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24 Nov 1998

Segment Name Suffixes

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Source: Honeywell manual AG91-04, Appendix E. An earlier version of the manual, AG91-01, dated December 1975, has been scanned and put online by Al Kossow.

(Links are to the Multics Glossary.)

.absin absentee input
.absout absentee output
.algol68 ALGOL 68 source
.alm ALM assembler source
.archive archive
.basic BASIC source
.bind binder
.breaks debug breaks
.cds create_data_segment
.cdt created by cv_cmf
.cmdb MRDS: create_mrds_db input
.cmdsm create_mrds_dsm input
.cmf cv_cmf (administration)
.cobol COBOL source
.code encrypted output of the code command
.compin compose input
.compout compose output
.db MRDS database
.dict user dictionary
.dir_info save_dir_info etc
.dsm MRDS data submodel
.ec exec_com script
.fdocin format_document input
.fdocout format_document output
.fortran FORTRAN source
.gcos GCOS sysin
.gct graphic character table
.gdt graphic device table
.graphics output file with graphic code
.info help command data file
.linker combined linkage segment
.linus LINUS macros
.list compiler listing
.lister create_list creates this
.listform create_list uses this as a format
.listin input to create_list
.mail text file created by read_mail
.map355 FNP program
.mbx ring 1 mailbox
.memo memo command
.ms ring 1 message segment
.pascal Pascal source
.pdt project definition table
.pfd profile command data file
.pfl profile command listing output
.pl1 PL/I source
.pmf project master file
.probe breaks for probe
.profile abbrev profile
.qedx qedx macros
.rd input to the reduction_compiler command
.rdmec input to the read_mail "exec_com" request
.rtdt produced by cv_rtmf
.rtmf input to cv_rtmf
.runoff input to runoff command
.runout output from runoff
.sat system administration table
.sdmec input to the send_mail "exec_com" request
.sv.apl APL saved workspace
.symbols Speedtype commands
.table MRDS table
.ttf Terminal type file, input to cv_ttf
.ttt terminal type table, produced by cv_ttf
.value value facility
.volumes data for manage_volume_pool
.wl wordlist