, Change initialize_peek_limits error reporting, B. Greenberg

MCR-1347, 1975-08-26, Install metering tools for priority scheduler , R. Mullen

MCR-1348, 1975-08-26, Change method of virtual CPU time measurement, S. Webber

MCR-1349, 1975-08-26, change print_sample_refs to use new object_info_ and iox_, R. Klinger

MCR-1350, 1975-08-26, Emergency fixes to tape_ansi, R. Klinger

MCR-1351, 1975-08-26, Fix unreported bugs in tape_ansi_, R. Klinger

MCR-1352, 1975-08-26, Miscellaneous Answering Service Improvements, T. VanVleck

MCR-1353, 1975-08-26, Fix bug in resetting a break at an EIS instruction in debug, S. Barr

MCR-1354, 1975-08-26, Set version number before calls to object_info_ in debug, S. Barr

MCR-1355, 1975-08-26, Modifying the message segment facility to properly handle large messages, K. Pogran

MCR-1356, 1975-08-26, New ready message procedure, K. Pogran

MCR-1357, 1975-08-26, Impose 7280 word limit on length of messages in message segments, K. Pogran

MCR-1358, 1975-08-26, Improve interface to lock, R. Bratt

MCR-1359, 1975-08-26, Fix bug in GCOS Simulator, T. Casey

MCR-1360, 1975-08-26, Fix bug in ed_mgt, T. Casey

MCR-1360, 1975-09-16, Modify BOS for 2 IOM Operation, N. Morris

MCR-1361, 1975-08-26, Modify card reading software, N. Morris

MCR-1362, 1975-09-02, Extensions to syserr, L. Johnson

MCR-1363, 1975-09-02, Install any_to_any_ and dec_ops_ Bug Fixes, R. Barnes

MCR-1364, 1975-09-09, Remove Default initialization of varying strings from pl1, R. Barnes

MCR-1365, 1975-09-09, Add entry mailbox_$upddte_message_index, S. Herbst

MCR-1366, 1975-09-09, Fix bug in copy_names, S. Herbst

MCR-1367, 1975-09-09, Make create_dir recognize bad control args, S. Herbst

MCR-1368, 1975-09-09, Fix bug in set_lock_, T. VanVleck

MCR-1369, 1975-09-09, Fix ios_ masking bug, R. Mullen

MCR-1370, 1975-09-09, MCS bug fixes for 3.0, M. Grady

MCR-1371, 1975-09-09, Update system exec_coms for MR3.Q, T. Casey

MCR-1372, 1975-09-16, Fix bug in pool_manager , J. Whitmore

MCR-1373, 1975-09-16, Change find_word to print line numbers, J. Stern

MCR-1374, 1975-09-16, Fix bug in print_request_types and print devices, J. Stern

MCR-1375, 1975-09-16, Fix bug in dprint, J. Stern

MCR-1376, 1975-09-16, Fix linker bug in creating multiple linkage segments, S. Webber

MCR-1377, 1975-09-16, Fix problem in bootstrap1, N. Morris

MCR-1378, 1975-09-16, Remove unneeded code from printer DIM, N. Morris

MCR-1379, 1975-09-16, Fix bug in disk DIM, N. Morris

MCR-1380, 1975-09-16, Install PL/I complier that produces the new object map, R. Barnes

MCR-1381, 1975-09-16, Make break maps illegal in bound segments, M. Weaver

MCR-1382, 1975-09-16, Create and Maintain a pl1_errata info file, R. Barnes

MCR-1383, 1975-09-16, Fix buffer-space bug in MCS, R. Coren

MCR-1384, 1975-09-16, Make tty_dump compatible with new Answering Service, R. Coren

MCR-1385, 1975-09-16, Fix bug in compare_ascii, T. Casey

MCR-1387, 1975-09-16, Change set_iacl_seg error message, S. Herbst

MCR-1388, 1975-09-16, Fix bug in term_$single_refname, S. Herbst

MCR-1389, 1975-09-16, Obtain access from SDW and KSTE, E. Stone

MCR-1390, 1975-05-29, Install Removable disk I/O Module, J. Weeldreyer

MCR-1391, 1975-05-29, TOLTS 2.2 update, J. Rhodes

MCR-1392, 1975-07-21, Fix bug in the maxflow.fortran program in the TSS Fortran Library, C. Lackey

MCR-1393, 1975-07-21, Fix bugs in tss_in o segment, C. Lackey

MCR-1394, 1975-07-21, Add Backup to disk facility, R. Luebke

MCR-1395, 1975-07-21, GCOS Simulator, R. Morrison

MCR-1396, 1975-08-04, GCOS Simulator , R. Morrison

MCR-1397, 1975-08-04, Modify Calc to use EIS arithmetic, R. Luebke

MCR-1398, 1975-08-11, Change GCOS_daemon absentee jobs to default restartable, R. Morrison

MCR-1399, 1975-09-22, Fix bug in GCOS_card_utility, R. Morrison

MCR-1400, 1975-08-11, GCOS tools info segments, R. Morrison

MCR-1401, 1975-09-15, Modify the GCOS simulator to track changes in restart_fault_, R. Morrison

MCR-1402, 1975-09-22, Modify rdisk_ to use RCP, J. Weeldreyer

MCR-1403, 1975-09-22, Multics COBOL Compiler, W. O'Neill

MCR-1404, 1975-09-23, TOLTS 3ยท0 issue, J. Rhodes

MCR-1405, 1975-09-29, Fix bug in GCOS_daemon, R. Morrison

MCR-1406, 1975-09-23, Fix bugs in file_ IOSIM, P. Green

MCR-1407, 1975-09-23, Fix bug in create$create_dir, L. Scheffler

MCR-1408, 1975-09-23, New control argument for format_word_list, J. Stern

MCR-1409, 1975-09-23, Implement function entry point to ioa_, L. Johnson

MCR-1410, 1975-09-23, Fix bug in dial facility, P. Green

MCR-1411, 1975-09-23, New File Utility Commands, M. Asherman

MCR-1412, 1975-09-23, Fix hcs_ acl primitives bugs, A. Kobziar

MCR-1413, 1975-09-23, Catch empty file map bug via salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-1414, 1975-09-23, Fix bug in find_common_acl_names_, S. Herbst

MCR-1415, 1975-09-23, Fix null command line bug in walk_subtree, S. Herbst

MCR-1416, 1975-09-23, Develop standard for command error messages about link targets, S. Herbst

MCR-1417, 1975-09-23, Check type in msf_manager_, S. Herbst

MCR-1418, 1975-09-23, Changes to msf_manager_, S. Herbst

MCR-1419, 1975-10-06, Multics COBOL Compiler Version 1.5, W. O'Neill

MCR-1420, 1975-09-30, Add support for multiple FNPs, M. Grady

MCR-1421, 1975-09-30, Fix bug in file_ DIM, M. Grady

MCR-1422, 1975-09-30, Fix bug in decode_descriptor_, G. Dixon

MCR-1423, 1975-09-30, Remove peruse_text from system, T. VanVleck

MCR-1424, 1975-09-30, Fixes and improvements for help, T. VanVleck

MCR-1425, 1975-09-30, Fix bug in edit_proj, T. Casey

MCR-1426, 1975-09-30, Install new FORTRAN complier that produces new object mao, D. Levin

MCR-1427, 1975-09-30, Binder Update Change for Separate Static, M. Weaver

MCR-1428, 1975-09-30, Add Command dump_static_and_linkage, M. Weaver

MCR-1429, 1975-09-30, Correct misleading error message in debug, S. Barr

MCR-1430, 1975-10-06, Fix Bugs in GCOS Simulator, R. Morrison

MCR-1431, 1975-10-07, Add ring 1 AIM privileges for the Initializer, J. Whitmore

MCR-1432, 1975-10-07, Fix for bound_dumper_, J. Whitmore

MCR-1433, 1975-10-07, Fix IO Daemon bugs for 3.0, J. Whitmore

MCR-1434, 1975-10-07, General IO Daemon fixes, J. Whitmore

MCR-1435, 1975-10-07, Fix bug in full_find_command_, S. Herbst

MCR-1436, 1975-10-07, Fix tty_ to use word aligned pointers in calls to hcs_$tty_read, S. Barr

MCR-1437, 1975-10-07, Remove non-system ACLs from Gates on Hardcore Header, R. Roach

MCR-1438, 1975-10-07, Improvements to ring 4 syserr log, L. Scheffler

MCR-1439, 1975-10-07, Fix bug in copy_acl_, S. Herbst

MCR-1440, 1975-10-07, Change mailbox_$update_message_index, S. Herbst

MCR-1441, 1975-10-07, RCP bug fixes, B. Silver

MCR-1442, 1975-10-07, vfile_ bug fixes, M. Asherman

MCR-1443, 1975-10-07, New file utility commands, M. Asherman

MCR-1444, 1975-10-07, Fix raf~ame bug in lox_$attach_ioname , L. Johnson

MCR-1445, 1975-10-14, Add naw star matching features to list command, T. Casey

MCR-1446, 1975-10-14, Eliminate inconsistencies in list command, T. Casey

MCR-1447, 1975-10-14, Add -first argument to list command, T. Casey

MCR-1448, 1975-10-14, Fix ring alarm bug, B. Silver

MCR-1449, 1975-10-14, Fix bug in reconfigure_rcp, B. Silver

MCR-1450, 1975-10-14, Change abbrev_$set_cp_ to abbrev_$set_cp, S. Herbst

MCR-1451, 1975-10-21, Auto-Call Facility, J. Goldman

MCR-1452, 1975-10-21, Message segment improvements and bug fixes, J. Stern

MCR-1453, 1975-10-21, Spooling Facility Enhancement, J. Phillipps

MCR-1454, 1975-10-21, Changa append$create_branch to use parent access class as default, L. Scheffler

MCR-1455, 1975-10-21, Fix directory bug in copy, S. Herbst

MCR-1456, 1975-10-28, Fix bug in deleting upgraded directory trees, A. Kobziar

MCR-1457, 1975-10-28, Fix a bug Jn backup_cleanup, G. Lewis

MCR-1458, 1975-10-28, Restrict max_length to page boundaries, S. Herbst

MCR-1459, 1975-10-28, Change vfile_ use of msfs, D. MacLaren

MCR-1460, 1975-10-28, Fix mss_manager_ to correspond to changes made in HSS 21.0, P. Kelley

MCR-1461, 1975-10-28, Fix bug in copy_names_, S. Herbst

MCR-1462, 1975-10-28, Fix bug in mbla, S. Herbst

MCR-1463, 1975-10-28, Improve saving of unsent mail, S. Herbst

MCR-1464, 1975-11-04, Fix bug in operator DOWN command, P. Green

MCR-1465, 1975-11-04, Rewrite ring 4 syserr log management, L. Scheffler

MCR-1466, 1975-11-04, Fix to tape_ for LA firmware, B. Silver

MCR-1466, 1975-11-18, New login argument and pdt value: subsystem, T. Casey

MCR-1467, 1975-11-04, Implement mallbox_set_max_length command, S. Herbst

MCR-1467, 1975-11-18, Changes to Hardcore Network Environment, D. Wells

MCR-1468, 1975-11-04, Add two keywords to if command , S. Herbst

MCR-1469, 1975-11-04, Test for non-interactive use of command_query_, S. Herbst

MCR-1470, 1975-11-04, Fix bug in do active function, S. Herbst

MCR-1471, 1975-11-04, Fix bug in abbrev .1 request, S. Herbst

MCR-1472, 1975-11-11, Implement compatible secure message commands, S. Herbst

MCR-1473, 1975-11-11, Make default search rules installation changeable, T. VanVleck

MCR-1474, 1975-11-11, Correct and complete various hardware description include files, E. Wallman

MCR-1475, 1975-11-11, Implement reprint_query command, S. Herbst

MCR-1476, 1975-11-11, Add features to do and exec_com, S. Herbst

MCR-1477, 1975-11-11, Change generate_mst to interpret object keyword correctly, E. Stone

MCR-1478, 1975-11-11, Fix bug in fs_get, E. Stone

MCR-1479, 1975-11-18, Install copy_file command, R. Klinger

MCR-1480, 1975-11-18, Changes to dlsk_control for more meaningful error messages, N. Morris

MCR-1481, 1975-11-18, Change to BOS, N. Morris

MCR-1482, 1975-11-18, Improve BOS disk error diagnostics, N. Morris

MCR-1483, 1975-11-18, Change BOS to avoid loading PRU160C VFC, N. Morris

MCR-1484, 1975-11-18, Modifications to BOS for Unattended operation, N. Morris

MCR-1485, 1975-11-18, Fix bug in reset_disk_meters, T. Casey

MCR-1488, 1975-11-18, Alterations to Answering Service portion of Network, D. Wells

MCR-1489, 1975-11-18, Investigation into providing multiple dialup language processors, D. Wells

MCR-1490, 1976-02-16, Fix bugs in gcos_card_utility command, T. Casey

MCR-1491, 1975-11-18, Bug fix to operator command "word", T. Casey

MCR-1492, 1975-11-18, Fix bugs and remove restriction in edit_mgt , T. Casey

MCR-1493, 1975-11-18, Install create_data_segment_ as a tool, B. Greenberg

MCR-1494, 1975-11-18, Change printer_on/off order calls to return more Informative codes, P. Green

MCR-1495, 1975-11-18, Fix many small bugs in Answering Service, P. Green

MCR-1496, 1975-11-18, Add control arguments to dump_mpc, L. Johnson

MCR-1497, 1975-11-18, Implement iox_ control operations from command level, L. Johnson

MCR-1498, 1975-11-25, Fix access class bug in msf_manager_, S. Herbst

MCR-1499, 1975-11-25, I/O Coordinator improvements and bug fixes, J. Stern

MCR-1501, 1975-11-25, Fix minor bugs in taoe_ansi_, R. Klinger

MCR-1502, 1975-11-25, General IO Daemon Fixes, M. Braida

MCR-1503, 1975-11-25, Add checks for a null Working dir, J. Whitmore

MCR-1504, 1975-11-25, bk_input not to abort on improper_data_, R. Mullen

MCR-1505, 1975-11-25, Create a new hardcore metering gate, S. Webber

MCR-1506, 1975-11-25, Fix bugs in linker introduced in 27.2, S. Webber

MCR-1507, 1975-11-25, Install system linkage metering tools consistent with 27.2 linker, S. Webber

MCR-1508, 1975-11-25, Install new system_link_meters consistent with 27.0, S. Webber

MCR-1509, 1975-11-25, Reformat IPC event channel names, S. Webber

MCR-1510, 1975-11-25, Implement repeat_query command, S. Herbst

MCR-1510, 1975-11-25, A modified I/O Coordinator Command Interface, J. Stern

MCR-1511, 1975-11-25, Fix active functions to work as commands, S. Herbst

MCR-1512, 1975-11-25, Remove star convention from new send_message, S. Herbst

MCR-1513, 1975-11-25, Implement print_messages -last, S. Herbst

MCR-1514, 1975-11-25, Make new_user compilable, T. Casey

MCR-1515, 1975-12-02, MCS bug fixes, M. Grady

MCR-1516, 1975-12-02, Install 355 utility routines, M. Grady

MCR-1517, 1975-12-02, RCP bug fixes, B. Silver

MCR-1518, 1975-12-02, tape_mult_ bug fixes, B. Silver

MCR-1519, 1975-12-02, Fix bug in delete_, S. Herbst

MCR-1520, 1975-12-02, Fix bugs in walk_subtree command, S. Herbst

MCR-1521, 1975-12-02, Fix -bf bug in dprint, S. Herbst

MCR-1522, 1975-12-02, Fix bug in cross-reference, P. Green

MCR-1523, 1975-12-02, Log hardware errors in syserr log, L. Johnson

MCR-1524, 1975-12-02, Add new features to mexp needed for FAST Fortran, S. Webber

MCR-1525, 1975-12-02, Fix bugs introduced in the 21-2 command processor, S. Webber

MCR-1526, 1975-12-02, Install new temporary segment manager for use in Multics, S. Webber

MCR-1527, 1975-12-02, Upgrade system tool hunt to search archives and document In PLM, S. Webber

MCR-1528, 1975-12-02, Redefine the format of gate segments in the system, S. Webber

MCR-1529, 1975-12-02, Install a new standard system area management package, S. Webber

MCR-1530, 1975-12-02, Fix append$create_branch_ to force nonzero quota on upgraded directories, L. Scheffler

MCR-1531, 1975-12-02, Remove create_dir restriction on creating upgraded dirs through links, L. Scheffler

MCR-1532, 1975-12-02, Use vfile_ for certain answering service files, T. VanVleck

MCR-1533, 1975-12-02, Eliminate use of switches in salvager, T. VanVleck

MCR-1534, 1975-12-02, BOS changes for unattended operation, T. VanVleck

MCR-1535, 1975-12-02, Automatic crash recovery mode, T. VanVleck

MCR-1536, 1975-12-02, New subroutine error reporting mechanism, T. VanVleck

MCR-1537, 1975-12-02, New implementation of tty_write, R. Coren

MCR-1538, 1975-12-02, Add create_data_segment_ tool to system, S. Webber

MCR-1539, 1975-12-02, Fix more bugs in Answering Service, P. Green

MCR-1540, 1975-12-02, Install pl1_operators_ to Interface with New Area Package, R. Barnes

MCR-1542, 1975-12-02, Fix bug in fs_get, E. Stone

MCR-1543, 1975-12-02, Retriever operational change, A. Kobziar

MCR-1544, 1975-12-02, IO Daemon Accounting Fixes, M. Braida

MCR-1545, 1975-12-02, A Solution to the "directory renaming problem", R. Bratt

MCR-1545, 1975-12-02, Change object_info_, E. Stone

MCR-1546, 1975-12-02, Changes to bound_graphic_system_ and related standalone segments, C. Tavares

MCR-1547, 1975-12-02, Changes to bound_qraphiic_editor, C. Tavares

MCR-1548, 1975-12-02, Changes to sort_items_ and sort_items_indirect_, C. Tavares

MCR-1549, 1975-12-02, vfile_ utilities modified for FAST, M. Asherman

MCR-1550, 1975-12-02, vfile_ changes for new file type, M. Asherman

MCR-1551, 1975-12-02, vfile_ bug fixes, M. Asherman

MCR-1552, 1975-12-09, Install FAST process overseer similar to DTSS, S. Barr

MCR-1553, 1975-12-09, Implement print_messages -all option, S. Herbst

MCR-1554, 1975-12-09, Implement mail -reverse option, S. Herbst

MCR-1555, 1975-12-09, Salvager reused address bug, A. Kobziar

MCR-1556, 1975-12-09, Change to IO Daemon Restart Command, J. Whitmore

MCR-1557, 1975-12-09, Changes to sort_items_ and sort_items_indirect, C. Tavares

MCR-1558, 1975-12-09, Hardware tape software bug fixes, E. Stone

MCR-1559, 1975-12-16, Add "error_status" control order to indexed files, M. Asherman

MCR-1560, 1975-12-16, Allow shared sequential openings on indexed files, M. Asherman

MCR-1561, 1975-12-16, Add process_data_ segment, M. Weaver

MCR-1562, 1975-12-16, Change ep_basic in FAST, M. Weaver

MCR-1563, 1975-12-16, Allow additional position requests in io_call, L. Johnson

MCR-1564, 1975-12-16, Improve add_copyright, J. Gintell

MCR-1565, 1975-12-16, Changes to copy_file control arguments, R. Klinger

MCR-1566, 1975-12-16, Modify status command for new storage system, T. VanVleck

MCR-1567, 1975-12-23, Changes to "vfd" pseudo-op in ALM, E. Wiatrowski

MCR-1568, 1975-12-23, Change bound_parse_.bind (bindfile), R. Schoeman

MCR-1569, 1975-12-23, Add abs_seg keyword to generate_mst, B. Greenberg

MCR-1570, 1975-12-23, Fix Bugs in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-1571, 1975-12-23, Improve Disk DIM performance, N. Morris

MCR-1572, 1975-12-23, Modify Multics to run with a 4 Megaword System Controller, N. Morris

MCR-1573, 1975-12-23, Modify BOS to run 4MW SCU, N. Morris

MCR-1574, 1975-12-23, Modify Multics for Dual IOM Operation, N. Morris

MCR-1575, 1975-12-23, Emergency change to mc_wakeups_, P. Green

MCR-1576, 1975-12-23, Eliminate "infqcnt", T. VanVleck

MCR-1577, 1975-12-23, Keeping Bad Pathnames out of the Pathname Associative Memory, R. Bratt

MCR-1578, 1975-12-23, Enhancement of the on line dump peruser ol_dump, J. Bush

MCR-1579, 1975-12-23, Plans for the PL/I Compiler, R. Barnes

MCR-1580, 1975-12-23, Install FAST run unit manager, M. Weaver

MCR-1581, 1975-12-23, New gate entry: hcs_$star_dir_list_, T. Casey

MCR-1582, 1975-12-23, New version of storage system, T. VanVleck

MCR-1583, 1975-12-23, Additional FAST Interface: MTSS-- Multics Time Sharing Subsystem, C. Clingen

MCR-1584, 1976-01-13, Fix bug in Network Answering Service that causes hangups to not work, D. Wells

MCR-1585, 1976-01-09, Modify rdisk_ to implement raw mode and 3 new control orders to support disk pack formatting operations, J. Bush

MCR-1586, 1976-01-09, Implement a program to allow disk pack formatting and related operations online under Multics, J. Bush

MCR-1587, 1976-01-13, Change check_info_segs for NSS compatibility, T. Casey

MCR-1588, 1976-01-13, Fix bug in object_test_ which deletes the obJect segment, P. Kelley

MCR-1589, 1976-01-13, Fortran for DFAST, D. MacLaren

MCR-1590, 1976-01-13, ld355 bug fix, M. Grady

MCR-1591, 1976-01-13, Fix debug to work with varying character strings, S. Barr

MCR-1592, 1976-01-13, Add fast_related_data_ segment, M. Weaver

MCR-1593, 1976-01-13, Add -delete control arg to runoff_abs, S. Herbst

MCR-1594, 1976-01-13, Rewrite mailbox and message segment commands, S. Herbst

MCR-1595, 1976-01-13, Keep accurate bit counts on data segments, S. Herbst

MCR-1596, 1976-01-13, Add "record_status" control order to indexed files, M. Asherman

MCR-1597, 1976-01-13, Fix bug in print_meters, T. Casey

MCR-1598, 1976-01-13, list command for NSS, T. Casey

MCR-1599, 1976-01-20, Add "record_status" control order to indexed files, M. Asherman

MCR-1600, 1976-01-20, vfile_ bug fixes for 3.1, M. Asherman

MCR-1601, 1976-01-20, Fix bug in indent, L. Johnson

MCR-1602, 1976-01-20, new tty_ order calls, J. Goldman

MCR-1603, 1976-01-20, Create three directories for info segments, S. Barr

MCR-1604, 1976-01-20, Inhibit close on user_input etc., D. MacLaren

MCR-1605, 1976-01-20, Old Fortran, D. MacLaren

MCR-1606, 1976-01-27, Fix new bug in copy_names, S. Herbst

MCR-1607, 1976-01-27, Implement print_messages -last, S. Herbst

MCR-1608, 1976-01-27, New Entries to pl1_operators_ for FAST FORTRAN, G. Chang

MCR-1609, 1976-02-03, More vflle_ bug fixes for 3. 1, M. Asherman

MCR-1610, 1976-02-03, Standardize Multics Input Canonicalization, R. Coren

MCR-1611, 1976-02-03, Install new MST copy/merge/list/excerpt/write , B. Greenberg

MCR-1612, 1976-02-03, Remove fault-time lock-looping in Page control, B. Greenberg

MCR-1613, 1976-02-10, Fix problems ln syserr, L. Johnson

MCR-1614, 1976-02-10, tape-in and tape-out: a new tape-to-storage file transfer facility, J. Phillipps

MCR-1615, 1976-02-10, Avoid locking indexed files on passive shared operations, M. Asherman

MCR-1616, 1976-02-10, "set_file_lock" and "set_wait_time" orders for indexed files, M. Asherman

MCR-1617, 1976-02-10, Change indent to work on cds segments., S. Webber

MCR-1618, 1976-02-10, Fix bugs in get_temp_segments_, S. Webber

MCR-1619, 1976-02-10, Fix bug in set_lock_ which sometimes causes initializer problems, S. Webber

MCR-1620, 1976-02-10, Extend standard object segment format to include concept of "main" entry, S. Webber

MCR-1621, 1976-02-10, Fix pi bug in mail, S. Herbst

MCR-1622, 1976-02-10, The main entry point in FAST/DFAST, D. MacLaren

MCR-1623, 1976-02-10, Fix bug in dmp355, M. Grady

MCR-1624, 1976-02-10, Incorporate USGS Improvements in MCS, M. Grady

MCR-1625, 1976-02-10, Multics Sort/Merge Phase 2, J. Berson

MCR-1626, 1976-02-10, Reduce System Dependence on the DST, N. Morris

MCR-1627, 1976-02-10, Fix G115_ DIM and MCS to run remote printers properly, R. Coren

MCR-1628, 1976-02-10, Fix two bugs in MCS, R. Coren

MCR-1629, 1976-02-10, Fix bugs in list command, T. Casey

MCR-1630, 1976-02-10, Drop reloader references to installation_parms, A. Kobziar

MCR-1631, 1976-02-17, Changes to copy_file specifications, R. Klinger

MCR-1631, 1976-05-11, Resolve conflicting uses of lot.incl.pl1, R. Bratt

MCR-1632, 1976-02-17, Enhance tape_ibm_ VOL1 recognition and fix bug, R. Klinger

MCR-1633, 1976-02-17, Hardcore reliability improvements, T. VanVleck

MCR-1634, 1976-02-17, Prewithdraw disk records for certain segments, T. VanVleck

MCR-1635, 1976-02-17, Hardcore virtual mounting, T. VanVleck

MCR-1636, 1976-02-17, Automatic invocation of the hierarchy salvager, T. VanVleck

MCR-1637, 1976-02-17, Hardcore volume demounting, T. VanVleck

MCR-1638, 1976-02-17, Modify BOS SAVE to check that volume is salvaged, T. VanVleck

MCR-1639, 1976-02-17, Modify status command to print logical volum~ name, T. VanVleck

MCR-1640, 1976-02-17, Ring 1 command to force paging device enabling, T. VanVleck

MCR-1641, 1976-02-17, Fix bug in dump_segment's handling of -offset control arg, S. Webber

MCR-1642, 1976-02-17, Fix bug in CPU deletion which allows the CPU to come back to life, S. Webber

MCR-1643, 1976-02-17, Fix bug in the MST generator, E. Stone

MCR-1644, 1976-02-17, Fix bugs in generate_mst, E. Stone

MCR-1645, 1976-02-17, Add per-process segfault counter to system, R. Bratt

MCR-1645, 1976-05-18, Fix salv_truncate unprotected address bug, B. Greenberg

MCR-1646, 1976-02-17, Basic installation update, S. Webber

MCR-1647, 1976-02-17, Change compare_mst to work with new format, A. Kobziar

MCR-1648, 1976-02-17, Expand volume salvager handling of reused address, T. VanVleck

MCR-1649, 1976-02-17, Fill in new salvager data items in directory and VTOCE, T. VanVleck

MCR-1650, 1976-02-17, Modify salvager to check new directory, T. VanVleck

MCR-1651, 1976-02-17, Force volume to be salvaged if any errors occur on RESTOR, T. VanVleck

MCR-1652, 1976-02-17, Modify operation of where command, S. Herbst

MCR-1653, 1976-02-17, teco extensions, R. Bratt

MCR-1654, 1976-02-17, Improvement changes to ALM, E. Wiatrowski

MCR-1655, 1976-02-17, Fix bugs in GGOS simulation, R. Morrison

MCR-1656, 1976-02-24, Extend command processor to include concept of "main" entry point, S. Webber

MCR-1657, 1976-02-24, Install a new PL/I compiler, R. Schoeman

MCR-1658, 1976-02-24, Instali a new pl1_operators_ and put_field_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1659, 1976-02-24, Install a new bound_plio2_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1660, 1976-02-24, Change reloader to turn off copy switch, A. Kobziar

MCR-1661, 1976-02-24, Install command to summarize I/O errors, L. Johnson

MCR-1662, 1976-02-24, Fix bugs in new area management routines, S. Webber

MCR-1663, 1976-02-24, Update System exec_coms for MR3.1, T. Casey

MCR-1664, 1976-02-24, Add wait feature to assign_resource, M. Meer

MCR-1665, 1976-02-24, backup fixes, M. Meer

MCR-1666, 1976-02-24, Ada name encode to code command, S. Herbst

MCR-1667, 1976-02-24, Fix bugs in any_to_any_, R. Barnes

MCR-1668, 1976-03-08, COBOL Bug Fixing, W. O'Neill

MCR-1669, 1976-03-02, Add information-only entry points to dir_control_error, L. Scheffler

MCR-1670, 1976-03-02, Fix erroneous audit calls from set_privileges, L. Scheffler

MCR-1671, 1976-03-02, Add check for valid entry pointer to protection_audit_$access_denied, L. Scheffler

MCR-1672, 1976-03-02, Change convert authorization_ to properly convert null access class strings, L. Scheffler

MCR-1673, 1976-03-02, Add audit message for illegal returns, L. Scheffler

MCR-1674, 1976-03-02, Modify map355 to Increase assembly limits, M. Grady

MCR-1675, 1976-03-02, Install FAST subsystem, S. Barr

MCR-1676, 1976-03-02, Improve delete's error messages, S. Herbst

MCR-1677, 1976-03-02, Implement star convention ln adjlust_bit_count, S. Herbst

MCR-1678, 1976-03-02, Correct bug ln detection of EOF ln ntape_, R. Bratt

MCR-1679, 1976-03-02, Implement dump_fnp and patch_fnp commands, R. Coren

MCR-1680, 1976-03-02, Change format of pl1_verslon_, R. Barnes

MCR-1681, 1976-03-02, Fix bug in propagate, S. Herbst

MCR-1682, 1976-03-02, Fix more problems in syserr, L. Johnson

MCR-1683, 1976-03-09, Answering Service Changes for Auto Call , D. Jordan

MCR-1684, 1976-03-09, AST Lock Metering, R. Mullen

MCR-1685, 1976-03-09, Command to set_sons_volume, T. VanVleck

MCR-1686, 1976-03-09, Install carry_total active function, S. Herbst

MCR-1687, 1976-03-09, Add &rf and &qf features to do, S. Herbst

MCR-1688, 1976-03-09, Improve Prelinker's user interface, R. Bratt

MCR-1689, 1976-03-09, Fix entryname bug in exec_com, S. Herbst

MCR-1690, 1976-03-09, Fix &attach bug ln abs_io_, S. Herbst

MCR-1691, 1976-03-09, Improve the carry facility, S. Herbst

MCR-1692, 1976-03-09, Implement new faster tty_read, R. Coren

MCR-1693, 1976-03-09, Fix several Answering Service bugs and problems, P. Green

MCR-1694, 1976-03-09, Fix bugs in system control, P. Green

MCR-1695, 1976-03-09, Fix bugs in mrd_utll_, P. Green

MCR-1696, 1976-03-09, Fix bug in print_syserr_log, L. Johnson

MCR-1697, 1976-03-09, Fix bug in get_process_id_, L. Johnson

MCR-1698, 1976-03-09, Fix miscellaneous bugs in taoe_ansi_, R. Klinger

MCR-1699, 1976-03-16, Temporary emergency fix to tty_read, R. Coren

MCR-1700, 1976-03-16, Install prelink driver tables for FAST and DFAST, S. Barr

MCR-1701, 1976-03-16, Fix Bugs in cv_cmf, T. Casey

MCR-1702, 1976-03-16, Allow ntape_ to handle multifile tapes, R. Bratt

MCR-1703, 1976-03-16, Install new command compare_results, S. Herbst

MCR-1704, 1976-03-16, Read parity error recovery for tape_ansi_, R. Klinger

MCR-1705, 1976-03-16, Solve MCS input interruption Problems, M. Grady

MCR-1706, 1976-03-16, Fix gen_sst_card for new storage system, T. VanVleck

MCR-1707, 1976-03-16, Reload logical volume ID, T. VanVleck

MCR-1708, 1976-03-16, Make I/O priority depend on scheduling priority, T. VanVleck

MCR-1709, 1976-03-16, Per-drive metering in disk DIM , T. VanVleck

MCR-1710, 1976-03-16, Install FAST run unit manager, M. Weaver

MCR-1711, 1976-03-16, Improvement to indent, L. Johnson

MCR-1712, 1976-03-16, Implement iox_ control operations from command level, L. Johnson

MCR-1713, 1976-03-16, Fix bug in quota$move_quota, T. VanVlecK

MCR-1714, 1976-03-16, Allow delentry to delete bad directory, T. VanVleck

MCR-1715, 1976-03-16, Install a FAST/DFAST version of fortran_io_, G. Chang

MCR-1716, 1976-03-22, COBOL Maintenance Release, W. O'Neill

MCR-1717, 1976-03-22, Multics HEALS, R. Morrison

MCR-1718, 1976-03-23, Fix 28.0 NSS bugs Round 1, B. Greenberg

MCR-1719, 1976-03-23, Change BOS Firmware Loader to print revision number of firmware, N. Morris

MCR-1720, 1976-03-23, Fix bug in Append, A. Kobziar

MCR-1721, 1976-03-23, Redefine Recovery Mode Directory Salvaging, A. Kobziar

MCR-1722, 1976-03-23, Fix bug Restricting Absentee arg lengths, S. Herbst

MCR-1723, 1976-03-23, Fix bugs in BOS device address interpretation, N. Morris

MCR-1724, 1976-03-23, Fix bug in BOS RESTOR command, N. Morris

MCR-1725, 1976-03-23, Fix bugs in BOS DUMP command, N. Morris

MCR-1726, 1976-03-23, Fix bug in the BOS IF command, N. Morris

MCR-1727, 1976-03-23, Move the "flagbox" segment, N. Morris

MCR-1728, 1976-03-23, Define New Salvager Options, A. Kobziar

MCR-1729, 1976-03-23, Remove general_format_parse_ from bound_fortran_, D. Levin

MCR-1730, 1976-03-30, Recompile several hardcore programs, T. VanVleck

MCR-1731, 1976-03-30, Fix bug in terminate_proc, T. VanVleck

MCR-1732, 1976-03-30, MCR for changes in the tss_login_responder_, L. Hazelton

MCR-1733, 1976-03-30, Fix card Reader Hangup Problem in BOS, N. Morris

MCR-1734, 1976-03-30, Fix set_tty for network problems, R. Coren

MCR-1735, 1976-03-30, Accept options (variable) and options (non_quick) on procedure statements, R. Barnes

MCR-1736, 1976-03-30, Change combined linkage regions info areas, S. Webber

MCR-1737, 1976-03-30, Reorganize info segment directories, J. Gintell

MCR-1738, 1976-03-30, Replace all info segments in >doc>info, J. Gintell

MCR-1739, 1976-03-30, Emergency fixes for modules used by FAST/DFAST, M. Weaver

MCR-1740, 1976-03-30, Fix bugs ln write_user_usage_report, T. Casey

MCR-1741, 1976-03-30, Add limited hardcore process facility to the system, S. Webber

MCR-1742, 1976-03-30, Add &q and &r to exec_com, S. Herbst

MCR-1743, 1976-03-30, Fix bug in hcs_$initiate_search_rules, S. Herbst

MCR-1744, 1976-03-30, Fix bug in add_name, S. Herbst

MCR-1745, 1976-03-30, Convert several hardcore data bases to be "cds" segments, S. Webber

MCR-1746, 1976-03-30, Add get_main: a procedure for getting storage during initialization, S. Webber

MCR-1747, 1976-04-06, NSS bug fixes Round 2, B. Greenberg

MCR-1748, 1976-04-06, Fix to Server TELNET resetwrite function, D. Wells

MCR-1749, 1976-04-06, Install emergency fix to PL/I Compiler, R. Barnes

MCR-1750, 1976-04-06, Add privileged operation to keep segments off the paging device, T. VanVleck

MCR-1751, 1976-04-06, Charging tools for Directory Quota, T. VanVleck

MCR-1752, 1976-04-06, Performance improvements for interim dumper, T. VanVleck

MCR-1753, 1976-04-06, Fix bug in syserr_log_man_, L. Scheffler

MCR-1754, 1976-04-06, Change operation of nd_handler_, S. Herbst

MCR-1755, 1976-04-06, Fix bug in add_search_rules, S. Herbst

MCR-1756, 1976-04-06, Implement &i feature in exec_com, S. Herbst

MCR-1757, 1976-04-06, Fix bug in cancel_abs_request, S. Herbst

MCR-1758, 1976-04-06, Fix bug in index_set, S. Herbst

MCR-1759, 1976-04-06, Move get_temp_segments_ to stand alone in >sss, S. Barr

MCR-1760, 1976-04-06, Install BOSTAP BOS Command, B. Greenberg

MCR-1761, 1976-04-06, Change I/O Interfacer , B. Greenberg

MCR-1762, 1976-04-06, Fix bug in 7punch card DIM, N. Morris

MCR-1763, 1976-04-06, Change configuration card for disk subsystems, N. Morris

MCR-1764, 1976-04-06, Make direct calls to process overseer work correctly in all cases, T. Casey

MCR-1765, 1976-04-06, Meter RWS overhead at deactivation, R. Mullen

MCR-1766, 1976-04-06, Fix bug in init_proc, T. Casey

MCR-1767, 1976-04-13, Install if command/active function, S. Herbst

MCR-1768, 1976-04-13, Implement status active function, S. Herbst

MCR-1769, 1976-04-13, Install Emergency Fix to PL/I Compiler, R. Barnes

MCR-1770, 1976-04-13, Log MOS memory EDAC errors, L. Johnson

MCR-1771, 1976-04-13, Improve I/O error logging, L. Johnson

MCR-1772, 1976-04-13, Fix bug in trim_syserr_log, L. Johnson

MCR-1773, 1976-04-13, Fix bug in daily_syserr_process, L. Johnson

MCR-1774, 1976-04-13, Fix locking bug in syserr_logger, L. Johnson

MCR-1775, 1976-04-13, Add ordered field sort to sort_seg, M. Grady

MCR-1776, 1976-04-13, Log MPC Statistics in syserr_log, L. Johnson

MCR-1777, 1976-04-13, Upgrade form_link_info_ and interpret_link_for *system links, S. Webber

MCR-1778, 1976-04-13, Fix bug in link_unsnap_ which does not unsnap links into separate static, S. Webber

MCR-1779, 1976-04-13, Add new procedure "find_parm" to system for reading "parm" config cards, S. Webber

MCR-1780, 1976-04-13, Install several area management utility routines, S. Webber

MCR-1781, 1976-04-13, Move get_definition_ to >sss, M. Weaver

MCR-1782, 1976-04-13, Retain entry full_command_processor_$return_val, S. Herbst

MCR-1783, 1976-04-13, install tape_nstd_, R. Bratt

MCR-1784, 1976-04-20, Fix quota bug in pool_manager_, J. Whitmore

MCR-1785, 1976-04-20, Card Input Daemon bug fixes, J. Whitmore

MCR-1786, 1976-04-20, Provide separate definitions during Multics init1allzat1on, N. Morris

MCR-1787, 1976-04-20, Rewrite the generate_mst command, N. Morris

MCR-1788, 1976-04-20, Detect Fatal Process Error Loops, T. Casey

MCR-1789, 1976-04-20, Re-Implement &command_line off for absentee, S. Herbst

MCR-1790, 1976-04-20, Install bind_fnp, S. Barr

MCR-1791, 1976-04-20, Install a new put_field_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1792, 1976-04-20, Fix reset-read bug in 355, R. Coren

MCR-1793, 1976-04-20, Fix isot fault handler, R. Bratt

MCR-1794, 1976-04-20, Dumper speedups, R. Bratt

MCR-1795, 1976-04-27, Change pl1 to use get_line_length_, R. Barnes

MCR-1796, 1976-04-27, Fix message coordinator to work with 28.3, R. Coren

MCR-1797, 1976-04-27, NSS bug fixes round 3 emergencies, B. Greenberg

MCR-1798, 1976-04-27, Add -pvname option to dumper, B. Greenberg

MCR-1799, 1976-04-27, Invoke online salvager when problems are suspected, B. Greenberg

MCR-1800, 1976-04-27, Provide for 3 logical storage pools in a process that default to a single pool, S. Webber

MCR-1801, 1976-04-27, Change combined linkage regions into areas, S. Webber

MCR-1802, 1976-04-27, Move FNP software to new library, M. Grady

MCR-1803, 1976-04-27, Replace ioam_ and delete DST, M. Grady

MCR-1804, 1976-04-27, FNP load/dump hardcore primitives, M. Grady

MCR-1805, 1976-04-27, Modify MCS for new binder, M. Grady

MCR-1806, 1976-04-27, Dummy load/dump interface, M. Grady

MCR-1807, 1976-04-27, Fix bug in get_aste, A. Kobziar

MCR-1808, 1976-04-27, Define new salvager options, A. Kobziar

MCR-1809, 1976-04-27, Change cutoff messages printed at login, T. Casey

MCR-1810, 1976-04-27, Fix bugs in list command, T. Casey

MCR-1811, 1976-04-27, Fix bug in hcs_$make_seg, R. Bratt

MCR-1812, 1976-04-27, Fix bugs in as_init_ and load_ctl_, T. Casey

MCR-1813, 1976-04-27, Fix bug in tty_write white-space handling, R. Coren

MCR-1814, 1976-04-27, Change defauit_error_handler_ handling of finish condition to close data bases, R. Luebke

MCR-1815, 1976-05-06, Fix Bug in stu_$get_runtime_address, R. Barnes

MCR-1816, 1976-05-06, Fix bug in where command, S. Herbst

MCR-1817, 1976-05-06, Fix bug in where command, S. Herbst

MCR-1818, 1976-05-06, New operator command: shift, T. Casey

MCR-1819, 1976-05-G6, Make sub_err_ a support procedure, M. Weaver

MCR-1820, 1976-05-06, Rewrite disk accounting tools, T. Casey

MCR-1821, 1976-05-06, Fix bug in signal_, P. Green

MCR-1822, 1976-05-06, Interim ring-1 mount and dismount, T. VanVleck

MCR-1823, 1976-05-06, Directory quota commands, T. VanVleck

MCR-1824, 1976-U5-06, New 'control' mode for terminals, R. Coren

MCR-1825, 1976-05-06, Prevent delentry from returning error_table_$known_in_other_rings, R. Bratt

MCR-1826, 1976-05-06, Install list_mdir command, L. Johnson

MCR-1827, 1976-05-06, Install master directory control commands, L. Johnson

MCR-1828, 1976-05-06, Install master directory control pathname restrictions, L. Johnson

MCR-1829, 1976-04-28, IO Daemon Driver Bug Fixes, J. Whitmore

MCR-1830, 1976-05-11, Fix PL/I bug dealing with offsets, R. Barnes

MCR-1832, 1976-05-11, Fix bugs in page_trace, P. Green

MCR-1833, 1976-05-11, Add several control arguments to page_ trace, P. Green

MCR-1834, 1976-05-11, Crash system if partitions are not available , T. VanVleck

MCR-1835, 1976-05-11, Eliminate loss of RPV records, T. VanVleck

MCR-1836, 1976-05-11, add -brief to set_tty, M. Grady

MCR-1837, 1976-05-11, Verify changed passwords, T. Casey

MCR-1838, 1976-05-11, Fix bug in dump_segment, T. Casey

MCR-1839, 1976-05-11, Make oc_trans_output_ translate non-ASCII chars properly, G. Dixon

MCR-1840, 1976-05-11, NSS bug fixes Round 4, B. Greenberg

MCR-1841, 1976-05-11, Install dump_vtoce command, B. Greenberg

MCR-1842, 1976-05-11, Fix bug in add_memory, B. Greenberg

MCR-1843, 1976-05-11, Realtime Scheduling, R. Mullen

MCR-1844, 1976-05-17, Multics Data Base Manager, O. Friesen

MCR-1846, 1976-05-18, Unlock AST during activation VTOCE read, A. Bensoussan

MCR-1847, 1976-05-18, Await VTOCE I/O for truncations, B. Greenberg

MCR-1848, 1976-05-18, Privileged gate entry for VTOCE inspection, B. Greenberg

MCR-1849, 1976-05-17, Multics Graphics System update for 4.0, C. Tavares

MCR-1850, 1976-05-18, Fix bug in syserr_log_copy, L. Scheffler

MCR-1851, 1976-05-18, Install quick edit-directed pl1 output, R. Schoeman

MCR-1852, 1976-05-18, Fix new_message_facility, S. Herbst

MCR-1853, 1976-05-18, Fix bug in msf_manager_$close, S. Herbst

MCR-1854, 1976-05-18, Fix bug in profile command, R. Barnes

MCR-1855, 1976-05-18, Show sons' volume ID in get_quota, T. VanVleck

MCR-1856, 1976-05-18, Make reused VTOCE non-fatal, T. VanVleck

MCR-1857, 1976-05-18, Reduce load caused by IO daemon, T. VanVleck

MCR-1858, 1976-05-18, Operator message facility, T. VanVleck

MCR-1859, 1976-05-18, Implement -notify option for dprint, T. VanVleck

MCR-1860, 1976-05-18, Delete obsolete tape programs, B. Silver

MCR-1860, 1976-05-18, Make dprint check logical volume, T. VanVleck

MCR-1861, 1976-05-18, Make dir_info tools handle new attributes, T. VanVleck

MCR-1862, 1976-05-18, Fix bug in dump_segment , S. Herbst

MCR-1863, 1976-05-18, Fix bug in enter_abs_request, S. Herbst

MCR-1864, 1976-05-18, Fix bug in process_overseer_, T. Casey

MCR-1865, 1976-05-18, Implement compare active function, S. Herbst

MCR-1866, 1976-05-18, Implement last_message active functions, S. Herbst

MCR-1867, 1976-05-18, Fix -pvname reloader option, R. Bratt

MCR-1869, 1976-05-18, RCP Commands, B. Silver

MCR-1870, 1976-05-18, Fix linkage_error, M. Weaver

MCR-1871, 1976-05-18, Add -brief option to binder, M. Weaver

MCR-1872, 1976-05-18, Install Phase I of BASIC Consolidation, M. Weaver

MCR-1873, 1976-05-25, Fix bugs in new message facility, S. Herbst

MCR-1874, 1976-05-25, Make print_aste_ptp more informative, B. Greenberg

MCR-1875, 1976-05-25, Fix 28.5 bugs, B. Greenberg

MCR-1876, 1976-05-25, Post-Crash Paging Device Address Resurrection, B. Greenberg

MCR-1877, 1976-05-25, Fix dump_cdt, M. Grady

MCR-1878, 1976-05-25, Delete OPTY config card, M. Grady

MCR-1879, 1976-05-25, Add pointers to special databases to the SST, T. VanVleck

MCR-1880, 1976-05-25, Fix bug in status_, T. VanVleck

MCR-1881, 1976-05-25, Fix bug in star_ and dc_pack, T. VanVleck

MCR-1882, 1976-05-25, Make no default for punching, T. VanVleck

MCR-1883, 1976-05-25, Better handling when disk drops off line, T. VanVleck

MCR-1884, 1976-05-25, Fix bug in ioi_buffer, L. Johnson

MCR-1885, 1976-05-25, Fix bug in ioi_usurp_channels, N. Morris

MCR-1886, 1976-05-25, Fix several auditing inconsistencies, L. Scheffler

MCR-1887, 1976-05-25, Change D355 config card to FNP, R. Coren

MCR-1888, 1976-05-25, Allow the prelinker to abort operation when any unexpected signal occurs , R. Bratt

MCR-1889, 1976-05-25, Fix debug to recognize the brief table, S. Barr

MCR-1890, 1976-05-25, Fix db_parse not to take a fault when blanks are encountered, S. Barr

MCR-1891, 1976-05-25, Fix newline bug in abbrev_, S. Herbst

MCR-1892, 1976-05-25, Fix the BOS IF Command, N. Morris

MCR-1893, 1976-05-25, Fix Anomaly in BOS WRITE Command, N. Morris

MCR-1894, 1976-05-25, Fix bug in format_line active function, L. Johnson

MCR-1895, 1976-05-25, Add feature to compare_command_output, S. Herbst

MCR-1896, 1976-05-25, Implement send_mail_$access_class, S. Herbst

MCR-1897, 1976-05-25, Change $messages_off error message ~, S. Herbst

MCR-1898, 1976-05-25, Delete tape_ debug message, B. Silver

MCR-1899, 1976-05-25, Fix Entry Model Console Bugs, B. Silver

MCR-1900, 1976-05-25, Install vfile_ with 4.0 changes, M. Asherman

MCR-1900, 1976-06-29, Fix bug in salvager, T. VanVleck

MCR-1901, 1976-06-07, Add Sequential Capabilities to rdisk_, J. Gildersleeve

MCR-1902, 1976-06-01, Fix erroneous calls to dir_control error in append reclassify and quota, L. Scheffler

MCR-1903, 1976-06-01, Install lv_attached active function, T. VanVleck

MCR-1904, 1976-06-01, Install commands to manipulate BOS/Multics flags, T. VanVleck

MCR-1905, 1976-06-01, Install display_kst_entry, R. Bratt

MCR-1906, 1976-06-01, Put useful information in tty DIM event messages, R. Coren

MCR-1907, 1976-06-01, Change mailbox initial ACL, S. Herbst

MCR-1908, 1976-06-01, To install a merged fortran_io_, G. Chang

MCR-1909, 1976-06-01, Change charging for dprint requests, J. Homan

MCR-1910, 1976-06-01, Add alarm order to operator console DIM, L. Johnson

MCR-1911, 1976-06-21, Update ol_dump for the New Storage System (NSS), J. Bush

MCR-1912, 1976-06-08, Install display_branch tool, B. Greenberg

MCR-1913, 1976-06-08, Install vtoc_pathname tool, B. Greenberg

MCR-1914, 1976-06-08, Fix force_pd_abandon command, B. Greenberg

MCR-1915, 1976-06-08, Introduce RPV-only directories, B. Greenberg

MCR-1916, 1976-06-08, vtoc_man ESD state stabilizer, B. Greenberg

MCR-1917, 1976-06-08, Change truncate to non-dir-mod operation, B. Greenberg

MCR-1918, 1976-06-08, Implement gates for segment migration, B. Greenberg

MCR-1919, 1976-06-08, Fix fs_get mode bug, B. Greenberg

MCR-1920, 1976-06-08, Fix activate demount window, B. Greenberg

MCR-1921, 1976-06-08, Signal correct condition upon reference to a 0 Max-length segment, B. Greenberg

MCR-1922, 1976-06-08, Remove AIM function from phcs_$initiate, B. Greenberg

MCR-1923, 1976-06-08, Recode BOS SSTN to ignore AST hierarchy, B. Greenberg

MCR-1924, 1976-06-08, Reinstall lost fixes, T. VanVleck

MCR-1925, 1976-06-08, Recompile hardcore programs not recently recompiled, T. VanVleck

MCR-1926, 1976-06-08, Give volume owner access without ACS, T. VanVleck

MCR-1927, 1976-06-08, Change salvager printing for unattached operation, A. Kobziar

MCR-1928, 1976-06-08, Restructuring directories by salvager, A. Kobziar

MCR-1929, 1976-06-08, Rebuilding Disk Packs, A. Kobziar

MCR-1930, 1976-06-08, Introduce automatic KST garbage collection, R. Bratt

MCR-1931, 1976-06-06, Improve signalling of *system link linkage_error, M. Weaver

MCR-1932, 1976-06-08, Save copy before message segment salvage, S. Herbst

MCR-1933, 1976-06-08, Implement ^> control character to ioa_, S. Herbst

MCR-1934, 1976-06-08, Fix plus active function to take one arg, S. Herbst

MCR-1935, 1976-06-08, Implement &ec_dir for exec_com's, S. Herbst

MCR-1936, 1976-06-08, Change TEST and FMT to query before destroying labeled pack, T. VanVleck

MCR-1937, 1976-06-08, Make drive number arguments to BOS be decimal, T. VanVleck

MCR-1938, 1976-06-15, Convert VTOC garbage collector to outer-ring program, B. Greenberg

MCR-1939, 1976-06-15, Make VTOC write errors nonfatal, B. Greenberg

MCR-1940, 1976-06-15, Create phcs_$terminate_noname, B. Greenberg

MCR-1941, 1976-06-15, Install new bound_plio2_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1942, 1976-06-15, Install a new bound_sss_wired_, R. Schoeman

MCR-1943, 1976-06-15, Fix descriptor segment bound field, T. VanVleck

MCR-1944, 1976-06-15, Prevent message coordinator flooding, T. VanVleck

MCR-1945, 1976-06-15, Speed up dc_pack, T. VanVleck

MCR-1946, 1976-06-15, Fix problems in Network routines, D. Wells

MCR-1947, 1976-06-15, Delete old list command, T. Casey

MCR-1948, 1976-06-02, Install format_blocks utility program, D. Jordan

MCR-1949, 1976-06-15, Make term_ always unsnap links, S. Herbst

MCR-1950, 1976-06-15, Bug fixes for debug, S. Barr

MCR-1951, 1976-06-22, Fix bug in tty_, P. Green

MCR-1952, 1976-06-21, Install edit_data_model and edit_data_submodel commands, R. Luebke

MCR-1953, 1976-06-22, Fix stringsize signalling on zero-length moves, B. Greenberg

MCR-1954, 1976-06-22, Fix negative 'te' problem, B. Greenberg

MCR-1955, 1976-06-22, Fix UDSK card bug, B. Silver

MCR-1956, 1976-06-22, Fix bug in link_unsnap_, M. Weaver

MCR-1957, 1976-06-22, Install check_mdcs command, L. Johnson

MCR-1958, 1976-06-22, Turn off ioi error logging for T&D attachments, L. Johnson

MCR-1959, 1976-06-22, New version of BLAST command, R. Coren

MCR-1960, 1976-06-22, Interim fix to LD355, R. Coren

MCR-1961, 1976-06-22, Fix bug in define_area_ causing random null pointer references, S. Webber

MCR-1962, 1976-06-22, Delete the old message facility, S. Herbst

MCR-1963, 1976-06-22, Delete old mail facility, S. Herbst

MCR-1964, 1976-06-22, Fix bug in find_command_ and full_find_command_, S. Herbst

MCR-1965, 1976-06-28, Fix GCOS ASCII-BCD Transliteration Tables, R. Morrison

MCR-1966, 1976-06-22, Fix bug in check_vtoc_branch, A. Kobziar

MCR-1967, 1976-06-22, PL/I and the New Area Package, R. Barnes

MCR-1968, 1976-06-08, Improve BOS RUNCOM SKIP Facility, N. Morris

MCR-1969, 1976-06-15, Update system exec_coms for MR4.0, T. Casey

MCR-1970, 1976-06-22, Update program to print vtoc man metering info, A. Bensoussan

MCR-1970, 1976-06-29, Fix bugs in sc_init_, T. VanVleck

MCR-1971, 1976-06-22, Fix verify_lock unlock-failure bug, T. VanVleck

MCR-1972, 1976-06-22, Fix bug in dprint, T. VanVleck

MCR-1973, 1976-06-29, ioa_ (formline_) change to zero repetition loops, L. Johnson

MCR-1974, 1976-06-29, Fix bug in get_system_free_area_, L. Johnson

MCR-1975, 1976-06-29, Change format of syserr log, L. Johnson

MCR-1976, 1976-06-29, Fix spelling errors in mdc_, L. Johnson

MCR-1977, 1976-06-29, Install patch_firmware and dump_firmware tools, L. Johnson

MCR-1979, 1976-06-29, Fix bug in initiate_search rules, T. VanVleck

MCR-1981, 1976-06-29, Experimental IO Daemon Meters, J. Whitmore

MCR-1982, 1976-06-29, IO Daemon Emergency Fix, J. Whitmore

MCR-1983, 1976-06-29, Fix bug in tape_ansi_, M. Asherman

MCR-1984, 1976-06-29, Modify commands which truncate segments., T. VanVleck

MCR-1985, 1976-06-29, Correct debug interpretation of offsets to instructions with ic modification, S. Barr

MCR-1986, 1976-06-29, Improve move and copy command error message, S. Herbst

MCR-1987, 1976-06-29, Make online_salvager_output reverse-deciduous, B. Greenberg

MCR-1988, 1976-07-06, fdump of FNP from Multics, R. Coren

MCR-1989, 1976-07-06, Fix various bugs in gcos tape attachment, M. Jordan

MCR-1990, 1976-07-06, Fix the gcos command catalog/file string to pathname mapping, M. Jordan

MCR-1991, 1976-07-06, Allow io_call attach command to specify entry name, L. Johnson

MCR-1992, 1976-07-06, Change discard to reject the io call order, L. Johnson

MCR-1993, 1976-07-06, Permit hcs_$status_long to return UID if process has access to target, R. Bratt

MCR-1994, 1976-07-06, Provide a hardcore entrypoint which returns UID given segment number, R. Bratt

MCR-1995, 1976-07-06, Fix bug in volume overflow, T. VanVleck

MCR-1996, 1976-07-06, Add -force option to delete and delete_dir, S. Herbst

MCR-1997, 1976-07-06, Install command run_new_fortran in experimental library, S. Webber

MCR-1998, 1976-07-06, Reorganize disk-pack initializers. fix bugs, B. Greenberg

MCR-1999, 1976-07-10, Fix Bugs in GCOS Simulator, R. Morrison

MCR-2000, 1976-07-10, Fix bugs in gcos card utility, R. Morrison

MCR-2001, 1976-07-11, Install usage_and_revenue command, J. Homan

MCR-2002, 1976-07-11, Reduce size of multisegment area segs to 64K, G. Dixon

MCR-2003, 1976-07-11, Install subroutine interface to TCT and TCTR instructions, G. Dixon

MCR-2004, 1976-07-11, Final mods to new library tools, G. Dixon

MCR-2005, 1976-07-11, Fix IOI Race Condition, N. Morris

MCR-2006, 1976-07-11, Change BOS to print its version ID, N. Morris

MCR-2007, 1976-07-11, Make BOS Bootloading Mechanism Reliable, N. Morris

MCR-2008, 1976-07-11, Add if/then/else and case feature to ioa, L. Johnson

MCR-2009, 1976-07-11, Ungraded version of expand_path, B. Greenberg

MCR-2010, 1976-07-11, Fix bug in load_vol_map, B. Greenberg

MCR-2011, 1976-07-13, Lay traps for trailer problems, B. Greenberg

MCR-2012, 1976-07-13, Insta]l new fortran compiler and command program in >ldd>exl>o, D. Levin

MCR-2013, 1976-07-13, Change handling of active function errors, S. Herbst

MCR-2014, 1976-07-13, Implement &line_numbers in exec_com's, S. Herbst

MCR-2015, 1976-07-13, Install number_ec_output command, S. Herbst

MCR-2016, 1976-07-13, Fix mail error message, S. Herbst

MCR-2017, 1976-07-13, Fix bug in where active function, S. Herbst

MCR-2018, 1976-07-13, Condense output of where and get_quota, S. Herbst

MCR-2019, 1976-07-13, Fix bug in start command, S. Herbst

MCR-2020, 1976-07-13, Remove the decoding of version I operator names, S. Barr

MCR-2021, 1976-07-13, Fix bugs in trace_stack, S. Barr

MCR-2022, 1976-07-20, Fix bug in code conversion module for the printer and spooler, J. Phillipps

MCR-2023, 1976-07-20, Fix bug in set_acl with -dr or -sm, S. Herbst

MCR-2024, 1976-07-20, Change send_message error message, S. Herbst

MCR-2025, 1976-07-20, Change delete_ and dl_handler to handle the copy switch, S. Herbst

MCR-2026, 1976-07-20, Make hcs_$set_copysw not work on directories, S. Herbst

MCR-2027, 1976-07-20, Install new reconfiguration software, N. Morris

MCR-2028, 1976-07-20, Modify Multics and BOS to run with NSA IOM, N. Morris

MCR-2029, 1976-07-20, Fix tape_mult_ bugs, L. Johnson

MCR-2030, 1976-07-20, Fix bug in indent command, L. Johnson

MCR-2031, 1976-07-20, Fix bug in set_tty -reset, R. Coren

MCR-2032, 1976-07-08, Spool Driver Bug Fix and Update to Maintain Printer Driver Compatibillty, J. Phillipps

MCR-2033, 1976-07-12, Spooler Bug Fixes and Update for Printer DIM Compatibility, J. Phillipps

MCR-2034, 1976-07-16, Answering Service Auto Call fixes, D. Jordan

MCR-2035, 1976-07-09, Fix problems in trace used with long entry point names, T. McGary

MCR-2036, 1976-07-15, Multi-ring problems: nonlocal_goto_$different_ring, H. Goldberg

MCR-2037, 1976-07-16, Changes to Answering Service Network Software, D. Wells

MCR-2038, 1976-07-16, Changes to Network File Transfer Server, D. Wells

MCR-2039, 1976-07-16, Addition of Special Dialup Module to handle FTP channels, D. Wells

MCR-2040, 1976-07-20, Install Ring 0 Support for New Volume Dumping Facility, D. Vinograd

MCR-2041, 1976-07-13, Send message to administrator about table lnstallation, T. VanVleck

MCR-2042, 1976-07-13, Use message facility for user warnings if possible, T. VanVleck

MCR-2043, 1976-07-14, Set flag when doing manual RTB, T. VanVleck

MCR-2044, 1976-07-14, Notify user if absentee job bombs or cannot log in, T. VanVleck

MCR-2045, 1976-07-16, Extend message facility, T. VanVleck

MCR-2046, 1976-07-16, Fix bugs in help, T. VanVleck

MCR-2047, 1976-07-27, Allow directory quota moves involving master directories, T. VanVleck

MCR-2048, 1976-07-27, tape_mult_ extensions, L. Johnson

MCR-2049, 1976-07-27, Fix bug in prelink_parse_, R. Bratt

MCR-2050, 1976-07-27, Update legal_f_, S. Barr

MCR-2051, 1976-07-27, Increased user control over terminal behavior , R. Coren

MCR-2052, 1976-07-27, New arguments in set_tty, R. Coren

MCR-2053, 1976-07-27, Revise translator bind orderings, R. Mullen

MCR-2054, 1976-07-27, set_text_boundary option for binder, R. Mullen

MCR-2055, 1976-07-27, Fix bug in print_pdt, T. Casey

MCR-2056, 1976-07-27, Fix bug in ms_delete_acl, S. Herbst

MCR-2057, 1976-07-27, Fix delete_ again, S. Herbst

MCR-2058, 1976-07-27, Change do interface for setting modes, S. Herbst

MCR-2059, 1976-07-27, Implement unlink -force, S. Herbst

MCR-2060, 1976-08-03, Increasing maximum message size in message-segments, S. Swernofsky

MCR-2061, 1976-08-03, Install general_ready, C. Anderson

MCR-2062, 1976-08-03, Correct bugs in probe, S. Barr

MCR-2063, 1976-08-03, Remove the 61K limit in cu_$grow_ stack_ frame, S. Barr

MCR-2064, 1976-08-03, Cause message if absentee job dies due to fault, T. VanVleck

MCR-2065, 1976-08-03, Make default search rules installation changeable, T. VanVleck

MCR-2066, 1976-08-03, Fix bug in message coordinator, T. VanVleck

MCR-2067, 1976-08-01, Add PARM option to crash on connection failure, T. VanVleck

MCR-2068, 1976-08-01, Create privileged gate entry to set debug options, T. VanVleck

MCR-2069, 1976-08-01, Enciphered tapes, T. VanVleck

MCR-2070, 1976-08-01, Make print_log arguments like print_svserr_log, T. VanVleck

MCR-2071, 1976-08-01, Change operation of set_lock_, S. Herbst

MCR-2072, 1976-08-01, Delete extra set_lock_ and create_ips_mask_, S. Herbst

MCR-2074, 1976-08-01, Implement mailbox_$open_if_full, S. Herbst

MCR-2075, 1976-08-01, Fix bug in quota, S. Herbst

MCR-2076, 1976-08-03, Implement checking mode in exec_com's, S. Herbst

MCR-2077, 1976-08-03, Implement mail -acknowledge, S. Herbst

MCR-2078, 1976-08-03, Fix ring zero meter limit initializer, B. Greenberg

MCR-2079, 1976-08-03, Fix bugs/misfeatures in handling of master directories bv Hierarchy Salvager, B. Greenberg

MCR-2080, 1976-08-03, Print warning message when shutdown with unflushed Paging Device occurs, B. Greenberg

MCR-2081, 1976-08-03, Fix bad syserr messages, B. Greenberg

MCR-2082, 1976-08-03, Fix online salvager process terminations, B. Greenberg

MCR-2083, 1976-08-03, Make system maintain master_dir uid, B. Greenberg

MCR-2084, 1976-08-03, Fix salvager to set access_name type and owner, B. Greenberg

MCR-2085, 1976-08-03, Add interface for interrogating hardcore definitions segment, B. Greenberg

MCR-2086, 1976-08-03, Fix bug in [format_line], L. Johnson

MCR-2087, 1976-08-10, Fix truncate to not audit truncations of copy-on-write segments, L. Scheffler

MCR-2088, 1976-08-10, Fix bug in format_word_list, J. Stern

MCR-2089, 1976-08-10, Sort segdef names in print_link_info's output, S. Webber

MCR-2090, 1976-08-10, Add header control arguments to print_link_info, S. Webber

MCR-2091, 1976-08-10, Add the -long control argument to print_link_info, S. Webber

MCR-2092, 1976-08-10, Fix bug in quota, T. VanVleck

MCR-2093, 1976-08-10, Correct fs_alloc so it doesn't destroy the last specified area size, S. Barr

MCR-2094, 1976-08-10, Detect Invalid Segment number Arguments to display_kst_entry, R. Bratt

MCR-2095, 1976-08-10, New Teco, R. Bratt

MCR-2096, 1976-08-10, Install status tables for disk and opc., L. Johnson

MCR-2097, 1976-08-10, Fix addressing problem in patch_firmware command, L. Johnson

MCR-2098, 1976-08-10, Add hcs_$make_entry, M. Weaver

MCR-2099, 1976-08-10, Change combined linkage regions into areas, M. Weaver

MCR-2100, 1976-08-10, Handle *system links, M. Weaver

MCR-2101, 1976-08-10, New underline active function, G. Dixon

MCR-2102, 1976-08-10, Make string active function work as command, G. Dixon

MCR-2103, 1976-08-10, Meter directory activations, B. Greenberg

MCR-2104, 1976-08-10, Fix CDS bugs, B. Greenberg

MCR-2105, 1976-08-10, Clean up disk rebuilder interface. integrate with disk initializer., B. Greenberg

MCR-2106, 1976-08-17, RCP bug Fixes, B. Silver

MCR-2107, 1976-08-17, Implement varying size hash tables and name hash threads, S. Barr

MCR-2108, 1976-08-17, Meter page faults for directory searches, S. Barr

MCR-2109, 1976-08-17, Fix od_flush write waiting, B. Greenberg

MCR-2110, 1976-08-17, Fix truncate fms propagation, B. Greenberg

MCR-2111, 1976-08-17, Changes to message coordinator for new MCS interface, R. Coren

MCR-2112, 1976-08-17, Make message coordinator understand tty DIM event types, R. Coren

MCR-2113, 1976-08-17, Modify write_log_ to copy ACL when creating new log, T. VanVleck

MCR-2114, 1976-08-17, New commands copy_acl copy_iacl_seg copy_iacl]_dir, T. VanVleck

MCR-2115, 1976-08-17, Make create_dir copy initial ACL, T. VanVleck

MCR-2116, 1976-08-17, bind_fnp version stmt and bug fixes, M. Grady

MCR-2117, 1976-08-17, Cleanup FNP tools, M. Grady

MCR-2118, 1976-08-17, Add linkage fault tracing to cumulative_page_trace, J. Gintell

MCR-2119, 1976-08-17, Unimplement safety_sw check in vfile_, M. Asherman

MCR-2120, 1976-08-17, Fix edm line length bug, R. Mullen

MCR-2121, 1976-08-17, Fix abbrev not to define useless abbreviation, S. Herbst

MCR-2122, 1976-08-17, Convert abbrev to EIS, S. Herbst

MCR-2123, 1976-08-17, Change print_messages to look in homedir, S. Herbst

MCR-2124, 1976-08-17, Fix header bug in mseg_, S. Herbst

MCR-2125, 1976-08-24, Change IMP DIM to not doubly wire temporary buffers, D. Wells

MCR-2126, 1976-08-24, Move translator search rules Commands to SS, D. Capps

MCR-2127, 1976-08-24, Changes to Answering Service for Network File Transfer Protocol (FTP), R. Planalp

MCR-2128, 1976-08-24, Provide message to user when his password is given incorrectly, R. Planalp

MCR-2129, 1976-08-24, Provide new order calls for Network Answering Service software, R. Planalp

MCR-2130, 1976-08-24, Improve get_definition_ interface, R. Bratt

MCR-2131, 1976-08-24, Fix trace bugs and inconsistencies, R. Barnes

MCR-2132, 1976-08-24, Change enter_abs_request, S. Herbst

MCR-2133, 1976-08-24, Change access required to carry, S. Herbst

MCR-2134, 1976-08-24, Streamline message segment facility, S. Herbst

MCR-2135, 1976-08-24, Improve hardware fault logging mechanism, S. Herbst

MCR-2136, 1976-08-24, Fix bugs in rcp_init for tape, N. Morris

MCR-2137, 1976-08-24, Remove lot_maintainer from pre_linking path, N. Morris

MCR-2138, 1976-08-24, Fix bug in handling of Command Faults, N. Morris

MCR-2139, 1976-08-24, Fix bug in patch_fnp command, R. Coren

MCR-2140, 1976-08-24, Implement VIP 7705 interface in MCS, R. Coren

MCR-2141, 1976-08-24, Implement pl1_severity active function, R. Schoeman

MCR-2142, 1976-08-24, Implement the pl1 subroutine interface to the pl1 compiler, R. Schoeman

MCR-2143, 1976-08-31, Fix Bugs in Multics Data Base Manager, O. Friesen

MCR-2144, 1976-08-31, Changes to dump_segment, R. Kissel

MCR-2145, 1976-08-31, Change pl1_abs to accept the -profile argument, R. Kissel

MCR-2146, 1976-08-31, Make help accept pathnames, S. Herbst

MCR-2147, 1976-08-31, Implement accept_messages -alarm, S. Herbst

MCR-2148, 1976-08-31, Change location of default mailbox, S. Herbst

MCR-2149, 1976-08-31, FNP hardcore interface routines, M. Grady

MCR-2150, 1976-08-31, Answering Service 9.0, T. Casey

MCR-2151, 1976-08-31, Fix FAST to prevent E request in edm, S. Barr

MCR-2152, 1976-08-31, Install bound_fortran, D. Levin

MCR-2153, 1976-09-20, Multics Graphics System , C. Tavares

MCR-2154, 1976-09-10, New Pointer Conversion Routine cv_ptr_, G. Dixon

MCR-2155, 1976-09-07, Fix bugs in include_cross_reference, P. Kelley

MCR-2156, 1976-09-07, Implement a new order call in the tape_ansi_ and tape_ibm_ IO Modules, J. Phillipps

MCR-2157, 1976-09-07, New Headers and Two New Features for resource_usage command, J. Phillipps

MCR-2158, 1976-09-07, Fix bug in copyright_archive command, G. Williams

MCR-2159, 1976-09-07, Add features to find_word, P. Green

MCR-2160, 1976-09-07, Implement mail notification, S. Herbst

MCR-2161, 1976-09-07, Fix msf bug in list_acl, S. Herbst

MCR-2162, 1976-09-07, Fix blanks bug in exec_com, S. Herbst

MCR-2163, 1976-09-07, Force initial LOT to be in stack, M. Weaver

MCR-2164, 1976-09-07, Install PL/I compiler, R. Barnes

MCR-2165, 1976-09-07, Fix bug in cv_pmf, T. Casey

MCR-2166, 1976-09-07, Fix bug in firmware_util, N. Morris

MCR-2167, 1976-09-07, Change location of firmware archive, N. Morris

MCR-2168, 1976-09-07, Implement new version of cv_dec_ and add new entries for hex conversion, N. Morris

MCR-2169, 1976-09-07, Implement mechanism to indicate reason for return to BOS, N. Morris

MCR-2170, 1976-09-07, Implement mechanism to allow BOS to Determine if Storage System Initialized, N. Morris

MCR-2171, 1976-09-07, Modify Syntax of BOS IF command, N. Morris

MCR-2172, 1976-09-07, Change some cu_ entries to take entry arguments, M. Weaver

MCR-2173, 1976-09-07, Fix bugs in the load_firmware_file command, L. Johnson

MCR-2174, 1976-09-07, Implement automatic baud selection for terminals, L. Johnson

MCR-2175, 1976-09-07, Log MOS polling interval, L. Johnson

MCR-2176, 1976-09-07, Implement multi-segment blocked files, M. Asherman

MCR-2177, 1976-09-14, Fix bug in adjust_bit_count_, M. Asherman

MCR-2178, 1976-09-27, Correct Erroneous Config Deck Reading by TOLTS, J. Rhodes

MCR-2179, 1976-09-27, Clean up MOLTS ITR Error Message, J. Rhodes

MCR-2180, 1976-09-27, Add Error Message if Firmware Unavailable, J. Rhodes

MCR-2181, 1976-09-27, Allow ITRS on MPCS with GAPS in configuration, J. Rhodes

MCR-2182, 1976-09-14, Retain BASIC entries needed by FAST, M. Weaver

MCR-2183, 1976-09-14, Remove wired-in Console Channel No. from BOS, N. Morris

MCR-2184, 1976-09-14, Modify BOS to allow use of MTP601, N. Morris

MCR-2185, 1976-09-14, Fix bug in set_bit_count, S. Herbst

MCR-2186, 1976-09-14, Improve change_wdir error message, S. Herbst

MCR-2187, 1976-09-14, Change "exists" to take star names, L. Johnson

MCR-2188, 1976-09-14, Add -brief control argument to delete command, L. Johnson

MCR-2189, 1976-09-14, Extensions to list_temp_segments command, L. Johnson

MCR-2190, 1976-09-14, Log device name on I/O errors, L. Johnson

MCR-2191, 1976-09-14, Stop logging "=" messages in the SYSERR log, L. Johnson

MCR-2192, 1976-09-14, Fix bug in exec_com, L. Johnson

MCR-2193, 1976-09-21, Fix bugs in message facility, T. VanVleck

MCR-2194, 1976-09-21, Stop the dumper and reloader from terminating directories, R. Bratt

MCR-2195, 1976-09-21, Stop sweep_disk_ from terminating directories, R. Bratt

MCR-2196, 1976-09-21, Cause status to print uid in the no-s-permission case., R. Bratt

MCR-2197, 1976-09-21, Fix bug in delete_dir, S. Herbst

MCR-2198, 1976-09-21, Fix status to accept -length, S. Herbst

MCR-2199, 1976-09-21, Add mbx_mseg_ to bound_mseg_, S. Herbst

MCR-2200, 1976-09-21, Implement &default statement in exec_com's, S. Herbst

MCR-2201, 1976-09-21, Implement &begin and &send in exec_com's, S. Herbst

MCR-2202, 1976-09-21, Implement convert_ec command, S. Herbst

MCR-2203, 1976-09-21, BOS PATCH Command, N. Morris

MCR-2204, 1976-09-21, Change default ring brackets in generate_mst, N. Morris

MCR-2205, 1976-09-21, Improve online_dump, N. Morris

MCR-2206, 1976-09-21, Fix Problem in BOSTAP, N. Morris

MCR-2207, 1976-09-21, Semi-automatic Logical Volume mounting, B. Greenberg

MCR-2208, 1976-09-21, assign_resource wait bug, B. Silver

MCR-2209, 1976-09-21, Fix bug in full_command_processor_, J. Goldman

MCR-2210, 1976-09-27, Fix bugs in gcos_mme_inos_, M. Jordan

MCR-2210, 1976-10-26, Implement carry_load -hold, S. Herbst

MCR-2211, 1976-09-28, Fix online-salvager length computation bug, B. Greenberg

MCR-2212, 1976-09-28, Fix attach_lv waiting bug, B. Greenberg

MCR-2212, 1976-10-26, Bug fixes to answering service 9.0, T. Casey

MCR-2213, 1976-10-05, Add Command Interfaces to MRDS DSL and MIDS DML, J. Weeldreyer

MCR-2214, 1976-09-28, Eliminate confusing mbda error message, S. Herbst

MCR-2215, 1976-09-28, Add error_table_$bad_attach_option, S. Herbst

MCR-2216, 1976-09-28, Implement &control_line on in exec_com's, S. Herbst

MCR-2217, 1976-09-28, Implement initiate -force, S. Herbst

MCR-2218, 1976-09-28, Fix bug in print_link_info, S. Herbst

MCR-2219, 1976-09-28, Fix probe to correctly set breaks at 4 word instructions, S. Barr

MCR-2220, 1976-09-28, Implementation of a list_tape_contents command, J. Phillipps

MCR-2221, 1976-09-28, Bug fixes in tape_inout, J. Phillipps

MCR-2222, 1976-10-05, Fix bugs in Multics Data Base Manager, O. Friesen

MCR-2223, 1976-10-05, Install the default active function, B. May

MCR-2224, 1976-10-05, Fix bugs in append, T. VanVleck

MCR-2225, 1976-10-05, Add set_stack_ptr entry to hardcore, M. Asherman

MCR-2226, 1976-10-05, Fix bug in BOS FMT command, N. Morris

MCR-2227, 1976-10-05, Update system_performance_graph and meter_gate commands, N. Morris

MCR-2228, 1976-10-05, Implement brief command, S. Herbst

MCR-2229, 1976-10-05, Fix starname bug in get_quota, S. Herbst

MCR-2230, 1976-10-05, Changes to dump_segment and ring_zero_dump output, R. Kissel

MCR-2231, 1976-10-05, Fix bugs in ring_zero_dump entry point in dump_segment, R. Kissel

MCR-2232, 1976-10-05, Implement -ebcdic control argument in dump_segment, R. Kissel

MCR-2233, 1976-10-05, I/O Coordinator Change for AIM, J. Stern

MCR-2234, 1976-10-05, HEALS Extension for MR5.0, R. Morrison

MCR-2235, 1976-10-05, Fix bugs in Multics Data Base Manager, O. Friesen

MCR-2236, 1976-10-12, Make get_defptr available in outer rings, M. Weaver

MCR-2237, 1976-10-12, Change binder to indicate when symbol tables are removed, M. Weaver

MCR-2238, 1976-10-12, Fix lap counter in fsm, R. Mullen

MCR-2239, 1976-10-12, Implement file_status order on closed vfiles, M. Asherman

MCR-2240, 1976-10-12, Change PV assignment algorithm, R. Mullen

MCR-2241, 1976-10-12, Fix &f bug in do, S. Herbst

MCR-2242, 1976-10-12, Improve abbrev .a error message, S. Herbst

MCR-2243, 1976-10-12, Fix blank line bug in abs_io_, S. Herbst

MCR-2244, 1976-10-12, Implement copy_dir copy_link and copy_seg, S. Herbst

MCR-2245, 1976-10-12, Change message segment delete_acl entries, S. Herbst

MCR-2246, 1976-10-12, Eliminate dprint query, S. Herbst

MCR-2247, 1976-10-19, Extend stack header, M. Weaver

MCR-2248, 1976-10-19, Fix quick put_edit bugs, R. Schoeman

MCR-2249, 1976-10-19, Fix mail error messages, S. Herbst

MCR-2250, 1976-10-19, Change format of compiler_source_info include file , S. Webber

MCR-2251, 1976-10-19, Add several new pseudo-ops to ALM, S. Webber

MCR-2252, 1976-10-19, Change default SysDaemon access to r instead of rw, S. Webber

MCR-2253, 1976-10-19, Use the standard escape sequence for the ASCII escape character, S. Webber

MCR-2254, 1976-10-19, Recompile PL/I programs not recently recompiled, T. VanVleck

MCR-2255, 1976-10-19, Fix access_mode to handle multi-class segments properly, J. Stern

MCR-2256, 1976-10-19, New control arguments for response Active function, T. McGary

MCR-2257, 1976-10-26, Multics COBOL Compiler Version 2.0, O. Newman

MCR-2258, 1976-10-26, Fix mexp string length & indexing precision bugs, T. McGary

MCR-2259, 1976-10-26, Fix bugs in mexp 'ifars' and '&An', T. McGary

MCR-2260, 1976-10-26, Increase Upper Limit on Site-Controlled Process Dir Size to 1024 Records, G. Dixon

MCR-2261, 1976-10-26, Fix bug in list_err, G. Lewis

MCR-2262, 1976-10-26, Fix bug in exec_com, P. Green

MCR-2263, 1976-10-26, Raise nstd_max buffer size, P. Green

MCR-2264, 1976-10-26, Emergency fix in bound_fortran_, D. Levin

MCR-2265, 1976-10-26, fast command, S. Barr

MCR-2266, 1976-10-26, Make tty_meters print MCS version number, R. Coren

MCR-2267, 1976-10-26, Fix tty DIM problem that can cause excessive wakeups, R. Coren

MCR-2268, 1976-10-26, Fix lfecho problem on LSLA, R. Coren

MCR-2269, 1976-10-26, Fix line count in- send_mail_, S. Herbst

MCR-2271, 1976-10-26, Change control argument to external variable command, M. Weaver

MCRs since 2015, 2023-08-29, Post-Honeywell MCRs, Eric Swenson

This page lists and provides links to the MCRs that have been published since the Multics simulator revived Multics development, beginning in 2016.