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15 Jul 2024

Glossary - X

Glossary of Multics acronyms and terms. Entries by Tom Van Vleck ([THVV]) unless noted.

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[MTB-607] Communications protocol supported by Multics in MR 10.0.

[DRV] X.25 was added to Multics in the early 1980s at the request of Canada in support of TRANSPAC. I did a deal with HIS Canada (Wally Halladay) to do X25 (which I wanted to do anyway) for a number of VIP7800 which CISL was desperate to have.

[THVV] Article: Multics Communications and Networking.

xforum, xmail
[BWS] "Executive" versions of the forum and mail commands. That is, they were menu-driven interfaces, slow and simple. Unbundled products released im MR 11.0. Info segment for xforum command

[DGRB] Developed at STC by Deryk Barkerand Mike Pandolfo.

[BSG] Index Register. The 645 and 6180 each had eight of them. Containing only 18 bits, they cannot contain pointers when used in a Multics environment. See ABR.

Jerry Grochow's tool for debugging 645 Multics. PDP-8/338 on the fifth floor of Tech Square, linked to a special GIOC channel by a 2400 baud phone line. The channel was in a send/receive loop, and the PDP8 sent address ranges to the GIOC, received the contents, and displayed them on its tube. Described in his 1969 FJCC paper "Real-time graphic display of time-sharing system operating characteristics."

Honeywell product name for a "second generation SCOMP". Ran on the DPS6plus hardware. Received a B3 Orange Book rating.

Wang Government Services (later known as Getronics (later known as DigitalNet (later known as BAE Systems))) inherited the XTS200 from Honeywell Federal Systems and ported it to a PC platform. It has a B3 rating like its predecessor.

[Mike Focke] 2002-2003 outgrowth of the XTS300, produced by BAE Systems. PC based, uses Linux API/ABI compatible secure operating system STOP. Currently undergoing Common Criteria Evaluation.